Places To Eat Nashville Tennessee

Places To Eat Nashville Tennessee – About food On my first visit, I took my first bite of hot chicken, sampled a meat or three, and then cooled my mouth with Jeni’s Ice Cream from Hillsborough Village (also Pancake Panther…hello!).

So, I can say that I whetted my appetite on a quick stop in Nashville a few years ago. When I found myself in Memphis this year, nothing could stop me from going back – fork and knife in hand – for more.

Places To Eat Nashville Tennessee

From nights out in East Nashville, to my first tons of experience (okay, maybe it was a little about the music too), to a Nashville foodie tour, restaurants and some of the best places to eat in Nashville, plus a few stops. at the same barbecue joint…it’s amazing how much you can learn about a city’s food scene in just a few days and 3-5 days of eating!

Best Hotel Restaurants

Here’s a list of the best places to eat in Nashville that I wish someone had given me before I arrived.

: One look at their BBQ pit (you can ask to see it), and you’ll understand why this place is legendary for Tennessee barbecue. Best BBQ in Nashville!

What to get: Ribs, of course! Their wings were also very good. Or get a sample plate so you don’t have to choose. Ask for a side of all the sauces to try them all.

: Delicious + new menu with unique items such as savory and rabbit. One of the best restaurants in downtown Nashville.

New Nashville Spots: Restaurants And Bars


: Nashville food writer and cookbook author Jennifer Justus calls these the best cookies in town.


What to get: A classic or crazy bet to suit your taste/mood that day. Add bacon at your own risk.

Justin Timberlake Opening New Restaurant In Nashville

: No matter how far you look for Mexican food outside of California, Texas, or Mexico, these tacos are still tossed around and should be enjoyed regardless of your taco location.

What to get: Tacos! .

: Grabbing one of these delicious and fresh popsicles is so hot, especially on a hot day.

What to get: Classic and inventive flavors (I got avocado) all seem to be hits. If you’re in the mood, take your popsicles to the park down the street!

Nashville’s Top 5 Restaurants

: You won’t find this at the top of most Nashville food lists, but for me (and my friends), this was a highlight of all the places we ate in Nashville. The food here is fantastic – and the atmosphere is fun, relaxed and fun. They also serve late night (until 1 am).

: Another East Nashville favorite that feels like a real neighborhood spot, but the place is cute and the food and drink are delicious. Go to happy hour (4-6 p.m.), which is actually a community hour that supports a local design center.

What to get: Their wood-fired pizzas stand out. It was divine to have a peach on top of the summer.

: Well, I’ve only been to the Charleston location, but it’s still one of my favorite dining experiences. Expect inventive dishes with Southern ingredients.

Places Where Locals Love To Eat In Nashville

What to get: Their coffee soda is unique, the espresso is well-made, and the tea is great (if you’re feeling overly caffeinated!)

: A classic diner serving Southern classics with a great deal of history. Civil rights counter-sit-ins took place here in the 1960s.

What to get: I loved their mac ‘n’ cheese and black eyed peas. Many menu items have a story – just ask when you go!

: This is hot chicken. Take fried chicken and add cayenne pepper. Taste it, have water nearby, and see why there’s all the fuss.

The Best Places To Eat In Nashville, Tennessee

What to get: Choose your spice level and sides, buckle up, and get ready for a delicious ride.

: O.G. hot chicken place. Eat it and compare, because everyone will ask you to choose your favorite.

: This is where my adventure of not wanting to tonk started. I was surprised and delighted, and I think you will be too.

What to get: If you’re hungry, they serve a $5 PBR and baloney sandwich with chips…! Sip your drink of choice and soak up the atmosphere.

Crowd Pleasing Spots For Private Dining In Nashville

A great overview and sampling of classic Nashville favorites curated by passionate locals and food writers. I did the classic downtown Nashville tour, but they also have East Nashville and Midtown tours.

I loved my stay at the SoBro Hotel. With a fully equipped kitchen, laundry, and even grocery delivery, it felt like I had an apartment in downtown Nashville. I liked the check-in (you get a code) and the fact that you can text the concierge for any assistance you need, otherwise your stay is self-contained.

The design here is beautiful both in the living room and on the outdoor patio – clean, colorful, hip, and comfortable. I especially liked the record player and the old records – good vintage!

Best of all, the SoBro hotel is walking distance to everything you want to see/eat (with terrific proximity to Martin’s BBQ.) The rest of Nashville is at your fingertips with a quick Uber or Lyft. If you are driving – there is free parking.

Th & Taylor

After spending a year in the world, he decided to settle down at home, where he loved traveling as much as he loved it. The result was a move to SF, which he affectionately calls “the city of soul.” He believes in balance and connection between time spent at home and abroad. Nashville’s culinary scene is constantly evolving. It’s just what you’d expect from a big city. You’ll find restaurants in Nashville that range from traditional Southern cuisine to upscale to fine international dining.

The hardest part of dining in Nashville is deciding which restaurant to try. There are so many amazing options that it can be overwhelming to choose just a few Nashville restaurants when visiting.

Here’s how I can help guide you to the best restaurants in Nashville with my local knowledge! I know that eating out is one of the best things to do in Nashville, so I’ve put together a list of restaurants to help make your trip to Nashville the best experience you can.

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Best Restaurants In Nashville (where To Eat, By A Local)

Josephine’s is my first choice for brunch in Nashville when it comes to anyone coming to town. Try Josephine Benedict with country ham and brown butter hollandaise or glazed cinnamon raisin cookies.

Of course, the dinner options at these 12 elegant Southern restaurants are also wonderful. If apple pie is on the menu at dinner, save room for dessert.

The vibe at Josephine is elegant and upbeat, but not intimidating. It’s a great choice for a romantic date night in Nashville or a fun night out with friends.

👉 Tip: 12 Josephine Ave in Hillsborough Village. If you have time, check out the charming shops in this area, one of the best areas to stay in Nashville!

Top 10 Most Unique Desserts In Nashville

If you’re looking for Tex-Mex with a tasty, fun twist, head to Redheaded Stranger in East Nashville. The menu is small, but each option is full of flavor. The tacos are fun and fancy, but the surprise hit is the cheeseburger topped with scallion chile.

The atmosphere is as unique as the food. The restaurant has a cool, casual vibe and a patio for outdoor dining.

The word Redheaded Stranger is just how good it is, so it can be a long time to eat. My secret to escaping the crowds is enjoying margaritas and sandwiches on the patio in the middle of the day.

👉 Tip: If there are daily specials, order before they sell out. Keepers never stick around for long.

Girls Weekend In Nashville, Tennessee {where To Eat, Drink, & Stay}

This popular Nashville staple began as a food truck serving traditional Southern fare. The owners eventually expanded to two locations in Nashville and Franklin.

Cookie Love is only open in the morning. It serves Southern favorites like sausage gravy, shrimp and grits and biscuits. Don’t miss out on delicious sides like grilled cheese and order at least one donut (biscuit donuts with blueberry sauce) for the table.

You don’t get to sample barbecue in a city like Nashville. Edley’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant that originally opened on 12 South. There are now locations in East Nashville and Sylvan Park.

It’s no surprise that the meat options at this old-school barbecue joint are good, but what makes this place worth eating in Nashville?

Best Places To Eat In Nashville, Tennessee

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