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I always believe that every part of Singapore, even places like Ulu like Tai Seng or Ubi, should have good food. This list is not exhaustive but if you work or live in these areas, this guide will be very useful!

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The original Teochew Bak Chor Mee (minced meat noodle, $5.50) comes with minced meat (ground with powdered sole fish), braised mushrooms, meatballs, slices of pork and liver, and 2 crispy wonons! The portion is too big (even the guys in the group think so)!

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A relatively new dish is the Fried Chicken Chop Noodles ($5.50) which is another must try. The pieces of sweet chicken thighs were very tasty and juicy.

Mei Mei Roast Meat is actually operated by the younger sister of the former owner of Kay Lee. Mam Lee takes care of the frying and cutting while her assistant takes the orders. Roasted typically over charcoal, the duck sports a reddish-brown skin that has a slight smoky finish. The meat was full of flavor.

The char siew stole the show. Lightly seared, the char siew had a thin layer of oil and a soft, tender meat. I also love their Cantonese-style boiled soups.

Looking for fast and affordable Thai food in Taiseng? Took Lae Dee is the place to go! Its name ‘Took Lae Dee’ literally translates to ‘Cheap and Good’. But Took Lae Dee doesn’t stop there, it offers authentic Thai food which is a quality restaurant. Pad Krapow (pictured above) is only $3.80! You can choose minced chicken or pork with a fried egg but run on rice.

The Yiros Shop

Your order is only cooked to order, so you can be sure that your dish comes out of the wok quickly. Took Lae Dee also offers other must-try Thai classics such as Thai Tom Yum Spicy and Sour Soup ($6.80), Kang Keaw Wan Thai Green Curry ($7.00), Yum Woon Sen (Vermicelli Salad Spicy) and Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad) for $6.00 each.

Pancake King uses only fresh ingredients such as banana, carrot, pumpkin, walnuts, raisins and prunes, and the best quality butter from New Zealand or Australia to make their pancakes.

Crispy enough, spongy and moist, the pancake is actually made without oil at all. Pancake King has been offering a “Money Back Guarantee” since 1998 because they are so confident in their pancakes ($0.90 each). Take a tea break, you won’t regret it!

The rice bowl ($4 for white rice, $4.50 for brown rice) here is filled with leeks, white cabbage, long beans, sayur manis (sweet leaves), hard beans, chye poh (pickled radish), dried shrimp and special tea soup. attach. It’s a hearty and earthy dish that’s like a healthy bowl of fried rice with lots of crunchy veggies! If you eat clean food, the rice bowl here is perfect for you.

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It is not difficult to see Indonesia Delight Gandis because there is always a long line. Annie, the owner, who is from Bandung, recommended her signature dish Ayam Penyet ($6.50). Marinated in plenty of water and spices, the tender chicken thigh is battered before being deep fried. It wasn’t as oily as I expected and the skin was clear. Remember to mix it with chili. They have other dishes like Ikan Penyet ($6), which we absolutely love, and Mee Rebus ($3)!

Besides the usual minced meat, sliced ​​fish, and fried fish noodles, the shop also offers seafood, and tom yum noodles. You will need multiple visits to try all the different combinations! Our favorite dish was the Koka noodles because they were delicious and well cooked.

Quan Lai Kway Chap’s dipping sauce is not too thick, and their duck meat is very tasty. We loved the deep-fried intestines, and the addition of pineapple in the sauce. Although all the ingredients were cooked well, the food was overpriced ($28/2 pax).

MSG-free fish head soup ($5) is simmered with fish and chicken bones for over 8 hours. Mr. Peh chooses the best fish at 11pm, washes it and cuts it in the morning to prepare for business. You have to be patient because each order is cooked individually. The meat on the fish head fell off easily and the sweetness of the fresh fish was very evident.

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The only dish sold at Mr. Lorbak’s is the Braised Pork Belly Rice ($3.50) which comes with poached egg and black mushrooms. The pork belly rests in a stock of about 20 types of herbs and spices for three hours before being braised for 14 hours. You can expect pork belly to have a good portion of meat and fat.

