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La Crawfish Order Online – Enjoy a variety of melting pot products with unique Creole & Cajun heritage. We offer only the best, from A (Alligator’s) to Z (Zatarian’s), and every delicious thing in between!

The family-owned and operated business began shipping live shrimp from Louisiana waters in 1985. As the oldest fish exporter, our methods are proven – allowing us to guarantee organic delivery, or your money back! Over the years, we have expanded by opening facilities in both New Orleans and Bunkie. This expansion has given us the opportunity to better serve YOU, our loyal customers!

La Crawfish Order Online

SINCE 1985, we have seen our company grow well beyond our expectations. Our credibility and reputation are built on our hard work and ACTION. We are incredibly grateful to have reached the milestone of exporting over 2 million pounds of crawfish last year! As we continue to grow, we promise to maintain the same level of QUALITY, SERVICE, AND VALUE that our customers have come to expect from us.

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Wow, you will never be disappointed! I’ve been going to the crawfish crowd for a few years now and this birthday weekend was no different. McKayla (I hope I spelled that right) was so sweet and seemed to know exactly what we needed. I’m a Gulfport MS guy who was transplanted to Kentucky in the Army and just got there! Yesterday I put on another bait fishing class for people who use crawler baits! When I picked up the shrimp the FedEx lady said “thank goodness you’re here, these things scare me!”. I said if they opened later I would bring them some boiled; She refused and told me that other people have the fish to pick up and she will be happy when they go. I told them not to give it to customers unless they were Louisiana Crawfish so it wouldn’t ruin their weekend! Smile!! I guess you can say that I am very satisfied with all of you and appreciate your loyalty to your business and products! You made my whole YEAR! 5/24/2020

Just writing to let you know how happy we are with the fish you sent us. The package arrived quickly and was well packed. These coolers went to a low country boil with a bunch of Yankees from New Hampshire. Without posting any of these in advance, we were left wondering who would eat and who wouldn’t. Well, that doubt went right out the window when we dumped the food on the table. Our guests ate the nuts and ate the whole cabbage. We had very little left! You’d think they were Louisiana natives! Anyway, you guys had a great time. I can’t wait to order even more next time. As we say here in New Hampshire: The Louisiana Crawfish Company is a bad pissa!! Thank you for everything!

I am here to tell you that all of America should watch and learn how these people do business. 100% customer satisfaction from order to use. It is what our nation was built on!! People by people. Thank you very much.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks!! I had a fish boil two weeks ago. Being that I live in Michigan, we had to get the boiled crawfish (which tasted fantastic). I received my shipment on Friday night for my party on Saturday. When they arrived, the refrigerator was destroyed and the fish was thawed. I reached out and sent pictures of the package. Within minutes, Avery responded to my email. She managed to get a replacement shipment that night and saved my party. I really appreciate the great customer service I received from Avery and your entire staff.

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You are the best. My son found a live fish in Ohio today. He said they were amazing. Thanks for making his day

A big shout out to the Louisiana Crawfish Company. I ordered 70 pounds of shrimp to be delivered to Arizona. It was delivered straight to our house at 10:00 am. We only had about 12 dead crawler fish, a whole lot less than we expected. We are particularly pleased with the quality of the crawler fish and the very low losses. I will order from Louisiana Crawfish Company again. We lived on the Gulf Coast before moving to Arizona and really miss our breweries. Now we know where to go to fix it. Next time we might do it when it’s a little cooler, it was 106 here when we decided to boil the crawfish.

I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed the crawling fish we found. The fish was absolutely alive and the yall exceeded all our expectations. The big and fat ones seemed to make up the bulk of our pack. Also thanks for the free koozi yall threw in the package. Lubbock Texas has never seen better crawfish and I plan to order many more this season and seasons to come.

Good afternoon, I recently moved from Baton Rouge to Oklahoma with a promotion at my company. I quickly realized how empty spring and early summer can be without crawfish. I work for a nationwide company based in Mandeville, LA, and I’m certainly not the first person to move from Louisiana to another state. I called some people I knew from Louisiana, and every one of them said to contact La Crawfish Company to get my fish. That was the first surprise. The second surprise was talking to Samantha today about placing my order. She said she was only there for one season, but that didn’t stop her from being very knowledgeable about your company and an absolute pleasure to talk to. She really seems to enjoy what she’s doing and it shows in her voice and demeanor. Thank you for not only providing me with the sustenance I absolutely cannot live without, but also for employing friendly people like Samantha. I can’t wait until May 9th and I hope the people here are complaining about how hot it is. So much for the wife and I. Oh, another surprise, I got a free LCC 30th anniversary t-shirt. My birthday is April 20th and you all gave me the best present ever. Thanks and keep up the great work. I will order again

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I just wanted to say thank you. Everything was as specified, so the crab boil was a huge success! (We have never done this before and started with 40 pounds on the 4th of July!) You all run a solid business and I can’t wait to buy from you again. The fish were perfect, they arrived on time, the instructions were clear. And the girls were very helpful and nice when I called many times with questions. Thanks again! A+!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience you gave my friends and I! They have never eaten crawfish so I decided to try to get them from you! I was afraid they would be late, but on Saturday morning they arrived 99% alive! Your service and assistance throughout the process was second to none and I can’t wait to order again this Spring. I can’t thank you guys enough for bringing a little bit of Louisiana here in New York!

I want to send a huge thank you for sending the most amazing fish, shrimp and sausage. We have ordered from you several times when we lived in GA and now in KS. We added some friends to the fun crawling fish/low country boil. It was a wonderful send off to our friends before we all left Fort Leavenworth for places around the world!

Every year I cook shellfish for all my Ducks Unlimited volunteers in Northern Illinois. As you can imagine, we don’t have a lot of fish here, so it’s a very organized event and people love it! We have around 300 participants every year and people come from all over to attend. I have been ordering crawfish from Louisiana Crawfish Company for 3 years and I wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure doing business with you. When you have a lot of people coming to an event, it can be very stressful. I used to wake up at night praying that the fish would come in on time and alive. Our event was last Saturday and once again, everything you promised was delivered. We had a great event, the fish was live for a very long time!! I cannot thank you enough for your tremendous service. In order, Brett L. Brown

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I had never had a boil outside of the southern LA/MS area until my order from Louisiana Crawfish Company arrived on Saturday at 11am in Williamsburg, VA. Everything is GREAT! We had visitors who attended the cooking event, some who had never had fish and raised them.

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