Place To Go To Have Fun Near Me

Place To Go To Have Fun Near Me – Are you looking for activities for kids to keep them entertained and off the electronics? Then you’ll love this list of 60 fun and free things to do with kids. Use this list to inspire you with ideas for fun games, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, and finding free places to go near you.

Keep the kids from getting bored and driving you crazy with these fun activities for kids during the summer, school days off, or just something fun to do this weekend with the whole family. The best part is that it won’t cost you anything!

Place To Go To Have Fun Near Me

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There are so many great activities for kids in your local community and tons of them are free. Here are some of the best places to find fun things to do in your local area.

We love going to the library to find new and exciting books to read. It’s also a great place to rent free movies and video games.

Before you go, check their website to see when they host free events for kids. There are often stories and group activities that they sponsor for free. You’ll find that they have events for all ages, from babies to teenagers, so you can keep all your kids entertained.

Check the websites of parks in your area and see when they offer free events. You usually don’t have to live in the city to participate in events open to the public. Most have holiday events and summer events that kids will enjoy.

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See if your local city sponsors free live music in the park, movies in the park, or family events like Touch a Truck.

Take advantage of all the local parks in your area. Your kids will have so much fun exploring the parks and trying out all the different playgrounds. In the summer, find parks that have water features so your kids can cool off and have fun splashing around in the water.

See if any of the major museums in your area offer free admission days. Often once a month they will have a free or discounted day.

Then see if there are any small free museums to explore in your area. Cities often have small history museums that you can explore and learn all about the people who lived in your area.

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Many local malls try to attract people to visit them by organizing free family events. Also, see if they have a free indoor play area for the kids to run around.

Visit the free zoo with children. There are several fun free zoos around the country that your kids will love.

Check your local nature preserve, state park, or nature trail to see if they offer any free educational programs, free tours, or ranger walks.

They often have a small nature center with local animals that children can visit as well. Check out their website for free events.

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Then go hiking with the kids on their miles of trails. Get the kids involved in a Nature Scavenger Hunt as you stroll through the park.

If you have big children, see if they have bike paths, you can also ride around the park.

Often in the summer, local trains have no-ride programs for children or charge a nominal fee to go into the city from the suburbs. Metra trains in Chicago often offer this program.

Kids will love riding the train and looking out the window. Go out and explore the local town, visit a free museum, have an ice cream or lunch before heading home.

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This summer, let kids bowl for free through a program called They can bowl 2 free games per day at participating bowling alleys.

Go to your local farmers market and let the kids see all the things that farmers in your area sell each season. Be inspired to try growing your own vegetable garden at home.

Find a local nonprofit that will allow kids to volunteer and apply. It’s a great day when your family pays back and you won’t spend money.

Entertain the kids at home when you’re stuck inside in the winter months or on rainy days. Find tons of fun family activities and things older kids can do on their own.

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Let the children help choose a dinner idea and make it together. Get inspired by our 25 family meal ideas for busy dinner parties. These are all easy meals that the kids can make with you.

Kids love to help make something sweet, so take some time to bake together. You can make it from scratch or buy a box of cookies and have fun mixing them together.

If you want a no-bake recipe to make together, my kids love making Oreos and decorating them for different holidays.

Give the kids a box of Lego pieces and 10 minutes to make something. Then let the children show what they have made. Do more rounds by creating different parameters such as creating moving vehicles, buildings or animals.

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Use wooden blocks or lego blocks to build your own zoo or farm. Use plastic farm animals or zoo animals that you already have to populate your zoo.

Use tape to create a race track on your floors. If you use painter’s tape, it won’t leave any marks on your floors. You can also use cardboard boxes as a ramp to make the cars go faster.

Make sensory activity boxes for your children. They can get messy, so use a plastic drop cloth or old newspaper to protect your table.

Fill a plastic bucket with shaving cream and small drops of food coloring. Then give the children plastic forks to make the design.

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Dinosaur Bucket – Hide small dinosaurs or small plastic animals for the kids to discover in the sand bucket.

Frozen Bin – freeze small toys into ice cubes, then place them in a bucket of water.

Find some free printable mazes, crosswords or workbook pages for kids. You’ll find tons of free printable games on Pinterest.

Spend the day visiting family and friends in the area. What kid doesn’t love a trip to grandma’s house?

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Make a treasure hunt for the kids to go all over the house. Write several clues for them to follow to find a small prize at the end. Get ideas on Pinterest.

Do a science experiment with the kids at home. Get the kids excited with an erupting volcano that you can make at home in 3 easy steps. Kids will want to do it again and again.

Discover dinosaurs frozen in ice with this easy science experiment at home. Use balloons, water, and miniature dinosaurs (or any animals you have at home) to make frozen dinosaur eggs that kids can explore and melt.

While you’re stuck inside, stay connected with friends and family with fun Zoom games. Kids will love playing battleship, checkers, and group games like Trivia and Pictionary.

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Children pretend that the floor is hot lava that you cannot touch. They put pillows on the floor and try to cross the room without touching the floor.

Play some music and let the kids dance. When the music stops, they freeze and anyone who moves is out.

Pull out any board games or card games and start playing. Let each child choose a game they want to play and enjoy a fun day inside.

Play the fun family game of Charades with the kids. Grab these free printable Charade words and you’ll be ready to play.

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This is a fun game to play at home, in the yard or in the park. Kids will love running around trying to find each other.

Make an obstacle course for the kids to run inside or outside with things you have around the house

For outdoor use cones, playground equipment, hula hoop, bicycles and sports equipment. It doesn’t have to be huge and complicated just something fun for them to run around.

If you want fun quick games, try Minute To Win It Games. Fun one-minute challenges with kids running against the clock or their sibling. Perfect for family game nights too.

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Have the children each design a paper airplane and then race the airplanes. Make it a science experiment by adding staples to see what the extra weight will do and changing the design on each new plane.

For kids who love Nerf Guns, set up some simple Nerf Gun targets in your home or backyard to play with. This one was easy with the solo cups and miniature soldiers you probably have at home.

Keep the kids busy with the I’m Bored jar. Fill the jar with fun activity ideas for kids. Make it a game and let them pull out a new activity whenever they’re bored.

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