Oahu Best Places To Eat

Oahu Best Places To Eat – From beautiful smoothie bowls to piping hot malasadas and delicious food made with fresh ingredients, Oahu, Hawaii has the best food for gourmets! Check out my list of the best food in Oahu, Hawaii that you don’t want to miss!

Last month my husband and I went to Hawaii for the first time. I have always wanted to go and have heard so many amazing things about it. But our trip turned out to be more wonderful than I could have ever imagined!! It’s so beautiful there! And the food was amazing!

Oahu Best Places To Eat

Surprisingly, when I went back and talked to a few people who had been to Oahu, Hawaii, they told me that they didn’t eat a lot of great food there. That’s when I decided I needed to do a post about the food we ate! Everything was SO good! The food was freshly prepared and they make excellent use of local ingredients.

Dairy Free Hawaii (oahu): Best Restaurants & Shops

Hawaii is known for its amazing food! This is a great place to visit for foodies! Delicious fresh fruit like coconut and pineapple, shave ice, lilikoi (passion), guava, poke, macadamia nuts, acai bowls, loco moco, malasade and more!

We had wonderful meals, dessert and of course smoothie bowls! Unfortunately, our trip only lasted a few days, but we made the most of it! You will love my suggestions below. Let me know where else you love to eat on Oahu, Hawaii! I already want to go back!

The food here is fast, fresh and so delicious! These Lilikoi (passion) pancakes are one of the best things we ate on the trip! So beautiful and delicious! We shared a lot of food on this trip so we could try more things. My husband got the omelette and fries and it was so good! You could tell it was freshly prepared.

We were seated right away and didn’t have to wait long for our food. We loved the French toast stuffed with eggs benedict and blueberries. We also got breakfast burritos for lunch as we then went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. (Highly recommended!)

Best Places To Eat In Oahu: Local Favorites

This restaurant is located within Duke’s Lane Market and Restaurant. This is a nice restaurant. The food was so beautiful and delicious!

I had my eye on the Charcoal Buttermilk Pancakes before our trip and they did not disappoint! The pancakes are given a charcoal black color and then topped with guava-strawberry sauce, black whipped cream and mixed strawberries. So delicious! And in front of the restaurant is the ABC store, where they sell charcoal pancake mixes that you can take home! I made it for my kids when we got home and they LOVED it! We also ordered the eggs benedict with country style potatoes and loved them!

This family-owned business has a simple and straightforward menu of tacos and platters. But the food is so fragrant and delicious! We even went here twice! I highly recommend the Cajun Grilled Chicken Breast with Aioli and Cajun Fries. And if you’re a fish lover, you’ll love their fish tacos!

Also note that this may have changed but when we were there you could only go to the entrance to order and then you had to wait outside on the sidewalk for your order to be ready and then find somewhere else to ate.

The 13 Best Restaurants On Oahu

This place MUST be on your bucket list! Not only do they have AMAZING farm fresh food, but you can also walk around and see how different fruits and vegetables are grown. AND they grow their own acai! (See more information on this further down in my post where I share information about the DELICIOUS acai bowls they have!)

I ordered the grilled veggie panini and was blown away by its flavors and texture! I’m not usually one to order vegetarian food, but wow! It changed me forever! It is made with focaccia bread and inside is roasted eggplant, bell pepper and zucchini, tomato, lettuce, fresh mozzarella, basil and a super tasty balsamic herb mayonnaise. SO GOOD!

Luckily I found this food truck and I am SO HAPPY! They are only open on Saturday and Sunday at noon to sell out. With 80 chicken sandwiches now sold, that’s it for the day!

No joke, this is by far the BEST CHICKEN SANDWICH I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE! The texture, taste and flavors were spot on! PLUS it came with super tasty hand cut fries. The owner was also very friendly.

Best Places To Eat On Oahu

This was one of our favorite parts of our trip! You can make a quick stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center and check out some of the shops and eat at some of the restaurants without having to pay to enter, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the package to tour the islands, eat at the Luau, and see the evening show.

