Fun Things To Do In Sf Bay Area

Fun Things To Do In Sf Bay Area – 1 of 68 Click through this slideshow to see some of our favorite things to do for fun away from home in the Bay Area, including San Francisco’s special mosaic staircase. (And it might actually be one of the most notable things to do in this compilation.) Jessica Mullins/Show MoreShow Less

2of 68 One of our favorite hidden fun spots is Free Gold Watch in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. It’s primarily a silk-screen printing shop, but is also home to an old-school pinball arcade full of machines you’ll recognize from childhood. You can put $20 in the change machine and be entertained for an hour.@sfpinball/InstagramShow MoreShow Less

Fun Things To Do In Sf Bay Area

4of 68 “Rock City” in Mount Diablo is an East Bay treasure. Kids (and adults) will love wandering around the scattering of giant boulders, caves, and sandstone rock formations mid-mountain. There are also many hiking trails and spots for picnicking in the area. MICHAEL MACORIShow MoreShow Less

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5of 68 Most people wouldn’t think to come to the Presidio to jump on giant trampolines for hours, but those people don’t know what they’re missing. House of Air offers one of the few activities in SF where adults and children can have equal amounts of fun. Speaking of kids, did we mention you can play trampoline dodgeball? Against children? Sure, they’re too fast for you and they’ll pick you up again and again, but it’s an experience not to be missed. @houseofair/InstagramShow MoreShow Less

7of 68 Any bookworm will enjoy an afternoon reading at the library with the best view in San Francisco — the UCSF Medical School library on Parnassus, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. @sumitsaluja/InstagramShow MoreShow less

8of 68 Walk up Billy Goat Hill (pictured) from the top of 30th Street in Noe Valley. The park is famous for its rope swing, which has repeatedly existed in the park and has been the subject of countless Instagram photos. From Billy Goat Hill, take advantage of the new trail that connects the hill to Walter Haas Park (across Beacon Street). On the return journey, take the Harry Steps back to Laidley Street where there is an interesting collection of modern homes.Sophia Germer/The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

10of 68 Avoid the wine tourist crowds in Napa and Sonoma and go wine tasting off the grid in Livermore. The One Chronicle columnist is especially fond of Fenestra Winery, which is open only on weekends and has a neighborhood winery. Club members are called “Fenestra fanatics.” Adam Lau/Special to The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

Things To Do In San Francisco With Kids

11 of 68 Another alternative to Sonoma and Napa is “urban wine country” in the East Bay, where you’ll find wineries in warehouses and even an old naval hangar. Berkeley winery Donkey & Goat is in a former ink factory and not far from another winery, Broc Cellars. Stephanie Wright Hession/Special to The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

13 of 68 Visit Redwood Regional Park, an East Bay gem full of second-growth Redwoods. It provides a peaceful break from the nearby city life and has a variety of hikes and bike rides. Michael Macor / The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

14 of 68 Explore the East Bay’s backyard volcanoes at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in the Oakland hills. The best hidden features are the labyrinths you can walk through (pictured). The park’s highest peak, Round Top, is made of lava and volcanic debris from a 10-million-year-old volcano. Chris Stewart/SFCSShow MoreShow Less

16 of 68 One of Point Reyes’ largest beaches, Limantour Beach, is so long that you can find the seclusion you want. Drive there, hike, or backpack and camp nearby. Roll down the sands with the kids at Limantour Beach. This gem is not exactly known, but it hosts a fraction of the visitors of the famous beaches in Santa Cruz or even Stinson. That means fewer people to watch out for while you tumble down the dunes and laugh like you did as a kid. Pit stop at Scoop Ice Cream in Fairfax on the way home and you’ll really feel like a kid again.Patty FelknerShow MoreShow Less

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17of 68 The best trail access along the Carquinez Scenic Drive reopened a few years ago, but many locals didn’t seem to get the memo. Landslides forced the crumbling road to be closed to vehicles in 1983. It is now a scenic trail for hikers, joggers and cyclists with stunning views of the Carquinez Strait. This scenic stretch connects Martinez, Port Costa and Crockett, and is part of the 340-mile San Francisco Bay Trail, built on an abandoned road. JOHN STOREY/SFCSIShow MoreShow Less

