Pill Bottle Recycling Near Me

Pill Bottle Recycling Near Me – You’ve been collecting prescription pill bottles for quite some time, knowing that there are many ways to reuse them. Recycling these little brown medicine bottles has been difficult over the years, although it’s getting better. However, empty prescription pill bottles can be put to a lot of use, so you don’t have to find a recycling center or, worse, throw them in the trash.

Prescription pill bottles are perfect compact containers for your purse or travel bag. You can also use them to organize small items in your home. Depending on the medication, they come in different sizes, giving them multiple uses.

Pill Bottle Recycling Near Me

Safety Tip: Be sure to clean the bottle well, especially if the bottle has previously contained narcotic drugs. After cleaning with soap and water, you should wash off the bleach and then rinse with clean water several times. If you want to decorate pill bottles, here is a fun decoupage idea to make them look prettier.

Pill Bottle Donations

Pump your favorite lotion into a pill bottle instead of buying the travel-sized version. It is also great for shampoo and conditioner. Most prescription pill bottles are watertight if they are closed properly. However, if you’re worried about spills, place the bottle in a snack-sized plastic zip-lock bag. It’s also great for keeping in your car.

Think things like toothpicks, straight pins, needles, and thumbtacks. Conveniently organize your kitchen junk drawer, desk space or sewing room. Prevent punctures by keeping sharp objects in a bottle with a lid.

Roll up the bills to hide or store on a rainy day… and bonus, it’s waterproof! Placing cash in a pill bottle is a great alternative to carrying around a bulky wallet or purse. This is especially useful if you’re out for a walk or just don’t want to drag your wallet to the store for a quick exit. The pill bottle will fit perfectly in your back pocket or box.

Keep Q-Tips and cotton balls clean and dry and free of stains when stored in a pill bottle. If you’re traveling, this bottle fits perfectly in your makeup bag, but the cotton won’t absorb loose powder or residue from the bag.

What Can I Recycle In Shoreline?

Choose a few buttons of different sizes and colors, fill a pill bottle and add them to your sewing drawer. You never know when you’ll push the button and need a replacement. These bottles are also perfect for holding beads, especially if you have a jewelry project.

I always keep safety pins in my purse for those “you never know” moments. Put a few different sizes in a bottle and keep them in your glove box or purse.

I don’t know about you, but I find pins everywhere! They show up in my bathroom drawer, on the floor, and in my car. It seems that whenever I need them, they are nowhere to be found. Keep the pins in an empty pill bottle and you’ll always know where to find them. The prescription pill bottle is also the perfect holder for various hair ties.

An office desk, a homework area, or just a kitchen table where kids work on projects can be more organized with the organizer’s small office accessories. Paper clips in one bottle, thumbtacks in another, and small paperclips in yet another. There are many different small items you can hold in old pill bottles, including pencil eraser caps, rubber bands, and paper clips. [image from My Crafty Zoo]

Can You Recycle Pill Bottles? How To Dispose Of Prescriptions

No one wants to deal with a tangled pile of necklaces when traveling. Pill bottles are also very handy for holding rings and bracelets. If you’re carrying a lot of jewelry during your trip, designate different bottles for different types, such as earrings in one and necklaces in another.

While these empty bottles are great for storing things like needles and safety pins, they’re also perfect for stocking a small sewing kit. To make a kit, put in a couple of different sized needles and safety pins, a couple of buttons, a needle threader and several other items. (See here for some ideas on what to put inside)

You may want to use one of the larger prescription pill bottles when putting together a first aid kit to carry in your purse or backpack. It’s ideal if you want to go hiking or exploring because it’s lightweight and easy to transport. Write a simple list of contents and stick it on the bottle. (Look here for some ideas to put inside)

Going to the beach is always fun, but limiting the amount of shells and other treasures the kids can bring home can be difficult! Give each person an empty bottle and tell them they can only take home what will fit inside. Watch as they carefully and eagerly choose which treasures are lucky enough to make their way home. Do you want to create a project? Be sure to check out these seashell craft ideas!

Earth Friendly Medication Disposal

Keep matches dry on your next camping trip. Be sure to tear off the impact surface of the matchbox to put in the bottle, or attach it to the outside like this person did! Since these bottles are waterproof, it is also perfect for canoeing and kayaking.

You can protect your headphones and charging cords and prevent tangling by folding them into an old pill bottle. Wrapping the headphones with a twist tie provides an extra guarantee that they won’t become tangled.

Hiding a spare key to your house or car can be difficult. You definitely don’t want a stranger walking up and checking under your doormat so they can walk right through the door! Hide it so it’s much less noticeable, making it look like part of the landscape. Here’s how to create your own key stash.

Slime, homemade foam, playdough, homemade clay—all of those gooey messes you love to play with can be put into empty pill bottles. Perfect for keeping those things out of your carpet!

Plastic Medicine Bottle Innovations

A pill bottle is a great holder for spare shifts. There are some bottles that fit perfectly into a quarter, making them ideal for laundering money. Adding change to the small zippered compartment makes my wallet heavy. Place them in the empty prescription pill bottle while you’re out and about. When you get home, dump the contents into a vacation fund jar to save for another day.

Children often have laser vision when it comes to small treats. Empty mints or candies into a clean pill bottle to hide them from little hands.

The house isn’t the only place you’ll find small items. The garage can be a minefield of sharp objects and small pieces to hold. Nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and even batteries are just a few of the items that fit well in your empty pill bottles.

For anyone growing their own garden, storing seeds in these little bottles is a great idea! Store in a dark, dry place until spring.

Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles For Crafts And More

Remember to always dispose of expired or unused pills in a safe and recommended manner before putting them back into the bottle. Do you have more ideas for using empty medicine bottles? We’d love to hear, so please share in the comments!

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Recycling Prescription Bottles

Let’s listen to it for a better life through pharmaceuticals. Recipes, I mean. There are medications for lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, beta blocking, and treating that nasty rash last summer. However, if you take “maintenance” medications, such as blood pressure or asthma medications, you may want to consider getting prescription bottles on a regular basis.

Make and, being made of plastic, have an impact on the environment. They certainly do no one any good by filling up landfills.

This question has been asked many times…even in the Q&A, it turns out.

My goal is to provide a fairly comprehensive answer to the question “What can I do with all these $%#&! prescription bottles?”

How To Recycle Medication Packages: A Step By Step Guide

Before we look at what should be done with all those little pill bottles, I stopped and asked myself…

So many pill bottles? I found there were ways I could cut back

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