Nearest Aluminum Recycling Center

Nearest Aluminum Recycling Center – Our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way to ensure a fast and hassle-free experience.

We are a complete recycling facility ready to handle all of your metal recycling needs from small loads to truckloads!

Nearest Aluminum Recycling Center

Did you know that much of the metal “trash” in your home can be recycled? We recycle steel, appliances, cars, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, lawn mowers, engines, metal fences, aluminum cans and much more.

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We are experienced in helping many industries rid their facilities of leftover secondary metals and scrap metal waste they no longer need. From auto repair shops and metal fabricators to plumbers, medical industries, electricians, installers and more.

Almost everything in your home made of metal is recyclable. Free up some space and earn money in the process!

We refer to this as “SCRAP” or “SCRAP METAL” and if you can find a way to deliver it to us, you will be paid cash for it! Things like copper, brass, steel, lead, iron, vintage cars, bicycles, barbecues, any appliance, filing cabinets, copper pipes, aluminum, brass, ANYTHING MADE OF METAL CAN BE RECYCLED.

At C&D Scrap Metal Recyclers, our goal is to provide quality service through the responsible handling, processing and shipping of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. We have specialized in scrap metal sales and service in the Greater Houston area since 1979, operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We are a second generation family business and one of the original scrap metal dealers in Houston.

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Our success is a direct result of our commitment and dedication to you, our customer, and the high standards we maintain in producing a product of unsurpassed quality.

We handle all types of industrial and commercial ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, including but not limited to: copper, brass, aluminum, steel, insulated wire, radiators, nickel, stainless steel, alloys, iron, lead and exotic metals.

We process and sell more than 1000 tons of non-ferrous/ferrous scrap weekly. As a result of this high volume, we are able to offer you, our valued customer, the most competitive prices available. Since we ship directly to factories, you can avoid the middleman by selling your metal to us! Other scrap yards even sell their metal to us, allowing us to become one of the largest buyers and quantity processors in the fourth largest city in the USA! We search the world over for the highest prices so we can pass those high prices on to you!!! All of this translates to more money in YOUR pocket, right where it belongs! After all, it’s YOUR junk. You deserve the best price.

The team at C&D Scrap Metal sets us apart from all other recycling facilities. Employees are environmentally aware, certified in forklift operations and trained in material identification. We take our customers and our services seriously and look forward to earning your business continuity!

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The safety of our customers and employees is our most important concern. Armed police are on duty to better protect the safety of our customers.

Commercial Customers – We serve commercial companies with periodic recycling needs resulting from equipment upgrades, inventory reductions, plant reconfiguration, office renovations or annual cleaning. We accept old equipment, obsolete parts, maintenance scrap, displays, warehouses or whatever metal you are removing from your business. You can be assured that all items will be handled in an environmentally conscious manner, while we maximize the value of your materials and provide you with money.

“We are delighted with all of your help and hard work in helping us to recycle all of our metal and aluminum scrap from our old rental stalls. You went above and beyond your way to provide us with the trucks and containers we needed for our project on short notice and absolutely exceeded our expectations. You are our top tier recycling site of choice for all our metal recycling projects. Thanks again to you and your team at C&D Scrap Metal for the great job!”

If you missed us on TV, watch us now and see how you can get PAID for your appliances, electric motors, car batteries and more.

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Please do not bring shopping carts into or near the property. It is against the law (Houston Codes: Section 7-69. Acceptance of Goods Delivered by Shopping Cart. Ordinance No. 07-295, § 2, 3-21-07). One of the most valuable things to recycle is metal. There are many different types of metal, so when it comes to scrap metal recycling, it can be difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad. Knowing which metals are recyclable and where to take them can pay off literally and figuratively.

Many scrap yards in your area will pay a good price for aluminum, copper, steel and more. All you need to do is know how to separate recyclable metals and find a good junkyard to take them in your area. Fortunately, the Near Me Recycling Center is here to help answer some of the most popular questions related to scrap metal recycling!

We’ll look at how you can dispose of waste metal and whether or not you need a scrap metal permit, how you can separate metals for recycling, what the benefits of metal recycling are, and much more, including scrap metal recycling tips and the best scrap items.

Even better, since you know the lay of the land, you can figure out the best way to scrap efficiently – and how to make good money scrapping!

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When it comes to disposing of metal waste, recycling is often the greener option. As far as energy-saving production is concerned, metal recycling saves more energy than any other form of recycling. When compared to producing new materials, for example, recycling aluminum, lead and steel requires 94, 75 and 72% less energy, respectively.

Of course, determining the best way to dispose of your metal waste often depends on the type of metal you have and the quantities. In some cases this means recycling that material from home; in other cases, you may be better served by taking your scrap metal to a junkyard.

Start by identifying your recyclable metals. For example, aluminum cans (such as those used in soft drinks, beer and other beverages) are generally 100% recyclable. Many cities and states may have programs like cash for cans, which can make recycling aluminum cans much easier. Other food containers such as coffee cans, baking sheets and tins (such as those used for canned fruits and vegetables) are all recyclable; just make sure you clean them thoroughly first.

Likewise, if you have extra metal hangers around the house, they might not be recyclable in your local blue bin, but you could take them to a local dry cleaner, for example; they may have discounts or cash programs for your extra hangers.

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Other household items made from brass, copper, or other metals may also be recyclable; while they may not be items you can put in your blue recyclables bin, they are items you can take to a local junkyard – including old door handles, light fixtures and more. Even air conditioners, television trays, plumbing, gutters and other metal trinkets at home can be disposed of.

Of course, most scrap yards and recycling centers will require you to separate the metals. Start by separating ferrous from non-ferrous metals.

The easiest way to do this is to get a magnet; a fridge magnet will do and see if the metal sticks to it. If a magnet sticks to metal, it means the metal is ferrous. Ferrous metals include steel and iron and aren’t worth much, but a junkyard will still take you to recycle it properly.

If it doesn’t stick, it means the metal is non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metals include copper, aluminum, brass, tin, nickel and stainless steel. If you take them to your metal recycler, you can get pretty decent pay for them.

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If you’re not sure what kind of metal you have, your local junkyard will know. As far as the types of metals accepted are concerned, things depend on your local scrap metal recycling centers. A few tips, however, may help:

Copper is one of the most valuable scraps out there. You can get more out of this by removing any copper wires you have before leaving them. Wire strippers are useful for this task and will also work on aluminum wire. Copper wire is usually found in electrical systems, but is usually covered with black plastic insulation.

Other forms of copper are known for their reddish color. This is a sign that the metal is in good shape. If it’s greenish or has dark brown areas, it’s probably worn out. In addition to wires, you can find copper in pipes, gutters, and inside air conditioners. Consider recycling the next time you do work around your home.

Use caution when doing any remodeling with copper pipe or wire. You need to make sure your employees keep all materials secure when they

How To Get The Best Prices From A Scrap Yard Near Me?

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