At the luau, we each got our own hollowed-out pineapple filled with a very refreshing and delicious drink, I don’t think it’s a pina colada, but very similar. You can even top up!

The luau was so neat! Amazing entertainment and food! If you go to Oahu you have to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center and Luau!

Located in Kahuku and Haleiwa. This is one of the most popular food joints on Oahu! If you’re a shrimp lover, you need to tune in! Best known for their plates of super tasty garlic prawns and scoops of delicious rice.

Best Places To Eat In Waikiki On A Budget (2023)

Opened in 1952 and still around because it’s amazing! They sell a variety of sweets but are most famous for their malasadas. (Portuguese donuts.) These donuts are fried and the texture is wonderful! A little crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. And you can decide whether to fulfill it or not. My husband preferred no filling, just cinnamon sugar on the outside. I love the cinnamon and sugar topping and I also loved the chocolate and cream filling. (I don’t recommend the coconut filling, we didn’t like it.)

The store is located in Honolulu and they also have a food truck. (With a more limited menu.)

Located near Diamond Head. This was one of our first stops on the island and ended up being one of our favorites! The Pitaya and Acai bowl was amazing! The granola and toasted coconut were especially delicious! They have a variety of smoothies and healthy food made to order. We just ordered at the sidewalk window, you’re not allowed in. (At least that’s the case right now.)

Almost all acai comes from Brazil, but at Kahuku Farms they have learned how to grow acai! It takes 8 years to grow! The acai is processed the day it is picked, making it the freshest acai you can get on the island! The Acai Bowl at Kahuku Farms should be at the top of your list of foods to try on Oahu! Not only is the acai smoothie base amazing, but it’s also topped with bananas, Lilika butter, and graham macadamia nuts to die for.

The 20 Essential Restaurants In Waikīkī

Located in a shack on the side of Kamehameha Highway on the North Shore. This place is very popular for good reason!

Hands down, this is the BEST thing I had in Hawaii! Such a pretty smoothie bowl, so delicious and topped with delicious fresh fruit! If I could only go to one smoothie restaurant in Hawaii, it would be Hale’iwa bowls!

This was our last stop in Hawaii before we unfortunately had to head home. It was the perfect pretty smoothie bowl to enjoy on the beach while watching the sunset. I ordered the Tropical Bowl. I had to ask for cute umbrellas because they forgot to add it. Not necessary, but fun!

*Update: I recently posted the most delicious PITAYA SMOOTHIE BOWL RECIPE! Now you can make it at home for less and it tastes DELICIOUS! 🙂

Best Places To Eat In Oahu, Hawaii

Seven Brothers (Amazing burgers and fries! We love this place but didn’t make the trip since we’re lucky enough to have a location close to our home.)

Ted’s Bakery (Haupia Pie, Macadamia Nut Cream Pie) (Heard so many good things about this place, but it was closed when I visited.) The best places to eat on Oahu reflect the diverse population of Hawaii. From Portuguese donuts at Leonardo’s to fresh shrimp on the North Shore, foodies can discover a lot here.

Hawaiian food has evolved over 800 years. The Polynesians, who were the first to settle the Hawaiian Islands, made a name for themselves with their traditional cuisine.

Europeans and Americans arrived in the late 18th century, followed by Asian immigrants from Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Best Brunch Restaurants In Oahu (waikiki & Honolulu)

Today, you can follow your curiosity and go in any direction. For me and my girlfriend, Kel, this course was oh-so-sweet.

The following is my list of the best places to eat on Oahu. It’s meant to get you started on a journey of discovery.

Our trip to Oahu began where all good trips begin – in an early morning line at a local bakery.

Their specialty is malasadas or Portuguese doughnuts. Although this is Hawaii, they are also known as Hawaiian doughnuts.

New Restaurants To Watch For On O’ahu In 2021

The main ingredients are yeast,

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