Ocean City Maryland Hermit Crabs

Ocean City Maryland Hermit Crabs – I went to the shore again. Last time in my post “Of The Shore, Who Is A Weird Place” I found some strange and tempting goodies for a trip, such as a funny but possibly ominous chicken farm sign (click here if you want to revisit that trip), but never I didn’t get to salt water toffee or hermit crabs, so let’s start there. Or rather, let’s start on the way there.

There are two main ways to get to Rehoboth Beach, DE from Maryland. Last time I went one way. This time I went for the second one. The route I took this time is actually the route I was going (the route I took last time was a bit of an accident. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised) and I was looking forward to stopping at my “favorite” farm stand. I’ve only been there twice so I guess the ‘favorites’ criteria isn’t very high, but the two times I’ve been there they had an amazing collection of local honeys so I wanted to see what it all was about.

Ocean City Maryland Hermit Crabs

So I’m off to mind my own business if you like and I start seeing the “Chicken BBQ” signs I told you about last time and I thought to myself “Oh here we go again” and then the “pit beef” sign which, if you read my post on Maryland Pit Beef where I started cautiously but ended up in fandom, you’ll know that this kind of sign would catch my attention. Then I see the pit car, all locked up (sloppy!) and then a shop window (candy!), so I take a rather dangerous turn and enter the parking lot, which, fortunately for all concerned, was rather empty. And there, in all its glory, is Hot Off The Coals. They don’t have a website (although it looks like it’s in the works) but they do have a Facebook page which you can see here.

Visiting Ocean City, Maryland In The Off Season

You must love the location the pit is in the front parking lot and is guarded by a kicking bull with flaming red eyes. What’s more, this beef hut is connected to a gas station – a win, a win!

As it happened, the pit manager was looking after the trench the moment I approached and very kindly opened it up for me to photograph. Unfortunately, the flames went out a bit and he had to close them again quite quickly, but the smell was phenomenal.

I had a good feeling about this place. And I was right. The pitted beef was delicious. Signage says they use apple wood and hickory, and it was a smoky delight. With a bit of sauce, horseradish and onions sliced ​​so thin they were really tender, the sandwich had me humming. Or maybe part of it was the ringing in my ears from horseradish, which I was a little too enthusiastic about (see photo below). I cried a little for a few seconds, which seemed to bother my neighbor a bit. He was from Pennsylvania and didn’t quite know what to expect.

I liked the place so much they told me to come and then when it was time to go home 9 hours later they told me too. This time I got the Stacked “Slaughterhouse” Beef Brisket on a Kaiser roll and it was truly amazing. I would highly recommend.

Ocean City Police Get Incentives For Secondary Work

So it was Hot Off the Coals. What a lucky find. Check them out. And now to the product stand! While they seem to have limited their local honey collection (only 1 type can be found), they had some very lovely items and a basket I could buy to make me feel very Nantucket. And a potion I wasn’t brave enough to try.

Some of my finds. I bought some basil plants from the sale – did you know there is also bush basil? — try to plant them and get another flush out of them before the weather cools.

You’re probably wondering if I’ll ever make it to Rehoboth, and if so, we’re on the same wavelength. But, as I like to remind myself, “it’s a journey, not a destination”, right? Normal. So now that I’m ready, I can roll into town and catch some rays. This time I arrived prepared with my backpack chair and a fresh new roll of quarters.

And the beach was lovely and the water cold. You should try. And when it comes time to stock up on souvenirs, here’s what should be on your shortlist: saltwater taffy, Fisher’s popcorn, and hermit crabs (although some may not appreciate the latter as much as the first two).

Crab Zanzibar Stock Photos

Nostalgia requires you to eat certain foods in certain places. At the carnival, it’s cotton candy. At the fair, it’s a funnel cake. And on the beach, it’s saltwater toffee. In Rehoboth, Dolle’s rules the saltwater taffy roost, but I grew up walking the Jersey shores, so for me, it’s Fralingers. Fralingers and Atlantic City go hand in hand. Sometimes I would go with my grandma Nona on charter bus trips to Atlantic City where you would buy a bus ticket and they would give you a voucher for X amount of “casino quarters” back to cash in at the Taj Mahal, Harrah’s or whatever casino you booked for that day. Nona and I played our $10 quarters, then walked through the casino to get to the boardwalk, and spent the day walking up and down the boardwalk, rummaging through all the quirky, tacky trinket shops that constitute shopping on the boardwalk. We always came back with a box or two of Fralingers toffees. You really had to.

There were two saltwater stores on the boardwalk in Atlantic City: James and Fralingers. When I read about Fralingers, I learned that one family bought and now owns Fralingers, James and a chocolate shop on the boardwalk called Bayards. In fact, jamescandy.com has an interesting video about the history of these three stores. It can also be found here on YouTube. Fralingers also has a Wikipedia entry. If you’ve never had salt water toffee, try to imagine a candy with the chewy texture of caramel, but with the fake fruit flavor of gummies. The kids obviously love it, and if you’re going on vacation, a box of salt water toffee better show up in the break room at the office when you get back. It’s something like that.

Rehoboth also boasts quite tasty caramel corn from Fishers Popcorn. It is prepared on site and thrown hot into the front window of stores. Hot sugar is an interesting thing for me, so I always pay close attention when they scoop it up to order. When it’s hot, it’s very malleable – think Rice Krispy Treats before it hardens – but it hardens in no time, so by the time they pack it up and seal the container, it’s on its way to a solid mass. Anyone who’s made popcorn balls for Christmas knows what I’m talking about. But before that, there are some great minutes where it’s soft and chewy at the same time. If you like butter caramel, this 5-7 minute window is definitely worth a try.

My fondness for soft-serve was probably pretty obvious in my first shore post, but here’s one shot to show how pretty it is:

Id For This Marine Hermit Crab? Found Ocean City Md

Some say that a trip to the seaside would not be complete without fries on the promenade. Again, boardwalk fries like caramel corn weren’t something I particularly went for until I encountered the Delaware beaches. But people love them! And I understand why. The malt vinegar shaken in a cup cuts off the salty goodness.

Thrasher’s takes cake for fries on the DE and MD beach boardwalk. There is usually a queue. For fries.

If you’ve finally sunbathed and eaten your fill, consider one last parting gift: a hermit crab. Hermit crabs are a beach staple, and whether you think it’s a good idea or not, there are hermit crabs out there. They practically disappear from the shelves. Half of these hermit crabs probably don’t even survive the drive home, which is a shame because they’re very interesting little creatures.

Hermit crabs are soft-bodied crustaceans that need to be protected by their shells, which they do by inhabiting the discarded shells of other creatures! For example, sea snails. That’s right, they don’t come into this world with their own shells, and yet they need shells to protect themselves. Isn’t that weird? And when hermit crabs grow out of their current shell, they go to the next size, so they’re always in what I like to call a shell bustle. Also, because they effectively scavenge their shells from other creatures if they are there

Th Street Taphouse Bar & Grille Restaurant

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