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Nearby Food Places Near Me – Food across 27 regions Punggol food spots including Salted Egg Yolk Zee Char and Korean Minced Burgers May 27, 2022

Born and raised in Bedok, I have been surrounded by some great eaters for nearly 25 years. Seriously, my house was opposite Fengshan Bedok 85 market and my school was only two bus stops away from Simpang Bedok and Tanah Merah eateries. So when I moved to Punggol, I was ready to eat home-cooked meals every day. That was until I found out about these 27 Punggol food spots that made my new hood think it wasn’t so bad after all.

Nearby Food Places Near Me

Hidden away on the second floor of the Punggol neighborhood is Izakaya 95. The no-frills izakaya lets you savor yakitori and other Japanese herbs while enjoying the sunset. There is a selection of sake and Japanese whiskeys to accompany your meal.

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Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, #02-05, The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828694 Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 5:30pm – 11:30pm, Fri 5pm – 12:30pm, 3pm – 12:30pm, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. :30 Tel: 6384 1132 Site

Diehard members of the Salted Egg Yolk group will enjoy the road fare at Xian Dan Chao Ren, as the entire flagship store is dedicated to all things salted egg yolk.

Choose from five main items on their menu: Chicken ($5.90), Fish ($5.90), Lotus Root ($4.90), Pumpkin ($4.90) and Man-tou ($4.90) , separately or in sets. If you mix two items, these are called the Dynamic Duo ($7.90), the  Terrific Trio ($9.90) for three items, and the Ultimate Team-Up ($15.90) ​​for a plate of five.

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White Restaurant has come a long way since it started as The Original Sembawang White Bee Hoon in Sembawang. The former zi char restaurant has since rebranded itself as a slightly more upscale restaurant, but still serves up their famous white bee platters.

In addition to White Restaurant, there is also island-wide delivery if you order from their website. Shipping is free with a minimum spend of $50.

Address: 83 Punggol Central, #B1-12 Waterway Point, Singapore 828761 Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM Tel: 6702 2002 Website

Inspired by the bistros of Bali, Georges by the Bay is a casual bistro pub that offers gourmet food at reasonable prices. It offers a spectacular view of the Punggol coast, making it a lovely weekend getaway with family and friends. For food options, add a portion of Guinness Beef Steak ($22.90++). This British classic features cubes of tender slow-cooked beef with a strong Guinness brew.

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Address: 500 New Punggol Road, #02-12, Singapore 828617 Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 3pm to 12am, Sun 3pm to 10.30pm Website

Trunk 95 at Bay Seaside Thai Cuisine offers Thai cuisine in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It has also been awarded the Thai Choice Award, a prestigious seal of approval from the Thai government, after their representatives dine anonymously at the restaurant. The Red Base Tom Yum Soup ($16++) allows diners to choose between prawns, seafood or chicken and comes with a tangy and spicy kick that is highly addictive.

They also have delivery, weekdays from 5pm to 11pm and weekends from 12pm to 11pm. Order via WhatsApp at 8161 3229 or through their website, or GrabFood if you’re nearby. Shipping is $5 on orders under $60, free if you use their in-house service, or free on orders over $60.

Address: 500 New Punggol Road, #02-06, Singapore 828617 Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 5:00pm to 11:30pm, Friday 5:00pm to 12:30pm, Sunday 2:00pm to 11:30pm Website

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While Punggol’s food doesn’t have to be spectacular, there are still a few value-for-money places that offer the same experience. Huang Hong Ji Porridge is one of them and their Hand Porridge ($5) is very special because of the crispy fried pork intestines. They also have a frugal bee section that promises breakfast or lunch.

Address: Blk 269A Punggol Field, #01-197, Singapore 822269 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, 5pm-8pm, Sat 7am-3pm Tel: 9006 1071

A hidden gem at the back of Punggol Plaza is BBBurger, which prepares Korean minced burgers to order. If you want to enjoy a sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken sandwich, choose from their Gochujang Chikin’ Burger ($10.80). Another favorite is the BB-BUL-GO-GI ($10.50), where marinated Korean beef and caramelized onions are sandwiched between brioche buns.

You can choose to pick up from their stalls or you can find food delivery platforms like GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo. If you are not working on these platforms, BBBurgers also do islandwide delivery through their website.

