Places To Eat Near San Diego Zoo

Places To Eat Near San Diego Zoo – Enjoy incredible views of the African plains at the Safari Park’s newest meeting place: the Watering Hole Restaurant and Bar. View rhinos and giraffes as you dine on delicious sandwiches and fresh salads, or relax with a refreshing drink at the full-service bar.

Come hang out with the kangaroo at our new location. Enjoy a salad/wrap or one of our Aussie-inspired snacks alongside a specialty cocktail or draft/craft beer.

Places To Eat Near San Diego Zoo

Stop by for a delicious, Neapolitan-style gourmet pizza with hand-tossed dough and cooked to perfection in our brick oven. Also choose from specialty sandwiches and salads and wash your meal down with a refreshing draft/craft beer. Barking Deer is located at Safari Base Camp. You can’t miss it!

Best Brunch Spots In San Diego You Can’t Miss

Breakfast, Asian cuisine (with rice bowls and salads), burgers with fries, kids’ meals and draft/craft beer. Located at Safari Base Camp.

Enjoy grilled or hand-fried chicken nuggets in delicious new combinations, as well as burgers, fresh entree salads, family meals and a variety of beverage options. Dine alfresco on the terrace of the African-themed fishing village, surrounded by exotic waterfowl. Located in Nairobi Village.

Sandwiches, salads, soups, kids meals, freshly made fudge, draft/craft beer and espresso drinks await you. Vegetarian dishes are also available.

Discover our new menu at the Okavango Outpost Restaurant while dining inside or outside and enjoying the beautiful views of the African plains. We offer a variety of grilled paninis including turkey and margherita; specialty salads, including our vegetarian artisan salad and our wild cobb salad; along with favorites like nachos, Kilimanjaro rotisserie club and gluten-free chicken strips. Also try our soft serve ice cream and draft/craft beer.

San Diego Zoo Rings In The Holiday With Annual Jungle Bells

Dine with a view while enjoying delicious “South of the Border” appetizers, burgers, chicken nuggets, fresh entrée salads and kids’ meals, and a full compliment of beverages. This outdoor dining venue is conveniently located between Benbough Amphitheater and Mawazo Jungle Gym.

Looking for something sweet? Enjoy the soft serve ice cream. Choose from a variety of snacks, from warm churros to hot dogs. Located in Nairobi Village.

Start your day with a selection of specialty coffee drinks, hot mini doughnuts, cold drinks and snacks. Located in the beautiful Plant Trader gift shop.

Cool off with a homemade slush drink that pairs perfectly with your favorite snacks—from churros to hot dogs. Attached/craft beer also available. Located in the Lion Camp.

Annual San Diego Zoo Food, Wine & Brew Celebration

Relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the African Plain and the Lion Camp with a refreshing drink and snack. Beer, wine and spirits are available. Located at the top of the Elevator Deck. Located in Lost Forest in the heart of the city, Albert’s offers full-service dining with chef-inspired plates, a private waterfall patio, and a full-service bar.

Its newest eatery offers honey corn dogs, double-whisker burgers, pizza and wings, as well as family meal portions, pizza, hot dogs and corn dogs.

Located just inside the entrance, San Diego Sandwich Co. offers hot breakfasts, specialty sandwiches, soups, ice cream and fresh salads.

Across from the Reptile House, the Front Street Sweet Shack offers artisan shakes and ice cream, Monte Cristo sandwiches and the first donut burger.

San Diego Zoo Welcomes Endangered Softshell Turtle Species

Safari Kitchen is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a variety of gourmet burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches and loaded tater tots.

Located in the Australian Outback, Sydney’s Grill offers barbecue, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, fresh salads, ice cream treats, locally brewed craft beer and margaritas.

Located in Asian Passage, Hua Mei Café offers a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, chicken sandwiches, burgers and fries, salads, kids’ meals, ice cream treats, frozen cocktails and more.

