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Orchard Road is located in the central area of ​​Singapore and is known for its many shopping malls. However, it has always been painful when it comes to deciding on a meal at Orchard, as it usually means burning a hole in our pocket. Did you know that you can easily get food under $10 or even $5 at Orchard? We are talking about meals that can satisfy your stomach and your palettes. We’ve traveled to every nook and cranny of Orchard Road, and here’s a long list of places with cheap (and some really good) food.

Good Place To Eat Lunch

How about having a bowl of Buddha Jump Over The Wall for just $10? Stewed with generous amounts of mini delicacies such as dry scallops, abalone, mushrooms, sea cucumber and fish maw, the taste is soft and tender. In fact, it’s lighter than Shen Xi Soup but still decent. A set comes with a small plate of bean sprouts and a bowl of rice. They also offer a variety of “atas” food such as Tom Yum Sea Cucumber Soup set ($5.90) ​​and Baby Abalone in Sauce set ($9.10). Even though we arrived during lunch time, this place was surprisingly not crowded, so we had no problem finding our seats. Read more about it at

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PeraMakan is a highly recommended place, because the food is SHIOK! For 1 meat and 2 vegetables this meal cost $8.80. The beef frendang was soft and filled with the aroma of the spices. The spiciness really kicks in, but it’s too addictive to stop. Curry vegetables and lady fingers were on point too. If you’re ever shopping around Orchard Road, this is a MUST TRY!

Saveur at Far East Plaza is under the same organization that manages Saveur Art located at Ion. The signature Saveur’s Pasta comes in two portions, $4.90 and $10.50. The latter is equivalent to a head. The pasta consists of chili oil, chopped kombu, pork sauce, sakura ebi. Slightly on the drier side, the pasta was quite out of the ordinary. It was tasty with a touch of spiciness. Sakura ebi also added a crunchy texture and slightly salty flavor to the pasta.

Located just a few stalls away in Lucky Food Centre, Hua Ji Sliced ​​Fish Soup ($4) also gathers a large number of customers. Be prepared to stand in line for about 5 to 10 minutes before getting your orders, and since the food court is quite small, it would be best to find a friend to help ‘hack’ seats while you queue. Thumbs up to their aromatic soup as they are very generous with their shao xing wine. But while the soup was addictive, their sliced ​​fish was quite thin and their fried fish was slightly salty.

The famous Indonesian grill from Plaza Singapura’s Kopitiam is at 313@Somerset. They have the usual Ayam Panggang, Ikan Panggang and Sotong Panggang which can be ordered ala carte or with a set that comes with a drink. The price range is from $5 to $8.60. I always go for the Ayam Panggang where the large chicken thigh is grilled to perfection and drizzled with black sauce that has a balance of sweet and salty.

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A small cozy eatery located in a corner of Cuppage Plaza, Orchard Yong Tau Fu has fresh ingredients such as stuffed tofu, mushrooms, bitter gourd, meatballs, broccoli and cabbage. The ingredients are cooked and served in a flavorful broth made from soybeans. For only 7 ingredients with noodles, it costs only $5.60.

As with all pork soup ($7 / $9), the quality of the dish depends heavily on the quality of the pork. With this in mind, Song Fa uses good quality pork that is gently simmered with garlic and pepper to make the clear and peppery soup. The peppery kick is not overpowering, balanced with the sweetness from the pork. Another signature dish is Braised Pig Trotters ($7 / $9) stewed with an array of spices to achieve the intense flavor and mouth-watering tenderness. Read about The Centrepoint’s new restaurants here:

At Greenview Café, you can enjoy traditional handmade mee hoon kueh. Dry Mee Hoon Kueh with Ground Pork ($4.50) has chewy mee hoon kueh and you can tell it’s handmade because they were all in odd shapes. Since mine was served spicy, the level of spiciness was so shiok that my lips swelled slightly. So if you can’t take too spicy, you might want to choose soup or non-spicy.

Tucked away in a corner of Lucky Plaza, this humble stall serves a wide variety of Indonesian dishes to accompany their Nasi Padang. They have dishes that are spicy and non-spicy. Their green chili chicken was very tender and not spicy, but if you prefer the spicy version, there is the regular curry chicken. The dishes can be quite spicy, so be sure to ask before ordering if you can’t take spicy food. For this plate of Nasi Padang, which has fish, eggplant and chicken, the damage was $10.

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A traditional Hainanese chicken rice stall in Far East Plaza, this is my chicken rice fix since high school (no kidding). Their tender chicken rice is $4 and you can add an egg for just $0.50. The chicken itself melts in your mouth is so full of flavors. You can top it with thick soy sauce and refreshing chili. There are free soups for every dinner. It’s a pretty small shop so if you’re going to eat there during meal times, be sure to be early or you’ll have to wait for a seat.

Dapur Penyet owner Edy Ongkowijaya is considered by many to be the first person to introduce ayam penyet to Singapore. Using rice flour and deep-frying flour with egg as batter, the Ayam Penyet ($9.50) is not overcooked and retains a nice juiciness. The skin is wonderfully crispy, but not hard. It comes with a batch of boiled kang kong, a piece of tempeh (fermented soybean cake) and beancurd. A unique point of Depur Penyet is – they have 5 different types of sambal with varying spiciness, originating from different parts of Indonesia. Read about The Centrepoint’s new restaurants here:

The chicken cutlet was the star of the RedRing Treasures. These chops are marinated for 24 hours in their secret marinade and freshly fried to order so you get a crispy exterior with a tender and juicy interior. The egg noodles boast a springy texture when accompanied by their signature umami-rich sauces, which complement the cutlets very well. The Chicken Cutlet Noodle is $5.90, read about it here:

Not exactly a snack bar, but they have a great variety of zi char dishes. The Salted Egg Pork Ribs Rice ($6) is executed really well. The pork rib was tender and easy to chew but we would have been a little more satisfied if it consisted of a bit of crunch. The sauce, on the other hand, was so wonderful, with the right balance of rich creaminess and aroma. There were curry leaves which enhanced its fragrance and chili padi which gave it a good kick. This beautiful sauce did not taste gelatinous at all and we enjoyed every bite. We highly recommend this dish to anyone who is in town and wants some nice but affordable food. You can also try their claypot beef mee tai mak. Read more about it:

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Tasty Treats is conveniently located next to New Station Snack Bar. Fish Fillet Noodle ($4) is an interesting mix of fried fish fillet with reckless mee kind of noodles. The fish fillet is crispy and juicy, like those from a western food stall. The noodles were also al dente, and love them especially when eaten with the chili.

Real Food Café, located on Killiney Road, is a vegetarian restaurant. Despite the zen decor of the restaurant, the Mushroom Aglio Olio ($10.80) tasted rather bland. It actually lacked the fragrance of the garlic and was not tasty. It had a bit of spiciness but that was it.

Specializing in their Ayam Penyet ($7.90), the set comes with shredded chicken, fried tempe, fried tofu, blanched kang kong, sambal chili and rice. For people who love spicy food, their sambal belachan would definitely not disappoint you. Spicy yet addictive, it was literally a love-hate relationship when you want sambal but your mouth was already burning. The chicken was flavorful as you could taste the spices used, but the meat was a bit tough and dry.

For $9.90, you can get a bowl of Beef Pho at Tonkin Vietnamese Noodles Bar. The rice noodle was al dente, but the soup could taste better with more flavors from the beef broth. There was a generous portion of beef and vegetables, so if you’re not picky about the taste, it’s quite worth the price.

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