Kids Surf Lessons San Diego

Kids Surf Lessons San Diego – SURF. Best Surf School in San Diego The most trusted surf school offers safe, fun and memorable surf lessons in San Diego for everyone. We have been working for more than 60 years. Each year we teach over 3,500 men, women, boys and girls to surf. Our friendly staff and experienced instructors are experienced boaters and women with a talent for teaching.

60 Over 60 years in the game We opened in 1962 when the surfing scene was just starting.

Kids Surf Lessons San Diego

30 years of my ownership, Randy Strunk! We are proud to be an institution and fixture here on the beach. Through the end of 2022, we’ll be celebrating with specials and a new 60th anniversary t-shirt designed by Butch Cornelius, the artist who designed the original logo when he was in 10th grade at Mission Bay High School!

Fall Surf Camps (thanksgiving)

If you are visiting our site for the first time – know that we are San Diego’s original surf school and oldest surf shop. Our roots run deep and our staff is a good and knowledgeable group of surf instructors! Our surf lessons are second to none, from our location to the best equipment and the best curriculum designed to get you started surfing right away!!! Plus a hot outdoor shower to wash it off after a surf lesson or rental!!!

We have all your surfing needs from quality foam surfboards and bodyboards to great fiberglass surfboard rentals from Rusty Surfboards, Hank Warner and more!!! We have a great retail store to meet any of your needs while in San Diego. Whether you want to cruise the boardwalk or take a ride in La Jolla or Ocean Beach, we also have bike and skateboard rentals!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years, I’m still passionate about surfing! A big thank you to all the local surfers who have supported our shop over the decades, and to all the families and tourists who have trusted us with their loved ones for our surf lessons and surf camps! Also we can’t forget the legions of surfers who have worked here past and present who have shared their talents and aha to keep our little shop so popular!!! We have something for everyone and we do it better than anyone else! Let’s surf!!!

Learn to surf with surf lessons in San Diego from the most experienced surf school in Pacific Beach. We pride ourselves on being San Diego’s most trusted surf school, offering a safe, fun and memorable experience for all. Pacific Beach Surf School has been in business for over 60 years. As a result, we teach over 3,500 men, women, boys and girls to surf every year. A surf camp is a great way to make learning to surf safe and fun. Our program is dedicated to safety and is structured to provide a fun and enriching environment for youth. Our program builds the confidence you need to become true women and men on the water.

Surf Lessons & Rentals

Our instructors train beginners daily and have been doing so for years! Our surf school teaches visitors and residents how to surf with the perfect combination of patience, skill and encouragement to get everyone catching waves. Learning to surf is a lot more than standing. Surfing requires knowing which wave to ride and how to do it safely. Working one-on-one with an instructor and receiving undivided attention ensures the best possible experience. Available for beginner and intermediate surfers, whether you want to stand up for the first time, catch waves on your own or learn different maneuvers. Now is the time to cross surfing off your bucket list, so book a surfing lesson in San Diego today. Pacific Beach Surf School is the perfect place for beginners and kids to learn to surf.

We need a reliable supplier with great attention to detail and customer service. PB Surf Shop … service … second to none over the past decade.

We have had a long standing business relationship with PB Surf Shop for the past ten years…and we plan to continue doing so for many years to come!

He has supported many of our charity events over the years… We have the highest regard for Randy and encourage him to continue his work at Pacific Beach Surf School

Surf Lessons For Kids With Autism

I had the pleasure of working with Randy on a new website and SEO since June 2018. The quality of service provided by PB Surf Surf Shop is second to none.

…impressed and inspired by (his) personal commitment and support of local Surfrider volunteers…His leadership, expertise and management …have become a model for …successful and community-relevant surf retail stores.

Randy is a passionate, dedicated professional with a high level of integrity. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with him over the years.

…we have known Randy Strunk for over 20 years …We do a lot of charity events with the Windansea Surf Club and his PB Surf Shop always donates.

Best Oahu Surf Lessons For Beginners — North Shore Surf Girls

I experienced a man who is always helping our community… dedicated years ago to teaching others about the sport… instilled in his students the importance of safety and procedures.

You guys have taught me so many things … my coach was Chris and he was a very good, loving coach … I can’t wait to go back to learn more skills.

Randy has used his business to organize community events to benefit Surfrider and other non-profit organizations. He is widely known in the surfing world for his honesty, generosity and genuine character.

…have been with PB Surf School for over 10 years…Randy and his staff are always professional and patient…our students always say that their time at PB Surf is one of the highlights of their summer

San Diego Surf Lessons, San Diego Surf Camps

(Randy’s) dedication to young beginners, who in many cases are getting their first exposure to surf and ocean culture, couldn’t be better.

Randy Strunk is a pillar of his community in both business and civic responsibility. His surf school is our top recommendation for beginners and aspiring athletes (both locals and tourists). In our opinion, he is the perfect person to lead the San Diego Surf School programs.

Randy’s Shop has been an integral part of our property for over 20 years and is well known for its top notch surf school. We look forward to many more years of his presence and doing business at Oceanus.

In 2018, the hotel was looking for a top class surf school that could continue to provide the services our customers demand and expect. Pacific Beach Surf School more than lived up to our expectations. Guest feedback from both travelers and corporate team-building events received a five-star rating.

La Jolla Surf Lessons

“…is a respected leader in the ocean community…has a strong commitment to stewardship and makes it an important part of his surf lessons and surf camp experience.”

“…a mainstay in the surfing community… (his) soft-spoken, calm nature, knowledge of the retail trade make him one of, if not the best, candidate for a surf lesson permit.”

“Randy has used his business to organize community events to benefit Surfrider and other non-profit organizations. He is widely known in the surfing world for his integrity, generosity and genuine character.”

“Randy loves teaching others to surf and is as happy as they are when they catch their first wave. He makes sure that their experience is not only memorable but also safe. I highly recommend giving Randy the opportunity to continue working in our city surf school programs.”

Overnight Summer Camp At Surf

“Randy has a long history in San Diego and is known for his integrity, honesty, work ethic and community involvement. Our club fully supports his application for permission.”

Surf lessons in San Diego for everyone. We offer professional surfing lessons to locals and holidaymakers from all over the world. Our surf lessons are offered at Pacific Beach. We now offer surf lessons 7 days a week for all ages and all levels.

Learn how to surf in San Diego. Pacific Beach Surf School provides premium private surf lessons with qualified instructors. Enjoy personalized professional attention with just you or your private group in a surf lesson.

If you’re an intermediate surfer, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your surfing. Challenge yourself and improve your skills to go from intermediate to advanced surfer.

Surf Lessons In San Diego

We can help improve mechanics, correct bad habits, fine-tune your rowing and take-offs by teaching efficient movements. We help you hone your surfer mentality and improve your wave judgment and ability to read the ocean

Are you ready to create unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime with surfing lessons at Pacific Beach Surf School? California has been working every day in the surf industry since 2010. Our San Diego surf camps are the perfect way for kids to spend their vacation. All of our expert instructors are certified in lifesaving, CPR and first aid and teach the basics of surfing at La Jolla Shores, one of the best places in the country to learn to surf! If you are completely new to the sport and trying to stand up for the first time, or

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