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Great Place To Eat – Santorini is an exquisite Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. The island was devastated and reshaped by the volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, which has left behind a rich volcanic soil and a beautiful island that tourists love to explore. They also love to eat!

To help you find the best restaurants for your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best restaurants on the island. Greece has incredible food to offer straight from its cultivated land and the Aegean Sea.

Great Place To Eat

Whether you’re looking for a great view while sipping a cocktail or a giant plate of meat after a long day exploring the island, you’ll see plenty of Santorini restaurants on this list!

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Le Ciel is one of Santorini’s best known luxury restaurants. Although it hosts many weddings and other events, it is first and foremost a lovely place to eat. The menu is dazzling, accompanied by stunning views of the Greek coast.

Their a la carte menu features only the freshest and richest ingredients grown in Greece. Their cheese is from the Peloponnese, their fish from the spectacular Aegean Sea and their olive oil from Crete.

The restaurant uses ingredients grown in the island’s rich volcanic soil and incorporates them into traditional Greek cuisine as well as continental dishes. For a romantic evening and some of Santorini’s most delicious food, make a reservation at Le Ciel.

For something more affordable, Rymidi Restaurant is a lovely place for a family holiday dinner or a casual date. The restaurant looks unassuming and simple from the outside, but the menu is anything but mediocre.

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They offer tzatziki, pita, halloumi, burgers, pizzas, delicious meat dishes and delicious wine, to name a few items on the menu. They have a wide selection of draft and bottled beers to choose from, making it the ideal place for a relaxing lunch. or dinner

Both kids and adults will love the food options because they have elaborate local dishes as well as more familiar foods. The restaurant has a cozy and friendly atmosphere, enhanced by the delicious waitress who makes you feel at home.

Santo Athiri is a beachside restaurant that offers all the local favourites, from large plates to share to small plates that you can nibble on. The staff are fun and friendly, making the restaurant more of an experience than a place to eat.

The restaurant is located in the Aegean Square, making it a hot spot for tourists to try some of the most famous and beloved Greek dishes.

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They have impeccable halloumi platters, whole fish dinners and some of the best hummus you’ll ever taste. The restaurant is best for casual dining and has affordable prices, making it ideal for a delicious lunch in the middle of a busy holiday day.

What the Salty Bone lacks in ocean views, it makes up for in fantastic food. At the Salty Bone, they don’t know what it means to serve a small portion, piling up plates so that no one can ever leave hungry.

They specialize in seafood dishes such as clams, eel, cod, sardines, biryani, tuna tartare and more. Anything you can catch from the sea, they serve on their menu.

In addition to their delicious menu, their executive chef Vasilis Akrivos creates inventive and unique specials each week based on seasonal ingredients and what’s especially fresh and tasty at the time.

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If you’ve had your fill of Greek food and want to mix it up, you won’t be disappointed at Jaipur Palace Santorini, which offers Indian and Asian cuisine.

This place serves Indian food in the most traditional way possible, with rice and curry in metal bowls and dinners on impressive gold plates. Their naan bread is sumptuous, baked in a traditional clay oven.

The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere, with intricate chandeliers and impeccably arranged tables. To reach the Jaipur Palace, climb a long flight of stairs that will build up your appetite and anticipation!

It is perfect for a large family, as you can order a lot of dishes to share and experience the sensational flavor of the Orient.

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For wine lovers, the Alisachni Art and Wine Gallery is an attractive dining option. The restaurant is located in the streets of Santorini and makes you feel like a real local when you venture here.

In addition, it is located in a traditional Greek house, making the experience authentic and memorable. They serve traditional dishes with exquisite wine pairings to excite your palette.

While you enjoy the food and drink, you can also gaze at some fascinating paintings and sculptures that capture the vibrancy and tradition of Santorini.

With stone mosaic floors and soft white walls, the restaurant exemplifies the beauty that Greek culture has to offer, especially with the tasty food on offer.

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Psatha Cocktail Bar and Restaurant combines Mediterranean and modern Greek cuisine with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The restaurant has a half-indoor, half-outdoor design, where you can shelter from the elements while taking in the majestic views.

Their cocktail bar offers delicious super-fresh smoothies, healthy breakfasts and specialty craft cocktails with exotic flavors. This establishment has a soft tropical atmosphere located right on the beach, so you can enjoy a few drinks after a day of sunbathing on the beach.

Here, you’ll find only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, used to create creative twists on traditional Greek dishes. If you want fresh, impeccably prepared seafood, along with some vibrant cocktails, you’ll love Psatha.

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience in Santorini, you can’t do better than Falafeland! The name may sound cheesy, but the food is out of this world.

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This vegetarian and vegan spot is great for a quick lunch or an easy dinner after a long day of exploring. Not surprisingly, the falafel here is the highlight, made daily with ingredients grown on the island.

With chalkboard menus and a cozy and inviting atmosphere, this is a great place to take diners and show them how amazing even the simplest Greek food can be. Plus, you can easily take a sandwich or salad with you to enjoy on the beach.

Sometimes you just need a plate full of pasta. To satisfy your Italian food needs, visit Il Forno Pizza and Pasta for creamy Alfredo, caprese salads and cheese pizzas.

One of their most popular dishes is the chicken lasagna, layered with noodles and different cheeses for a filling and comforting dinner. Menu, Prices, Outlets, Opening Hours In Singapore January 2023

The restaurant is super casual and affordable, with cheap wine glasses and a sliding window you can order through. This place is popular for its evening takeaways and the staff are always ready to help and make sure everything is perfect.

When planning a romantic dinner, look no further than MarineEra. The restaurant has a clean and minimalist atmosphere because the real decoration is the sunset views of the water and the sailboats.

They offer small plates so you can taste all the local cuisines they prepare. The food is delicious and prepared with care and attention, but many diners report that the stellar cocktails are what they remember most.

From traditional and refreshing mojitos to new and inventive drinks, the bartenders at MarinEra make stunning and excellent cocktails that are worth pulling out your phone for a photo.

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Aidani is what you would expect from a local Greek restaurant. It has large wooden barrels filled with plants in the front yard, and when you step inside, you’ll immediately feel at home in the simple yet inviting space.

Best of all, they serve stellar food that will make you never want to leave the island. They have all the traditional Greek dishes with big portions of sauce like tzatziki and garlic.

You can get a plate full of grilled pita or octopus. If you want to mingle with the locals, this is the place to be as it is a place loved by all.

Lombranos is an affordable Greek restaurant that couldn’t get you closer to the Aegean Sea. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re dining on the water.

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Lombranos serves some of the most authentic Greek cuisine, from simple salads to meaty octopus tentacles. The large portions combined with the magnificent views make it an ideal place for tourists to experience the island the right way.

Despite being a popular restaurant with visitors, it flies under the radar, so you don’t have to deal with huge crowds or long wait times.

Located in the Old Port, it’s convenient to get there after a day of adventure on the island, and many people frequent it more than once on their trip!

Miss the familiar taste of home but still want to try somewhere local? Juicy Burger is a large, casual restaurant that serves meaty burgers with an interesting Greek twist. They use tzatziki and garlic sauce to take their burgers to the next level.

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This restaurant is probably not the best place for a romantic evening, but it is great for a family to enjoy an easy dinner. Hamburgers are the main menu item.

But they also have gyros, feta snacks, chunky fries and fancier meat dishes, so everyone can get something they’re happy with. Every burger comes

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