19 of 68Visit the Cable Car Museum for a fascinating piece of San Francisco history. Tourists ride the cable cars, locals go to the Cable Car Museum because 1) it’s cool, and 2) it’s one of the last free things left in the city. Prepare to feel like a kid again as you enter the museum, which is also a working powerhouse for the Powell/Mason and Powell/Hyde lines. Take any of those lines to Mason and Washington streets and you’ll see the wiring in action inside the mighty powerhouse, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about grips, slots, cables, and brakes. And did we mention it’s free? Eric Risberg/Associated PressShow MoreShow Less

20 of 68Not far from Sausalito, crowds of tourists eager to get that perfect picture of the Golden Gate Bridge gather around some of the area’s historic military infrastructure (Battery Spencer in particular), but it’s easy to get out of the crowd and marvel at many of the other graffiti-covered former military sites. Drive up Conzelman Road to Hawk Hill (pictured) for panoramic views and tunnels to explore around Battery Construction 129, where two large guns were mounted during World War II. Besides its military importance, the hill is also known for migrating raptors. If you continue on Conzelman Road from Hawk Hill, you’ll be on a thrilling, steep and curvy drive and pass several other former military battery sites. One of our favorites at Battery Alexander and the trails surrounding it.Jessica Mullins/Show MoreShow Less

22 of 68 Go to the only theater of its kind in the world. The Audium’s 49-seat San Francisco theater was designed specifically for sound movement or “sound sculptures.” Its 176 speakers are embedded in the walls and suspended from the ceiling to create the ultimate listening experience with sound that goes through, reverberates and under the listeners. Mark Akamine.

Fun Things To Do In San Francisco With Kids

23of 68 There’s an easy way to find peace just a 30-minute drive (or less) from SF. Visit Sea Trek in Sausalito for some kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding around Richardson Bay. Even in the summer months you will rarely encounter many people out and about, though you will encounter many sea lions along your route (just don’t get too close to them). On a clear day, the view from the water is breathtaking, and voyeurs love to kayak past all the multicolored houseboats.KURT ROGERS/SFCShow MoreShow Less

25 of 68 Discover the East Bay’s hidden walkways and stairways, including more than 400 paved walkways and public stairways in Berkeley and Oakland. Many of these can be discovered through helpful guidebooks.John McMurtrie/ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

26 of 68Pretend you’ve traveled to Venice for a day and take a gondola ride on Oakland’s Lake Merritt. It’s one of the more expensive things to do for fun in this slideshow ($60 for two), but they let you bring your own bottle of wine at no extra charge.Thomas Webb/The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

28 of 68 Even most locals have never heard of Rockville Park in Fairfield, but it offers an unexpected slice of nature in the North Bay. It’s a huge open space in Suisun with a surprising variety of hiking trails, from dusty hills to shady old oaks to ponds full of tadpoles in the spring. When you’re alone, surrounded by ancient oak trees, it’s like stepping out of a time machine to a time when only Native Americans lived in Solano County.@archercian/InstagramShow MoreShow Less

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29of 68 For a more serious but interesting thing to do off the beaten path, head to the part of the Presidio away from the tourist-clogged Golden Gate Bridge. Visit the immigrant cemetery under what is now Lincoln Park Golf Course. You can still see what remains of a “temporary resting place” for dead Chinese residents and a monument to dead sailors. Greg Keraghosian/Show MoreShow Less

31of 68 Marvel at the mosaic staircase in Golden Gate Heights (the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project), then walk up to it and continue to Grand View Park for stunning panoramic views of SF, the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park.@jomamasShow More Show Less

32of 68 Watch speakers give nerdy-but-cool presentations like “Game of Thrones Geology,” Sex Lives of Mites,” and “History of California’s Prisons” over beers at Nerd Nite at the Rickshaw Stop in Hayes Valley. Tickets are $8.@lissette_p/InstagramShow MoreShow Less

34 of 68 Grab a cardboard box and slide down San Francisco’s adult-approved concrete slides on Seward Street, Winfield Street in Bernal Heights, or the children’s playground in Golden Gate Park. Adam Lau/The ChronicleShow MoreShow Less

Fun Things To Do With Kids In The Bay Area (in 2023)

35of 68 Watch a Bay Area Vintage Baseball game at Golden Gate Park, where locals

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