Kevin Costner's Casino In Deadwood South Dakota

Kevin Costner's Casino In Deadwood South Dakota – Midnight Star Casino, owned by actor Kevin Costner, occupies the tallest building on Main Street in Deadwood, S.D. The casino was closed last week. Rapid City Journal

Last week’s news that Kevin Costner’s Midnight Star Casino has suddenly closed in downtown Deadwood after 26 years made headlines across the country since the movie star owned it.

Kevin Costner's Casino In Deadwood South Dakota

It does not mean, however, that the Deadwood show can expect the same fate as Wild Bill Hickok, who was brutally murdered in the historic mining town on August 2, 1876, during a poker game at No. 10 Saloon was also buried with Calamity. Jane was buried at Mt. Moriah.

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There are those who wonder, however, if the closure is a sign of the times or just a bump in the road for the Deadwood game. It’s probably a little bit of both.

In 1989, Deadwood joined Nevada and Atlantic City as the only places in the nation to allow gambling. Since then, the entire state has benefited as the millions of dollars raised there have been used to provide historical grants, the state’s tourism budget and many jobs in the town of about 1,300 people. .

Today, however, the entertainment landscape has changed dramatically. Gambling is common with Native American casinos, online betting and games like Powerball that generate millions of dollars for states. South Dakota is among the states that offer Powerball as well as video lotteries and a series of scratch ticket games.

But despite the explosion of gambling opportunities, Deadwood’s casinos still reported $99 million in adjusted gross revenue in 2016, according to the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. In March, gamblers spent $93.6 million in Deadwood. So even though there has been a drop in gambling revenue in Deadwood over the past year, a lot of money continues to change hands there.

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Deadwood, a community that prides itself on its authentic Old West culture, also has some cards to play in the tourism game.

He restored the Victorian facade, brick streets and modern lighting in the community. The town has a new $6 million Museum of ’76, which features one of the best carriage, wagon and coach collections in the U.S. There is a new $7 million Deadwood Welcome Center and $3 million was spent to restore the cemetery Moriah Moriah. The city just screams of western history.

As a result of these efforts and others and the natural beauty of the area that offers hiking, biking, skiing and recreational activities, hotels have seen their occupancy increase while gambling revenue has declined.

The closing of Midnight Star is not the first disappointment Deadwood has faced, and it will not be the last. It just proves that even the stars of the stars can not ensure success in the uncertain and now more competitive tourism and gambling industry. And while gaming has been the economic engine that has fueled Deadwood’s modern revival, the community has shown vision by taking steps to diversify its attractions and economy.

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Midnight Star Casino, owned by actor Kevin Costner, occupies the tallest building on Main Street in Deadwood, S.D. The casino was closed last week.

© Copyright 2023 The Bismarck Tribune, 707 E. Front Ave Bismarck, ND 58504 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do Not Sell My Information | Cookie Preferences Actor Kevin Costner is parting ways with Midnight Star and a restaurant in Deadwood, South Dakota, after 26 years in business. The casino on Main Street is just the latest casualty in the historic town.

The main street in Deadwood landed another one after Kevin Costner closed the Midnight Star. (Photo: South Dakota Department of Tourism)

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Costner opened Midnight Star in 1991 after falling in love with Deadwood on his first visit in 1990 to film Dances with Wolves. Midnight Star has stocked some of the greatest moments from Costner’s film history throughout its history.

“When I opened Midnight Star … it was because of my deep love for Deadwood and the Black Hills of South Dakota and the importance of history in the story of our country,” Costner told the Rapid City Journal. “So with a heavy heart I must say that today the light of the Midnight Star will die for the last time.”

Set illegally in Indian Country in 1876 during the Back Hills Gold Rush, one of the main events of Deadwood was the murder of Wild Bill Hickok, who was allegedly playing poker and holding two aces. and two eights at that time, now known as “man’s hand.”

Deadwood’s casino revenue fell 3.5 percent in 2017. Most of the s have closed since 2008, as the casino’s total visits declined.

Kevin Costner’s Midnight Sun Casino, Deadwood, South Dakot…

Unlike in Atlantic City where the economy collapsed during the American recession and struggled to recover afterward as neighboring states turned to gambling to help revive tax revenues, Deadwood struggled in in recent years. No longer is the historic South Dakota town interested in bringing tourists to the remote hills.

“We look at Deadwood as an integrated place that has all the components and the show is just one of those components, although it’s important because of the economic engine of Deadwood,” Rodman told the Black Hills FOX affiliate. “Historically, September has been a good month for the Deadwood game when we’ve had donors come to visit.”

Deadwood legalized gambling in 1989, and it immediately brought new revenue to the town. Tourism experts believe that Deadwood needs to make another change to re-market itself to visitors.

“All destinations need to change over time, even those that want to be one,” Professor Alan Fyall of the Rosen College of Tourism told CNBC in 2015 about Deadwood’s struggles. “Changes can be very subtle and not necessarily expensive, but a brand that is intended to be ‘re-branded’ helps to stay relevant and attract new markets.” Costner’s Fuzzy Brain

Midnight Star Casino $1 Slot Token Deadwood Sd South Dakota Kevin Costner 1991

Local media reported that Midnight Star opened in 1991, two years after the game was approved. But in the comments, Kevin Costner seems to remember the opening in 1989.

But Costner first visited Deadwood while filming “Dances”. Production on the Best Picture Oscar lasted four months, from July 1989 to November. Costner, who is not only acting but also directing the epic for more than three hours, probably has little time to open a restaurant and a restaurant.

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