Kevin Costner Casino Deadwood South Dakota

Kevin Costner Casino Deadwood South Dakota – Deadwood Economic Development officials are excited about the soon-to-be business opening. . . since the casino doors have been closed since August 2017

“Since then, it’s been vacant, or dormant on Main Street. There have been several offers from opposing groups that have come in to look at the property,” said Kevin Wagner, executive director, Deadwood and Economic Development. Lead. “The next buying team will, as I understand it, do a bar/restaurant/casino again.”

Kevin Costner Casino Deadwood South Dakota

The reopening of Midnight Star is particularly noteworthy because there is no open, rentable, first-floor retail space anywhere on Main Street.

Best Things To Do In Deadwood, Sd

“I’ve had a few conversations with the ownership group,” Wagner said. “I know our office will be working with them over the next few months to get them open, operational, and then obviously helping them as much as possible to hit the ground running when they finally open their doors.”

The previous owner, Kevin Costner, owned the Midnight Star in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and reportedly spent a lot of time in Deadwood during that time.

“You know, his parents are still in the Black Hills area, I know that,” Wagner said. “And he brings it back here all the time, so I think he’s excited that the lights are back on and this beautiful building is going to be restored and working again.” Legalized gambling began in Deadwood on Nov. 1. , 1989, when an actor portraying Wild Bill Hickok, accompanied by a woman portraying Calamity Jane, shot into the air.

This month the historic city celebrates not only 20 years of legalized gambling, but also the economic revival that comes with it.

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Before voters approved a change to the state constitution that allowed casinos to open in Deadwood, buildings around the town were crumbling and businesses were dying. Then most of Main Street was converted to casinos. Real estate is starting to sell for more than anyone could imagine.

The entertainment industry has noticed. Actor Kevin Costner bought a casino after making his famous movie, “Dances with Wolves,” in South Dakota. HBO created the acclaimed series, “Deadwood,” which ran for three seasons and capitalized on the famous city’s past. Among the show’s characters was Hickok, a real-life warrior who was killed in Deadwood during a poker game in 1876.

Today, Deadwood has about three dozen casinos, 3,500 slot machines and about 100 card tables, according to the State Gaming Commission. Over the years, the casino industry has brought 2,000 jobs, millions of dollars in profits, and money for extensive maintenance of buildings and infrastructure in Deadwood.

The city, located in the middle of the river between the mountains of trees, is close to visitors to Mount Rushmore, Badlands and Sturgis to add to their trip, so it is also benefiting from tourism in the region. Forbes Traveler magazine recently added Deadwood to its list of “America’s Best Towns” in a feature posted on its website, citing its historic architecture and scenic Black Hills setting.

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The newest local attraction is the $47 million new resort, The Lodge at Deadwood. It includes a four-story hotel, convention center, water park, restaurant, bar and casino. The hotel, water park and parking lot opened on November 6, and the casino and restaurant will be ready in early December.

Still, Deadwood should keep an eye on the gambling competition. Deadwood was only the third place in the nation to legalize gambling back in 1989. Nevada did it in 1931 and Atlantic City casinos opened in 1978. But now most states have casinos, including Colorado, where casinos are allowed to include craps. and roulette in July. .

Deadwood casinos are only allowed to offer slot machines and card games, including blackjack and poker, and bets in South Dakota cannot exceed $100.

State Sen. Tom Nelson, a member of the committee that won approval to legalize gambling twenty years ago, said that the gambling industry may finally request to include craps and roulette in Deadwood. But he said supporters likely won’t push the idea through next year’s legislative session, because lawmakers will mostly be working to balance the state’s budget as revenues fall. .

Kevin Costner Interview: Dances With Hollywood

Markus Volimas, who plays the role of Wild Bill Hickok in the daily flashback, shows off his guns as he stands outside Saloon #10 on Main Street in Deadwood, SDDoug Dreyer/AP

“They might ask the Legislature to put it on the general election ballot, but I think that might be a bit much,” said Nelson, CEO of the Gold Dust casino and mayor of the nearby town of Lead. .

