La Crawfish Shack Near Me

La Crawfish Shack Near Me – 1 of 35 Dan and Jen Meaux own and operate the Crawfish Shack.Elliott Lapin / staff photoShow MoreShow Less

2 of 35 Thirty minutes before the scheduled opening on Friday afternoon, January 18, 2019, the line waiting for the Crawfish Shack drive-thru to open stretched across the parking lot to FM 2100.  >>>See more where to find the best crawfish around Houston … Elliott LapinShow MoreShow Less

La Crawfish Shack Near Me

4 of 35 Crawfish & Noodles  11360 Bellaire Blvd.,   Ste. 990,   Houston 281-988-8098  Claudia O Review: Keeping it simple. best crawfish ever!!! If you are a crawfish lover you must come for crawfish and noddles. this place will not disappoint. I’m running about an hour but it’s well worth it. Show MoreShow Less

The Best Crawfish Houston Has To Offer

5 of 35 Jenivi’s Seafood Shoppe & Restaurant 10555 Westheimer Road,   Ste. B,   Houston 713-978-5055 review Mike G: I love this place. During crawfish season there will be a wait because they serve the best in town. their crack sauce is amazing …. medium or spicy is your choice …. I order a side of it for everything and everything I get. I recommend getting medium … it allows you to appreciate the taste without killing your mouth … I am a spicy aficionado addict and I always get medium for taste. Photo courtesy of Trina L/YelpPhoto courtesy of Trina L/YelpShow moreShow less

7 of 35Crawfish Shack  5822 FM 2100 Road,  Crosby 281-462-2121 review Kirby D: This is the best crawfish you will find. Great atmosphere and great people. BYOB. Additionally, Sheldon is the best waiter ever! Jenny WangShow More Show Less

8 of 35 The Cajun House 6015 Hillcroft Ave Ste. 3700, Houston 713-900-8776 Alexus N’s Review: Good food and service are hard to find and we seem to have found them! The employees are friendly and they keep checking up on us to make sure everything is okay. Will definitely be back!!! Photo courtesy of Jerry C/YelpPhoto courtesy of Jerry C/YelpShow MoreShow Less

10 of 35Floyd’s Cajun Seafood 27126 Northwest Freeway, Ste. 100, Cypress  832-653-6830 16549 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land 281-240-3474  20760 Gulf Freeway, Webster 281-332-7474 1300 E Broadway Street, Pearland 281-993-My. The best crawfish in Texas. Good oysters and gumbo in the area. Awesome employees.Brett Coomer/StaffShow MoreShow Less

La Crawfish Shack Menu In Houston, Texas, Usa

11 of 35 Mike’s Seafood 9449 Hwy. 6 S., Houston 281-879-8500 review From H: Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been living down the road from this mouthwatering crawfishing place all this time!! So I finally stopped by this place on a Saturday evening, around 5, it was packed!! You would think that parking will be easy because many of them look decent, but they are not (definitely open on a weekday) anyways, this place is worth all the trouble and waiting. When you walk in, the line is usually by the door (I wish they extended the checkout line further inside.) So the ordering process is pretty straight forward, like a fast food place– you order at the counter. , Get your own number and seat. Photo courtesy of Phi V/Yelp Photo courtesy of Phi V/Yelp Show More Show Less

13 of 35 Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack 1330 W. Bay Area Blvd., Friendswood 832-284-4895 310 Texas Ave., Kemah 281-334-5000 review Katherine B: Great food! We got G-8 (I think it’s called) dish with boiled shrimp and crawfish, and potatoes, corn, and mushrooms. The taste is delicious and not too spicy (we got mild!), and this is a good price for the amount of food we got, which fed three adults and a hungry little girl! I could have been happier with our food, and our service was fast and did not leave us waiting too long. All in all, it’s not a fancy place, so don’t expect anything other than a hometown, classic Cajun joint with delicious food that speaks for itself!

14 of 35Big N’s BBQ & Crawfish 4034 Katy Hockley Cutoff Road, Katy 832-290-8354 review Lesley T: The crawfish here is so good!! I like it very much byob for adults! They have bounce houses for kids and clean bathrooms. Photo courtesy of Azeem S/YelpPhoto courtesy of Azeem S/YelpShow moreShow less

16 of 35 Crawfish Cafe 11209 Bellaire Boulevard, Ste. C-36, Houston  281-575-1746  Chelsea N Review: Crawfish Café definitely takes the top spot for Asian style crawfish. They have a selection of different flavors but the mix is ​​my personal favorite! I usually make sambal in the morning whenever I eat crabs, but the sauce that the crabs are dipped in is so delicious, I just dip the tail of the pan back into the sambal. You can also add on potatoes, corn, sausage, etc. and they serve it with your crawfish. If you’re not drowning all these additions in crawfish sauce, you’re doing it wrong.

