Massage Therapy Ceu Classes Florida

Massage Therapy Ceu Classes Florida – As a Licensed Continuing Education Provider for the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, I offer continuing education courses that meet state license renewal requirements. The board requires 12 continuing education hours of live hands-on training every two years. The next renewal deadline is August 31, 2019. Don’t wait until the deadline to complete your requirements. Register today for any combination of CE hours and keep your license current. Completed courses are reported to CE Broker within 24 hours and automatically upgraded to your license.

For my students only, I am offering the remaining Florida 12 CE at a discounted rate of $30 which covers the required online portion of Medical Errors, Ethics, Law, Communicable Diseases and Aromatherapy.

Massage Therapy Ceu Classes Florida

My current continuing education courses are Reiki Levels 1 through 3, Introduction to Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Essentials for Massage Therapists, and Yoga for Self Care and Injury Prevention. CE courses are offered throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater, Largo, Tampa and St. Petersburg. For more information about these courses or to register, email me at aiyana@.

Florida Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Dates may change depending on registration. Reiki Level 1 training costs $175, Level 2 training costs $195, and Master training costs $350. The Yoga for Self-Care and Aromatherapy Foundations courses are $125 each and include handouts and materials. Below you will find further information on the individual Reiki training courses.

**ST PETE COURSES*** To register for classes in St. Petersburg, follow this link to my SquareUp website. Select the courses you would like to enroll in and in the Notes section when checking out, specify the date of the training you would like to attend. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

***CLASSES IN TAMPA*** To register for a class in Tampa, follow this link to Bella Prana’s MindBody website. Select the Workshop tab at the top right of the page. Scroll down to find the Reiki training and select Sign up now. Follow the instructions to register for the course.

This level 1 Reiki course is based on the healing practice of the Usui Reiki system. You will learn the history of Reiki, the lifestyle of Reiki, self-treatment, hand positions to treat others and receive a demonstration of how to channel the energy of the universal source for clients. There is also an attunement that initiates you into the practice. This course also includes an introduction to the chakra energy system and energy balancing. Students receive a certificate as a Reiki practitioner. No prior knowledge of energy healing or Reiki is required. Read Reiki Level 1 Course Overview.

Home Study Course

In this level 2 Reiki training you will learn advanced techniques to work with the Reiki energy. In this phase of Reiki training, which is awakened in the Level 2 attunement, there is heightened sensitivity and self-awareness. You will learn three Reiki symbols for healing, meditation for healers, distance healing, advanced chakra energy balancing treatments, and incorporating essential oils and crystals into a Reiki session. This course certifies students as advanced Reiki practitioners. Reiki Level 1 certification is required for this course. LMTs receive a discount for enrolling in Reiki Levels 1 and 2 together. Read the Reiki Level 2 course outline.

This course is for those who want to learn Reiki at the master level. Students learn additional skills to enhance their Reiki practice and receive guidance from their Reiki guides. You receive a master attunement, become a higher channel of Reiki, receive the master symbols, and learn to attune others. You will bring the skills to teach Reiki to others and earn a Reiki Master certification. Reiki levels 1 and 2 are required for this course. Read the Reiki Level 3 course outline.

This course is designed for massage therapists interested in incorporating essential oils into their practice. Aromatherapy Foundations covers the 10 most beneficial oils for massage and shows you how to create custom blends for your clients for pain relief, stress and other common health concerns. You will learn about the safety, application methods, dilutions and therapeutic effects of oils. This course is essential for massage therapists who want to enhance their massage practice with aromatherapy. No prior experience with essential oils is required.

Interested in essential oils but don’t know where to start? This course covers the uses and benefits of essential oils, their history and use today, application methods, and the best oils for massage therapists. You will leave with an understanding of how aromatherapy works and how to use it in your practice.

Medical Massage For The Lower Extremities

Have you been told your massage career will be short-lived due to injuries resulting in wrist, shoulder, and back pain? Injuries can shorten your career, but there are preventative steps you can take to keep doing what you love. This workshop is designed to give massage therapists longevity and health and prevent injuries in the workplace. Yoga is a mindful practice that balances body and mind through breathing and movement. We will cover active and restorative yoga poses to improve alignment and body mechanics during the massage service. You will learn yoga poses to improve posture, increase flexibility, strength and mobility. You’ll also learn breathing and meditation techniques that promote deep relaxation and help heal the body by lowering stress levels and getting you out of fight or flight mode. The techniques taught in this class will prepare you to create your own daily self-care yoga practice. You can also use it between clients to energize yourself before your next treatment. No yoga experience is required and the class is open to all levels.

Get the remaining 12 CEs done for an additional $30. These are online courses that meet state requirements. Here’s what’s included: Massage therapy has been around for ages, but it’s only in the last few decades that the practice has been regulated, recognized, and bound by strict continuing education standards.

In this article, I explain the renewal process for Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) and Board-Certified Therapists in Massage and Bodywork (BCTMBs). Both processes typically require Continuing Education (CE) courses, which you can complete in person or through certain online providers.

Due to recent changes in practice standards, there is no federal regulation governing the licensing of massage therapy. Rather, each state can outline the requirements for licensing and continuing education in massage therapy. This interactive map is a handy tool for finding your state’s requirements (or lack thereof).

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In fact, some states do not regulate massage therapy at all. At this time, Kansas, Minnesota and Wyoming have yet to establish statewide requirements for massage therapists. However, local governments in these states may regulate massage therapy at the county or city level, so be sure to check before beginning your practice there.

However, for most other states, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) not only means accumulating rigorous class hours and passing a license exam, but also regularly renewing your license through continuing education.

Licensing requirements vary by state, and some states do not have a license. To obtain a license, most states require a set number of hours of supervised instruction, ranging from 500 to 1000. You may also be required to complete a CPR or ethics course and pass the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination). Note that if you live in Hawaii or New York, you must pass the state license exam.

Meanwhile, massage therapists in Vermont do not require a license, but they do need to be registered. In lieu of a license, California offers massage therapists a certificate of massage therapy practice.

Michelle Mace, Author At The Barefoot Masters

Renewal discrepancies can be an issue if you decide to move to another state. You may be able to validate your license if your previous state’s licensing requirements met or exceeded your current state’s requirements. However, some states are very strict about this, so be sure to check with state authorities.

However, you are not limited to one state; It is possible to have multiple licenses. So if you spend winters in Florida but summers in New York, a little extra CE research will ensure you can continue your practice wherever you go.

Just as licensing requirements vary from state to state, so do renewal requirements. Contact your state agency for information on renewing your massage therapy license.

The specifics for license renewal are all over the map: the deadline, renewal period, and requirements for continuing education courses (hours, subjects, and formats) are unique to each state.

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You may find that several states do not set continuing education (CE) requirements for massage therapists: CO, HI, IN, ME, MA, OH, UT. These set conditions for licensing, but not for CEs.

Depending on your state, you may only need to complete 5 or 6 hours of CEs per year, or you may need to renew at 18-36 hours every 3 years.

Despite this heavy red tape, most states require you to renew your license every two years by completing 24 hours of continuing education.

A voluntary qualification, board certification represents the highest level of massage therapy practice and is issued by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

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Most states require a license, but board certification does

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