Ken Gienger, president of the Deadwood Sports Association and general manager of the Celebrity Hotel, said the industry is not yet ready to ask state voters for changes.

Meanwhile, Deadwood is working to attract more visitors by offering musical acts and other entertainment, Nelson said. A new convention center and conversion of an old building into a recreation center will allow for events in the colder months. The city now has outdoor music concerts in the summer.

Deadwood’s Historic Preservation Budget Reduced Yet Again

As of June 30, the end of the most recent fiscal year, gamblers wagered more than $12.7 billion at Deadwood casinos. They won back nearly $11.6 billion, which left more than $1.1 billion in gross revenue for casinos, said Larry Eliason, executive director of the South Dakota Gaming Commission.

Casinos over the past two decades have paid $208 million in taxes and fees. Some of those taxes went into state coffers, while the city of Deadwood received more than $123 million for local development.

Nelson said Deadwood used to attract visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day and sometimes during the snow season if enough snow falls. The Mystic Miner Ski Resort at Deer Mountain and Terry Peak Ski Area are nearby, along with 325 miles of ski trails in the Black Hills. Midnight Star casino, owned by actor Kevin Costner, occupies the tallest building on Main Street in Deadwood. SD casino was closed last week. Rapid City Newspaper

The news last week that Kevin Costner’s Midnight Star casino has suddenly closed in the heart of downtown Deadwood after 26 years of headlines across the country since it had a big name movie star.

Costner’s Deadwood Icon Closes

However, that doesn’t mean Deadwood players can expect the same fate as Wild Bill Hickok, who was famously killed in the historic mining town on August 2, 1876, while playing No. 1 poker. 10 Saloon and was buried with Calamity. Jane at Mt. Moriah.

There are those who may wonder, however, if the closure is a sign of the times or just a bump in the road for Deadwood games. It’s probably a little bit of both.

In 1989, Deadwood joined Nevada and Atlantic City as the only places in the nation to offer legalized gambling. Since then, the entire region has benefited as the millions of dollars collected there have been used for several historical grants, the tourism budget of the region and many projects implemented in the city of about 1,300 people.

Today, however, the entertainment landscape has changed dramatically. Gambling has become widespread across the country with Native American casinos, online gambling and games like Powerball generating millions of dollars in states. South Dakota is among the states that offer Powerball as well as video lotteries and a long list of scratch ticket games.

Deadwood Casinos And Hotels

But despite the explosion of gambling opportunities, Deadwood casinos still reported $99 million in adjusted gross income in 2016, according to the South Dakota Gaming Commission. In March, bettors made $93.6 million on Deadwood. So despite the decline in Deadwood’s gaming revenue over the past year, a lot of money continues to shift there.

Deadwood, a community that prides itself on its authentic Old West heritage, also has several other cards to play in the tourist game.

It brings back Victorian facades, brick streets and period lighting throughout the community. The city has a new $6 million Days of 76 Museum, which has one of the best pickup, truck and theater collections in the U.S. There is a new $7 million Deadwood Welcome Center and $3 million spent on remodeling. returning to the Cemetery of Mt. Moriah. The city simply screams of western history.

As a result of these and other efforts and the area’s natural beauty offering hiking, mountain biking, skiing and camping services, hotels have seen their occupancy rates increase while gambling receipts have decreased.

Then And Now Of Main Street Deadwood, South Dakota. Top Photo From 1800s, Bottom Photo From Recent Years.

Midnight Star’s closing isn’t the first disappointment Deadwood has faced, and it won’t be the last. It just goes to show that even star power can’t ensure success in the changing and current tourism and gaming industries. While gaming has been the economic engine that fueled Deadwood’s modern renaissance, the community has shown a vision of taking steps to diversify its attractions and finances.

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