Live Maryland Blue Crabs Shipped

Live Maryland Blue Crabs Shipped – J&W Seafood has been harvesting Chesapeake Bay blue crab since 1982.

Chesapeake Bay blue crab has always been at the heart of our business. Our reputation for processing consistent, quality Chesapeake Bay blue crab products still stands.

Live Maryland Blue Crabs Shipped

We appreciate how far we have come over the years as we remain one of the few open lobster processing facilities in Virginia. As the blue crab industry has changed, so has our ability to adapt to market demand, industry standards and government regulations to ensure a sustainable supply of Chesapeake Bay blue crab.

Premium Female Maryland Blue Crabs By The Bushel

At J&W Seafood we are buyers and processors of whole live lobsters. The process we use to cook lobster is pressurized steam. Our Chesapeake Bay blue crab product lines are listed:.

We process Chesapeake Bay blue crabs in our own certified lobster processing facility. The picking process is monitored under strict facility management that ensures a consistent quality product. Our quality hand-picked crab meat is carefully monitored to minimize shell content. In addition to quality hand-picking, all of our lobster meat undergoes a black light process to help enhance product quality. Our crab meat product is selected in the following grades:

We have a variety of packaging options including: 8 and 16 oz cups (fresh only), 1 lb frozen bag, 5 lb frozen bag.

Our advanced pasteurization facilities allow us to have complete control over the pasteurization process.

The Hidden Gems Of Maryland: Crabby Edition

Pasteurized crab meat is an excellent substitute for fresh crab meat. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, pasteurized crab meat can be used in most applications that require fresh crab meat.

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