The prata here is always sold out by the end of the day! You can ask for fish or mutton curry to go with your crispy prata.

Hippo Family Restaurant’s curry fish head ($19) was bigger and meatier than we expected. It came with a large number of ingredients such as taupok, cabbage, long beans, eggplant and lady’s finger. We really enjoyed the curry and the chicken with shrimp paste ($6.50/7 pieces)!

Wanting to try everything, I ordered a serving of roast pork, char siew, roast chicken and steamed chicken to go with my fragrant rice (all for $6). The grilled chicken was flavorful and the skin was a little sugary. My partner preferred the grilled chicken as it tasted better. Complete your meal with a bowl of Cantonese-style soup starting at $3.

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The Indian rojak ($5) won me over with its sweet and slightly spicy peanut sauce. All the ingredients I chose were well fried too. My favorite ingredient was the fried vegetable cake which was crispy and nutritious. It was also the first thing to disappear from the plate! Since Julailha Muslim Restaurant is open 24/7, it is a hot spot for dinner. The crowd sure loves the prata here.

A must order is the Fried Wantons ($3)! It’s a really simple meal, but very satisfying when done right! Huay Kwang’s handmade dumplings ($5) were big and filling! Look forward to finely ground minced meat, steamed water chestnuts, and firm prawns for each dumpling. The Thai style wanton mee was decent but the dumplings and fried wanton stole the show!

The Dry Mee Hoon Kueh ($4) may look plain but it is anything but. Just mix it well with the dark sauce hidden under the noodles, and the runny egg yolk sitting in a separate soup bowl! There is even Lala ban mian($5) ! The Fish & Prawn ban mian($6.50) was a flavor bomb and my favorite dish here!

If there’s only one thing I’ll walk from my office to this Ubi coffee shop, it’s Ubi 325’s Chicken Cutlet ($6.50)! The bready exterior, which was golden brown and crisp, let out a loud thump when I stepped into it. The Codfish Fillet ($7), which consisted of 2 long fillets of sweet and tender cod, was the best value for money! It has a better texture than the dory and I like that the batter was not too thick.

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Niu Zou La Mian Muslim Food doesn’t just serve noodles, it serves handmade Halal noodles! The Lan Zhou Beef Ramen ($5) is a signature dish and contains a decent portion of beef and a delicious beef broth infused with chili oil. Surprisingly, the dish was not very tasty. It was extremely flavorful and I downed the broth very quickly. Other must-tries include the Beef Stewed Noodles ($8) and the Beef Cold Ramen ($7). Come after 12pm because that’s when the full menu will be available!

Here comes the first Mala Xiang Guo in Tai Seng! Zaolek Mala X Lok Lok is known for its Malacca Lok Lok steamboat buffet, and now offers mala xiang guo (only $5 per set) in the lower dining area. Zaolek fans will be happy to know that they are bringing back their famous Lok Lok steamboat buffet!

Many write Thai Seng Fish Soup as “Tai Seng Fish Soup” because it is also available in Tai Seng. You must try the Double Sliced ​​Fish Soup Beehoon ($5.50) and the Tom yam Soup ($5.50)! Light, milky, and delicious, the fish soup was addictive and swimming with the delicate Batang fish. I love the fried egg slices that soak up the gravy well. The Tom Yam Soup was light, sour, sweet, and spicy. It was a lot of fun, if you ask me!

Pondok Pantai Timur is known for Ayam Penyet ($5.50) and Ikan Penyet ($6-6.50). They use chicken rice instead of white rice here. The chicken is deep fried without battering, while the fish is coated in batter before deep frying. I usually prefer chicken but I like fried fish a lot!

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Whale Lala Cafe is one of those cafes that not only fills my stomach, but my heart as well. A restaurant is trying to save whales by using paper cups instead of plastic straws! I know, a very small gesture, but a small gesture can go a long way. I recommend the Chicken Karaage Don ($8.80) which comes with red brown rice, garlic soy chicken karaage, onsen egg, edamame and cherry tomatoes. Chicken

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