Massage Therapy Certification Programs

Massage Therapy Certification Programs – Some of your friends have told you that you don’t need an education to start working as a massage therapist. However, you’ve done your research and you’ve read that you need a good education to become one.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on education only to find that the massage therapist salary isn’t what you expected. Moreover, you are afraid that you will not get a job after you finish massage therapy school.

Massage Therapy Certification Programs

In this article Wellington College is going to show you why you need a massage therapy education and why massage therapist salaries are great. (In fact, they are far ahead of the national averages for salaries for many other occupations.)

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We will also show you that the current market for qualified massage therapists is very strong and the job outlook is good.

One of the reasons people think you don’t need to go to massage therapy school is because there is no such thing as standard massage therapy training.

Many massage therapists work for themselves part-time or full-time, or for various healthcare-related businesses. So it doesn’t seem to be a heavily regulated industry.

In Canada, the provinces with the largest municipalities require a training program at a massage therapy school to work as a massage therapist. They also require that you pass certification exams.

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Other provinces in Canada have professional associations for massage therapists. To become a registered massage therapist you will have to follow their standards and you will have to pass certification exams.

Therefore, if you are going to earn a good massage therapist salary, it is imperative that you complete a program at a professional massage therapy school.

Another reason why you should complete a rigorous training program is that massage therapists work with a wide variety of clients and professional organizations.

Massage therapy is closely related to the healthcare industry and usually involves health insurance companies. Your ability to demonstrate that you can understand and perform tasks that benefit your customers is critical.

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You will need an excellent education in massage therapy because it will make you a professional and train you to respond to client needs. If a client comes to you with a specific musculoskeletal problem, you will understand and know the muscles and physiology they need to help.

You will also know what to do safely and how to avoid further pain or harm to your client.

Moreover, you will be working with a wide variety of clients and will have to know how to conduct yourself professionally. A good massage therapist training program will teach you how to interview clients, evaluate them, and perform the various techniques necessary for their needs.

The employment outlook for Canadian provinces is strong over the next 3 years. One reason to be optimistic is that the job is very diverse.

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Many massage therapists work in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Car accident victims can use the skills of a well-trained massage therapist to provide therapeutic help to the accident victims.

Physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports clinics are hiring massage therapists, and as people live longer, there is a growing pool of elderly clients who need professional care.

Not only do you have all those positions to consider, but you have opportunities to work at popular franchises, spas, and even your own office if you decide to go that route.

At Wellington College’s School of Massage Therapy, we know you’re looking for the best possible training to enter this career field.

Massage Therapy Program

While many schools emphasize short programs designed to get you into the job market quickly, Wellington College understands that this is not a good idea.

Our rigorous program will provide you with an in-depth education so that you can justify a high massage therapist salary to a potential employer.

Most schools that teach massage therapy range from 300 to 1000 hours of training. We pride ourselves on one of the most comprehensive courses on Earth; Wellington College’s flagship program for massage therapy is 2500 hours.

The benefit to our students is transferable value and professionalism to their employers and clients. Our graduates can confidently help the people they work with as they face a wide variety of physical challenges.

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We have found that a short massage therapy program is not sufficient for a wide range of health problems related to this discipline. For this reason, Wellington College’s premier program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry today.

Wellington College has a 40-week academic course with 36 hours of training per week. This is professional education that prepares you to obtain any massage therapist certification required by the provinces of Canada or the states of the United States.

Our graduates can enter the job market with great confidence in their abilities and earn an excellent salary as a massage therapist.

You can earn a great massage therapist salary if you have a well-respected training and education in the massage industry. After reading about Wellington College’s comprehensive curriculum, you can easily see that this is the program for you.

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The call is free and we are sure we can answer any questions you may have about our school or massage therapy. Guide on How to Become a Traveling Massage Therapist – Travel the World and Make Money as a Massage Therapist

I know we all dream of traveling. But behind these dreams are also fears. ‘What if I don’t want to come back to my so-called home?’ ‘What if I run out of money?’ These thoughts are like monsters chasing that dream. It creates so much fear and anxiety that it gets you nowhere.

I had these monsters too, especially when I started blogging. I didn’t come to ask you to pack your bags. Hahaha there is no way to say that. We need financial stability, we all do. So I’m going to tell you that you can make money while traveling — one way is to become a traveling massage therapist. We’ve been there, done that. For this post, I will tell you about our journey to becoming a massage therapist and how you can become one too♡

Before traveling long-term, I worked in the quality assurance department of a dental company in Kuwait before moving to Kurdistan, Iraq for a career change, and in the security department of an oil company there. Somehow my life still felt incomplete. No matter how well I did in my career, I was never satisfied, no amount of success was ever enough. When I realized this, it made sense to me– I should be doing what I really loved instead, which was traveling.

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I lived off my savings at first but realized I needed to make money while I was there. Money flies so fast and I don’t know how much I spend in a day, especially when I’m having fun. Anyway, I met Jonathan while I was traveling around Laos. We became a couple and started traveling together. Since then, we were inseparable. He is now my husband, by the way :p

A massage therapist is a person trained and licensed to perform massage therapy. Massage is a complex practice and one must train to be licensed.

We were in Vietnam when we had planned to go to India to study and become certified yoga teachers. I really wanted to learn how to massage for private practice until we met traveling hippies who were making enough money to get by on massage alone.

While we were in India, we learned about Ayurveda – authentic Indian healing. It’s totally different and sounds more exotic than any other Asian massage and we really like it! We finally decided to move to Rishikesh and study to become certified massage therapists. We paid $200 each for an intensive one-week course. It was an amazing experience. The training was extensive but we needed practice to perfect the craft with real clients.

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Ask yourself what kind of massage you want to give and start there. There are many different types of massage and I suggest you focus on one or two so you can market it as your ‘specialty’. This includes Ayurvedic, Thai, Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone and shiatsu.

If you have the luxury of time and extra money for flights, I suggest you go to India to get your certification like we did. Obtaining a certificate in Western countries can be expensive.

For Filipinos who can’t stand it, don’t worry! TESDA offers a free Massage Therapy NCII course. The best part is that it can be done online and you can learn at your own pace

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