Good Place To Eat Tonight

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From dim sum to Nashville fried chicken, we pick the best Muslim restaurants for you and your family.

Good Place To Eat Tonight

Halal food is not hard to come by in Singapore, and delicious halal fare is all around. Today, you can find a variety of foods that are Muslim-friendly, from Chinese beef noodles to sharing. Check out the different foods and ingredients we’ve put together.

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The restaurant, known for its diva-themed cakes, also has a halal reputation. Try 14 of the most beautiful treats: from the famous Diva collection, try Beyonce, take lemons with lemon sponges and yogurt; or try Ms Celine Dione where Valrhona white chocolate and macadamia sponge come between fresh raspberries and raspberry compote. But before the desserts, enjoy a breakfast of fried chicken and waffles ($24), eggs Benedict ($14/$16), and more.

Hidden away in the food court at Ubi is Musa Muslim Food, also known as Niu Zou La Mian. The humble corner shop is a one-man show — Musa makes hand-pulled noodles fresh and cooked to order — which means you’ll sometimes have to wait patiently in line for your meal. money ($5). Simmer on a rich sauce that’s comforting and full of flavor – they’re also very generous portions of beef. If you’re looking for something a little more spicy, the dry noodles with cumin ($8) are your favorite. Caramelised onions and cumin cut through the gamey mutton and the handmade noodles go well with the grilled meat.

This is one of the only Halal certified restaurants in Singapore. Healthy food is the star here; They come with cold or hot soup (starting at $5), or served with soup along with burdock tempura ($14) or chicken wings ($14). Also worth trying is the special udon menu, which comes with egg sauce ($11) and more.

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Head to Kulon, the new kid on Bali Lane for a fix of the famous Indonesian street food -mie ayam. Here, there are many variations of the beloved noodle dish. The seafood on offer is very different from what is found on the streets of Indonesia – but it is well absorbed. Have a great look with Bakmi Bangka; or if you want a stronger flavor, go for the Bakmi Gulai Sapi which combines Javanese beef with noodles. If spice is your priority, choose between bakmi and red – or green – sambal.

Overrice is a restaurant that serves rice dishes inspired by The Halal Guys. It hopes to recreate the classic food trucks, with grilled meat and falafel balls served on fragrant rice. But the main draw here is the white, sweet, wonderful cooking sauce that is used on everything.

Entering the culinary delights of Aisyah restaurant is one of Xinjiang’s most famous cuisines – think handmade noodles, beef stew, cumin lamb, spicy dumplings and skewers. etc.

The name Tipo comes from the wheat flour (‘doppio zero’ or ‘granero tero’) in Italy that is used to make pasta that is smooth and shiny to the touch. Tipo Pasta Bar is all about using premium ingredients in the handmade pasta made in the store. From dill and lemon fettuccine to saffron fusilli, everything is made from scratch. The good thing is that you can create your own dish. Start by choosing your pasta (depends on what’s available on the day), your sauce (alfredo, aglio olio, pomodoro, roasted red pepper, beef ragu) and toppings like sous vide egg, dried mussels, crumbled gouda, tomatoes and more . olives, just to name a few.

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Think all American fried chicken is just KFC? You are wrong. Nashville style chicken is spicy as heck. paprika. Curious? Book a plane ticket to ‘Merica, you can find it in Arab Street.

Positano at Raffles Place is the centerpiece of the Italian Halal restaurant, Positano Risto. You can still find Positano’s signature dishes – they’re still cheap and delicious, prepared quickly. Other favorites include fettuccine carbonara ($10.95) which comes with a sous vide egg and crispy turkey bacon bits, crispy thin crust pepperoni pizza ($9.95) and truffle mushroom risotto ($10.95).

Lovers of spicy, spicy food will enjoy visiting the Sichuanand Mala cuisine. At Le Fuse on Arab Street, everything is halal and you can see Malay-Mala fusion dishes on the menu. Enjoy Soto Sichuan ($8) or dendeng Sichuan beef ($10.80) or go for traditional dishes such as Chong Qing diced chicken ($9.80), Mala Xiang Guo ($12.80) and Mala Tang ($12.80) for a spicy soup version.

Craving classic British favorites like Bangers&Mash or Fish&Chips? Go to The Mad Sailors hole in the center of Haji Lane. From the same blokes who gave us (Working Head), Afterwit, Tipo and The Co-Op, The Mad Sailors whip up the best of Britsh grub with a slight Singaporean twist. From classic English roast ($32.60) to Fish & Chips ($25.90), get a taste of London right here in Singapore.

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Giving us another delicious food experience, the brains behind (Working Title) teamed up with The Methodology Works and opened Afterwit for delicious Mexican bites and refreshing drinks. Try their variety of tacos, from Pulled Beef ($14.90) to Cajun Spiced Chicken ($12.90).

These famous burgers from Hollywood have finally arrived in Singapore, bringing their new, authentic and delicious variety – and it’s Halal! If you feel that the burgers you had in Singapore have been small, prepare a platform of patties that you can find in many Fatburgers (you can exchange your buns for patties if you are eating keto). Remember to finish your American meal with a side of fries, or buffalo wings and a milkshake.

The Malayan Council is the best place to go for Little India and comfort food. Tuck into a large bowl of fish and chips ($28) or share the Singaporean crab ($48) – which comes with deep-fried mantou to soak up the sauce. Finish the meal with a slice of ondeh-ondeh cake ($9.50) which comes with a dollop of gula melaka and coconut cream.

Sticking to tradition, Sari Ratu has to be one of the most reliable places to find nasi padang in Singapore. The selection is extensive at their main branch in Pahang Street so we don’t blame you for taking your time when ordering! His regular favorites are rendang, eggplant in chilli, fried chicken, fried fish and the hearty beef tendon curry.

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A popular family-owned restaurant, Yassin Kampung had humble beginnings before branching out to other outlets in Singapore. The menu has grown since then, and now includes many local favorites like hotplates and Mala, as well as experimenting with interesting dishes like durian chicken.

Dim Sum Place is one of the few certified Halal joints in town and probably one of the rare places where you can enjoy halal Xiao long bao. This makes this place a great place to eat for everyone if you’re dining with a variety of friends. Like its namesake, you can find a wide variety of dim sum and Cantonese dishes on the menu, along with Malay favorites.

A hot spot for lunch, you will see queues forming outside every Hjh Maimunah store before lunch time. Of course, there is a reason for this: everyone wants to eat the first meal because depending on us, it can. The way it works is the same as any other rice market where you can choose any food you want and experience the results in savings later.

Nestled in the lush gardens of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the venue beautifully ticks all the boxes when it comes to greenery, floor-to-ceiling windows for beautiful lighting and a relaxed dining experience. Recently the restaurant has been certified as Halal which is the best for your Muslim guests in the community.

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Put your utensils aside and put them in plastic, because they are only biodegradable from now on. Halal Louisiana’s second-rate seafood restaurant in Plaza Singapura is

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