Great Place To Have Lunch Near Me

Great Place To Have Lunch Near Me – Have you ever searched for “late night restaurants”, only to be disappointed by the 12am closing time? With this list, you’ll never face that again because every restaurant listed is open 24 hours a day. Here are the Top 10 24-Hour Eateries in Singapore!

Al-Azhar Dining Restaurant is a Halal certified food joint that cannot be classified into one type of food. To name but a few, they serve Mediterranean, Western and Thai food too! If your dinner Kakis (friends) always struggle to decide what to eat, bring them here! They will be spoiled for choice.

Great Place To Have Lunch Near Me

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi started serving dim sum at 126 Sims Avenue in 1985. With an extensive menu of over 150 items, this is the perfect place to visit for Dim Sum fans! Some of their featured menu items include Crispy Cheese “Tarik”, Scallop Siew Mai and Crab Tang Hoon.

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Nestled within Golden Mile Complex, Diandin Leluk serves up all your Thai favorites (and more) like Tom Yum Soup, Pineapple Fried Rice and Basil Chicken Rice! All dishes are prepared by native Thai chefs, so you get the authentic experience and taste.

For just $4, you can get a bowl of spring noodles tossed in a delicious sauce, with char siew, a handkerchief and a spoonful of chilli at Fei Fei Wanton Mee. Many claim that the taste of this dish brings back fond memories of their childhood days, so try it for yourself and it might just lead to a trip down memory lane!

Yong He Eating House is famous for their Taiwanese snacks like Shao Bing (oven roasted flatbread), dough fritters and soya bean drink. This is a great place to go if you want a quick bite or something lighter for dinner. Something interesting you can also try is their Mochi Youtiao!

Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse is another Halal Certified restaurant (yay)! Chinese, Hong Kong, Indian and Western delicacies are served here all day so grab a friend and head down to their East Coast outlet to dine with a view of the sea!

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Nothing feels quite like a bowl of warm and fragrant bak kut teh (pork rib soup) at an ungodly hour. Besides their signature Bak Kut Teh, you can also try their salty vegetables and juicy pork ribs! Did I mention that the delicious pepper soup at 333 Bak Kut Teh is free-flowing?

Broadway Food Court is home to all your local favorites and is definitely the place to go when you’re craving late-night or early-morning fare. The best thing is, there are Broadway stores all over Singapore, so there might be one near where you are!

If you’re craving fish ball noodles after a long night or early in the morning, Seng Huat is the place for you. The fish balls at Seng Huat are made by hand, so you can look forward to its smooth and bouncy texture. Their mushroom sauce is also highly recommended as it is packed with deep umami flavour!

Did you really think this list would end without a place for Prata? Roti Prata is a very popular dinner option for Singaporeans, and it’s not hard to see why. While Mr Prata serves classic and honest Prata, they also have more special flavors like Banana Butter and Cheese Hot Dog Prata that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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These restaurants and eateries share more than one thing in common – apart from the fact that they are open 24/7, all of these places serve delicious and affordable food. There is something exciting about eating at a time where you can enjoy your food, away from the hustle and bustle of the day. Remember to try one of these places the next time you have hunger pangs during late nights or in the early hours of the morning! Whether you’re after white linen dining or a cozy neighborhood restaurant, there are many contenders for Perth’s best restaurant. It’s an incredibly hard list to narrow down, especially with all the new things popping up around town. But whatever your mood, one of these places should have you sorted.

From the old faithfuls you should have tried by now to the new games on every foodie’s bucket list, here are our picks for Perth’s best restaurants…in no particular order because mundane would create too much arguments.

The dumpling queen herself, Miss Chow’s, is expanding her empire with a whole new family dining experience debuting in Mount Hawthorn this week. It’s called Lucy Luu, a sleek bar and bite-style joint serving quality wine and booze from South East Asian delicacies infused with the finest WA produce. The menu is in very good hands here, with Head Chef Aldren Teo at the helm. He’s contributed to top-tier kitchens such as Market Grounds and Emily Taylor, but told us that taking on this role feels extra special because it connects him to home. He’s excited to introduce Perth diners to the iconic sweet, salty and spicy flavors he grew up with and told us he’s holding nothing back – so if it sounds spicy, expect it to be really hot. On the share-style food menu, Chef Teo told us to look out for dishes like Wagyu Shanghai dumplings, spicy Szechuan beef tartare and Asian-style burrata dressed in soy and yuzu. Throw on a few rounds of drinks and work your way through each one.

For some of the best margaritas in Perth and an incredibly delicious range of tacos, quesadillas and lively sharing plates, you can’t go past La Condesa — Clint Nolan’s slick new Tulum-inspired Mexican cantina. It only takes one sip of their spicy passion fruit and jalapeno marg to see why this place has been booked solid since opening.

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Housed in a charming heritage building on George Street in East Fremantle, La Lune is arguably the prettiest of all Perth’s new openings this year. And thankfully, its Parissiene-inspired food and drink menu is just as impressive. Our recommendations? Start with a round of Parisian martinis as you eat steak tartare, swimmer crab vol-au-vents and potato rosti topped with smoked salmon and cultured cream. Then move on to French wine with succulent duck breast, steak frites and dauphinoise potatoes.

Unapologetically loud, full of life, with an eclectic look that combines Nonna curtains with bright pops of green and funky art – Textun’s vibe is playful and a little cheeky, but that’s all part of its charm. The neo-italian osteria and bar is brought to us by the younger half of the family behind the long-loved Threecoins Italiano down the road. It’s a space for them to break away from tradition while still serving the kind of food they like to eat at home. Expect unique, contemporary Italian goodness fused with global flavors and plenty of sass.

Brought to you by John Parker — the same name behind The Standard’s long-standing favourites, The Royalandfleur — we had an inkling this new joint was going to deliver, and it has. The decadent multi-level bar, kitchen and distillery is the shining gem in Karrinyup’s swanky food and dining precinct and definitely worth a visit if you’re not lucky enough to live nearby. Order a cocktail and a bowl of salt and vinegar cassava chips then get your Insta snaps out of the way (trust us, the space is too beautiful not to) before you discover what other sumptuous share plates were inspired by Southeast Asia to order.

This suburban eatery and deal is a branch of the neighboring Olsen family butchers located literally ‘next door’ (get it) and offers a unique butcher-to-plate experience unlike any other another place in Perth. So yes, a next level meat selection is expected…I mean, it’s pretty hard to ignore the open flame and heady smell of wagyu steaks sizzling on the wood fire grill as you walk in . But what you wouldn’t expect is more sophisticated dining Head Chef Ashleigh Pattison and her team match the quality cuts. Reserve a seat at the personal fire grill for one of Perth’s best chef’s table style decadences.

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A sublime CBD and river views, world-class service and an above-the-line menu make this the pinnacle of Perth. A wildflower menu responds to the six Noongar seasons with contemporary flair. Trust chef Michael D’Adamo: go in for the full degustation and you’ll agree with us in no time that this is one of Perth’s best restaurants.

Infused with the DNA of Si Paradiso, it’s no surprise that this Italian-style bar restaurant is a hit with foodies in Mount Hawthorn. You can fill up on nibbles like toasted octopus al pastor with pineapple chutney and lardo or epic scallop potatoes with yuzu cream and caviar, or choose to settle into a good bowl of handmade pasta. Either way, we suggest you wash it down with a few glasses from the European-inspired wine list.

With a chef of Rohan Park’s caliber at the helm, Old Young’s Kitchen has to be one of the best places to eat in the Swan Valley, hell even the whole of Perth. He has really leaned on his experience

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