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Address: 168 Punggol Field, #B1-05 Punggol Plaza, Singapore 820168 Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11:00am-9:30pm, Friday 11:00am-10:00pm, Saturday 10:30am-10:00pm, Sunday from 10:30 to 22:00.

Tampopo is a Japanese restaurant with four outlets conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. However, they also have branches located inside the modern Oasis Terraces. Their Hokkaido Spicy Ramen ($17.90++), a must-order, is a balanced dish that comes with a thick slab of pork tonkatsu.

Address: 681 Punggol Drive, #02-24, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681 Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am to 9:00pm Tel: 6909 7850 Website

Those looking for a cup of coffee or a place to relax in the afternoon should put Rise & Grind Coffee Co. on their list. This cozy cafe serves locally roasted coffee and a variety of Western dishes such as hamburgers and pizza. Their mains, such as the mushroom chicken ($11.90+), come in generous portions and include a side of fries and salad to accompany a juicy piece of boneless chicken thigh.

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Address: 681 Punggol Drive, #01-06, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9pm Tel: 9866 2020 Website

Frequent travelers to Malaysia may be familiar with the comforting seafood soups favored by the locals. Lao Jiang Superior Soup offers the same experience and pushes seafood-based soup bowls at Oasis Terraces. The Superior Ipoh Horfun ($9.50) may sound a bit pricey, but contains seven different ingredients, including pieces of grouper, fish teeth, and even abalone.

Address: 681 Punggol Drive, #01-42/43, Singapore 821669 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9.30pm Tel: 6244 0219 Website

Punggol East Container Park is a gem for good food. And one more shop to look out for – Seoul is good. The Korean cuisine features delicious K-dishes like Spicy Beef Bulgogi Fries ($7.90+) and Myeongdong Chicken Balls with Rice ($9.90+). For dessert, cool off with their Oreo With Ice Cream Milk Nase Bingsu ($17.90+), a mountain of milky flakes topped with Oreo crumbs, banana slices, a scoop of chocolate ice cream and an Oreo cookie.

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Even on a weekday evening, Big Fish Small Fish is always packed with customers. While you’re here, order their Dory ($12.90+), which comes in a paper cone filled with a big, big fish fillet and thinly sliced ​​potato crisps. If you’re a fan of crispy calamari rings, you might be interested in the Fried Calamari ($8.80+). Be sure to help yourself to the available free-flowing sauces, including cheese and pickled eggs!

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Overlooking Punggol Reservoir is Whisk & Paddle. Be it Punggol’s food, breakfast or dinner, this place is a hot spot among people living in the Northeast because of its gorgeous view and delicious food. Their all-day breakfast menu includes items like Eggs Benedict ($14.80++) and Waffles with Sea Salt Butter and Syrup ($10.80++).

Address: 10 Tebing Lane, Singapore 828836 Opening hours: Tue-Thurs 12:00-22:00, Friday 12:00-22:30, Saturday 9:30-22:30, Sunday 9:30-22:00 Tel: 642

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There are several seafood zi char shops in Punggol, but Uncle Leon’s Seafood in Tebing Lane is recognized as one of the best. The prices here are reasonable and they are especially famous for their delicious serving of chili crab (seasonal fare). There is another outlet in Waterway Point called Leong Signatures, but the Tebing Lane outlet is cheaper and offers the same dishes.

Address: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-03, Singapore 828835 Opening Hours: Sun 4.30pm – 10pm, Fri 4.30pm – 11pm Tel: 6441 1848 Website

Singapore’s fried chicken scene hasn’t been the same since Jollibee, the Philippines’ largest fried chicken chain, entered in 2003. Since then they have spread all over the island and Punggol is the only outlet on the Northeast line. Their juicy and incredibly crispy fried chicken is a hit among all ages, and popular sets for solo diners include the 2-pc Chickenjoy w/Rice set ($6.95) and the 1-pc Chickenjoy w/Jolly Spaghetti ($6.95).

Located on the top floor of Punggol Waterway Point, next to the mall’s playground with a wet and dry zone, Buddy Hoagies Cafe & Grill offers simple and casual western cuisine. Sincerely

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