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Jane's Spa Massage Therapy – While there is no such thing as a stupid question, there are some questions we feel embarrassed to ask our massage therapist. So, here we have taken the liberty to answer frequently asked questions.

Massage parlors — the kind that offer erotic massage — are apparently not seedy. Sometimes you just need to ask a few well-chosen questions to make sure your massage is everything you hoped for…no more! Those questions are:

Jane's Spa Massage Therapy

Many massage enthusiasts prefer to do their treatments naked, but if you don’t want to. It is entirely up to you. There are treatments that don’t require you to be completely naked, such as reflexology, Reiki or Indian head massage.

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If you want to keep your underwear on during a massage, that’s fine. Don’t wear your favorite underwear, though, as they may get massage oil (your therapist will be as careful as possible.) If you’re getting a lower back massage, tight underwear can get in the way. But a thong or loose undies that can go around would be fine.

Even if you decide to go as nature intended for your massage, we will only see the area we are working on and a towel will cover your modesty properly.

It’s completely up to you! If all you want to do is close your eyes and drift away, go ahead. Some types of massage may require a little more feedback, such as sports or deep tissue/detox massage, because the therapist needs to make sure not to cause discomfort as they dig deep into your muscle knots.

Your therapist will take it as a compliment if you fall asleep during the massage, and if you lie face down, it’s not unnatural. Just ask for a tissue and no one will bat an eyelash.

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Some men avoid worrying about getting an erection during massage – and it happens. Men often experience erections during non-sexual massage because the gentle therapeutic touch activates the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a partial or complete erection.

Massage therapists are like doctors in seeing bodies of all shapes and sizes. We can all feel self-conscious at times, but don’t let that get in the way of a good massage! If you’re really concerned, by all means, ask the therapist to avoid the area. You may find yourself so relaxed during your massage that you stop caring…

You can. Some people have reasons for choosing a therapist of the opposite (or same sex) and we promise not to judge you. However, there is no need to worry about getting a massage with a male or female therapist. Men – If you’re worried about some unintended erections, see above. Women – there is no need to be intimidated by a male massage therapist. You might enjoy it!

There are no hard and fast rules unless you are at a hotel or spa. In a hotel, expect a 15-20% tip if you enjoy a massage. Most holistic therapy and massage centers will promote tipping for a better treatment. Some people don’t think it’s appropriate to tip a medical clinic, but that’s up to you. You can always ask if therapists accept tips when you book.

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Do you have questions you are hesitant to ask your massage therapist? Feel free to call us, our licensed massage therapists are always ready to help.

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Overall good experience, identified and worked out the tight spots. The only negative was that the pressure was very … very / very intense. But the therapist adjusted when I asked. Show more

Diana is very kind and the massage was great! She helped relieve the tension in my shoulders, neck and back that I was sure of from sitting at a desk all day. Will definitely return in the future! Show more

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Diana is an excellent therapist, very relaxing and intuitively knows areas that need attention. She has a warm and comforting presence …- It’s a pleasure to recommend Diana! Show more

This massage was very relaxing with the heated blanket. Diana’s knowledge of the human anatomy is illustrated by her firm and effective massaging. Show more

Diane was professional, skilled and prompt and I enjoyed every minute of my massage. I will definitely return in the future.

Really loved my 15 minute stress relief massage. I felt more open after the massage so I will definitely be back for more! Thanks, Diana!

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It was a great massage! Diana did an excellent job of finding and massaging the pain points. Sessi…I felt so satisfied and relieved at the end of ON. Show more

Diana strikes the perfect balance between firm yet delicate with each massage. She finds trigger points immediately and focuses on the areas that need it most. I highly recommend a massage with her anytime. In just 15 minutes I felt less stress on my joints and muscles and more mobility. Show more

Diana is awesome. Really thankful she’s here. She is attuned to what your body needs. Thanks for the good rescue.

I met Diana at Field Day on Tuesday. After that short massage-intro, I was sold! I had my first hour long session with her yesterday and felt so… rejuvenated! My shoulders need a lot of work and are usually sensitive with other massage therapists…not Diana’s. She is well versed in pressure points and very conscientious about avoiding pain, yet dig deep. Yes, it was a deep and comfortable massage! Def going back! Show more

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Darkening the room and playing the music a little louder is amazing. The room is a bit bright to relax

Diana was very thoughtful and professional. She really comforted me. So glad I signed up and will go back again. Thanks!

I have been to many massage therapists in my life and Diana is one of the best! Not only is she a great massage therapist with an awesome table and very relaxing music, she is also an amazing human being and healer. I am hooked and will see her as often as I can! Thanks, Diana! Show more

During the 30-minute Pick Me Up Stress Buster, Diana soothed my neck, back and shoulder muscles. I should go see her more often!

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Thanks Diana! The massage was very relaxing and I felt completely comfortable. My muscles feel relaxed after that massage.

Diana is a miracle worker. I have a stiff neck due to computer use/bad posture and she does an amazing therapeutic massage within 30 minutes and I’m out of there…I feel like I’ve regained 50-60% of my mobility with her magical kneading and tight pressure. The scars I plan to go to her weekly!! Show more

This quick 15 minute massage was great. I was relieved she really rooted me out of the tangles. She first asked me if there was a specific area … to work on and she addressed those areas and then some! It was a lovely, refreshing break from the work day. Show more

Began seeing Diana for some help with tight and sore body issues. Diana is slowly helping me loosen the knots and ease the muscle tension. She is nice, kind and willing to help. Id recommend her to anyone who needs help with sores and aches 🙂 Show more

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Loved my massage with Diana. I opted for a 30-minute tension-relieving massage. I appreciated the different methods she used to address some of my shoulder facial issues. Looking forward to my next appointment! Show more

I went to Diane for the first time for a 15 minute massage. She is very nice and overall it was a pleasant experience. I felt less tense…more relaxed. Would definitely go back for a longer appointment! Show more Reviews are no joke! Authentic reviews are valued and only verified if we know the reviewer has visited the business.

She listened to what I needed and delivered big time. Best massage I have ever had in this area.

I have been dealing with a chronic overactive shoulder condition for at least 6 years and have tried everything. After leaving Colleen’s …appointment I knew right away that she hit the spot – my shoulder was almost 100%. And the next day. Can’t wait to go back. Show more

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Colin is absolutely amazing! I was a first timer a few months ago and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. When I went back to her… she was down the stairs

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