The Best Spots To Find Crawfish In Houston For 2021 — Updated

17 of 35 The Deck on Fountainview 6002 Fairdale Lane, Houston 713-914-9990 review Kourtney H: I was hesitant to post about The Deck because I love that it is truly a gem in the Westminster area. However. The Dek has my FAVORITE crawfish in Houston. era Don’t debate. Show MoreShow Less

19 of 35 The Crawfish Pot & Oyster Bar 9820 Teluk Fwy. Ste. B7, Houston review Maria M: You have never had crawfish like this. The house special sauce is out of this world! They have many varieties of boiled dinners (crawfish, shrimp, crab, etc.) And each sauce can be tailored on the mild level of spice. I like spicy but chickened out and went with medium. That’s perfect. Photo courtesy of Sapa P/Yelp Photo courtesy of Sapa P/Yelp Show More Show Less

20 of 35 The Crawfish Man’s Boiling Point 2601 Cartwright Road Ste. E., Missouri City 281-969-5617 Trey J’s review: Excellent crawfish with a little heat and great flavor. It gets busy during dinner on Sundays, but that’s the best time. Be ready to get a table early while you are in line because it fills up fast. Photo courtesy of Rachel X/Yelp Photo courtesy of Rachel X/Yelp Show More Show Less

22 of 35Saigon House 3101 Main Street, Houston 713-529-1100 David C’s review: Saigon House is Vietnamese style crawfish done right! Located in the center of the city, this place has become a restaurant in the area. And if you don’t feel like seafood, the rest of their menu is equally delicious! Photo courtesy of Ivy L/Yelp Photo courtesy of Ivy L/Yelp Show moreShow less

Crawfish Season: 11 Top Spots In Houston Area

23 of 35Casian Crawfish 5314 Telephone Road, Houston 713-360-7610 review Keri D: I have eaten here many times and not once have I been disappointed- the crawfish is seasoned very well – we love the “all in” sauce! Boiled shrimp is also mandatory!!! It’s worth the drive, trust me. Photo courtesy of Casian Crawfish/YelpPhoto courtesy of Casian Crawfish/YelpShow More Show Less

25 of 35 88 Boiled Crawfish & Seafood Restaurant 1910 Wilcrest Drive 713-789-8288  Mr. H’s Review: This place is GREAT!! A lil small dingy but the food is good. Been here a few times and I love their crawfish sauce. Xtra-spicy is a killer but good if you can handle the heat and good fried rice. The staff and owner are super friendly and they are fast. Highly recommend this place!! Show MoreShow Less

26of 35Boil House 606 E 11th St Houston, TX 77008 713-880-3999 review Paige A: As someone from Louisiana, this is the only place I get crawfish from Houston! They are shipped fresh from Louisiana every day. Rebus & seasoning. The owner is very friendly and always working forward. He remembers his customers well which is the mark of a good businessman. Photo by: Yelp/Jacqueline D.Show MoreShow Less

28 of 35 Honore’s Cajun Café  19430 Hwy. 6, Ste. B,  Manvel 281-489-7777 review Denise B:  Nice, homey establishment. Nice place with good food and company. Oh and my friend left out the pan she provided in December!!!Pity Honore’s Cajun Café Show MoreShow Less

All You Can Eat Crawfish Festival Headed For Houston Next Month

29 of 35 LA Crawfish (multiple locations)  3957 Richmond Avenue, Houston 832-767-1533 review Cam C: Coming from California where Boiling Crab and Kicking Crab are considered the standard for cajun seafood, LA Crawfish brings both to shame, the flavor is out. this world. I ordered the basic amount for 3 people, but we kept getting extra pounds of crawfish and shrimp every so often, we couldn’t stop eating. Show MoreShow Less

31 of 35 Cajun Kitchen 6938 Wilcrest Drive Ste. E, Houston  281-495-8881  Elizabeth M Review: The thing I love about Cajun Kitchen is that you can tell they put a lot of work into their food! Being in the food industry myself I really appreciate it! The kitchen’s special crawfish is very tasty! All the spices and herbs are a perfect combination of sweet citrus, and lots of flavor! Some of the best Viet Cajun crawfish. The corn and potatoes were yummy too. Show MoreShow Less

32 of 35BB’s Tex-Orleans (multiple locations) 2701 White Oak Drive, Houston 713-868-8000 review Brooke F: There is no crawfish season the way they do. I have eaten at several locations around Houston before relocating to DC but Heights has always been my favorite. Because they never seem to be out of crawfish like all the other locations. BB’s Facebook Show More Show Less

34 of 35 Ragin’ Cajun 4301 Richmond Avenue, Houston 713-623-6321 9600 Westheimer Road Ste. 80, Houston 832-251-7171 review Doug W: The Crawfish is absolutely unmatched anywhere in the southeast. I love going there and have done so since the early 1980s when I worked as a broadcast engineer covering the Houston Oilers and Houston Rockets.

Must Try Crawfish Spots In Houston

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