Sabertooth Mexican Grill at Elephant Odyssey offers Mexican-style cuisine including tacos, burritos, wraps, salads, fresh tortilla chips, nachos, soft serve ice cream, craft beer and homemade margaritas.

Baby Rhino Born At San Diego Zoo Safari Park Ahead Of World Rhino Day

Located next to the San Diego Sandwich Company, it offers pizza by the slice, meatballs, specialty hot dogs, wraps and locally brewed beer.

Located in the Lost Forest, Treetops Bistro, with stunning views from its multi-level terraces, offers grab-and-go style dining with specialty sandwiches, salads, soups and a la carte children’s meals.

Located halfway along Treetops Way, the Brew offers locally brewed draft beer, specialty coffee drinks and mini donuts.

Offering sweet and savory options at two Asian Passage locations, Pagoda offers corn dogs, egg rolls, a variety of beverages, draft beer, popcorn, Dippin’ Dots®, snow cones and more.

Up In The Treetops

Located across from the Sweet Shack on Front Street, Kettle Corn offers churros, corn, warm pretzels, locally brewed draft beer, ICEE® and soft drinks.

Located at the end of the Bashor Bridge at Elephant Odyssey, The Bridge offers locally brewed draft beer, micheladas, cadillac margaritas, ICEE®, snow cones, sodas, pretzels and popcorn.

Sweets & Treats at the San Diego Kids Store offers delicious cookies, coffee, ice cream and freshly made goodies.

Eight taps of local craft beer, draft wine and cocktails. Enjoy Bavarian-style pretzels, an Italian-style sandwich, a potato cheese platter or a pretzel.

Planning Your Trip To The San Diego Zoo

Located next to the Fari Party Area, Busy Bee Cocktails offers locally brewed draft beer, micheladas, margaritas, sodas, hot dogs, wings, pizza and snacks.

Located across from the Polar Bear Plunge, Tundra Treats offers frozen Bahama Mamas, ICEE®, fresh popcorn and warm, soft pretzels.

Located in front of Skyfari West, Jungle Snacks offers hot dog combos, micheladas, fresh popcorn, churros and warm, soft pretzels. If you’re headed to the San Diego Zoo, chances are you’ll be there at least once. meal time. Expect to work up an appetite as you stroll through the zoo to see the animals. I have it

Around the San Diego Zoo, stuffing our bellies to answer your burning questions about dining at the San Diego Zoo, including how much to spend on food, where to eat, and more. Here are our top San Diego Zoo dining tips, as well as tips on how to save or find the perfect place to eat. We take a look at the zoo’s tastiest foods and point out that even the pickiest of eaters will love it!

Where To Eat And Drink In San Diego’s Balboa Park

The San Diego Zoo has a table-service restaurant, as well as several fast food and buffet options. Don’t worry – you won’t go hungry! There are many conveniently located places to eat in the zoo. You can pick up breakfast, lunch or dinner. Adult frogs can find adult drinks in all canteens and snack stands in the park.

Expect to be appetizing at this zoo. It’s a big park with lots of hills and trails. You need to stay hydrated while walking. Take care that

Check out our San Diego Zoo Tips post for park design ideas. You can tour the entire zoo by taking flat or sloping paths almost the entire way. You don’t have to spend extra energy climbing all day. Use elevators, bridges and Skyfaring to avoid climbing.

How Much Should You Plan to Spend at the San Diego Zoo? Kids’ meals are under $10 and include a drink. It comes with an entree, applesauce, animal cookie, reusable bag, fountain drink or milk and a souvenir glass. You can add fries to kids’ meals for $1 (if available). You can also upgrade your kid’s drink to an Icee for $1 (see…no need to spend $9.49 on an Icee!).

San Diego Zoo Restaurants: Best Places To Eat Now & Food Tips

For an adult meal, you’ll spend between $13 and $20 for most quick-service adult meals without a drink, and a little more if you want to eat at Albert’s or buy drinks. A soda costs $7.99 (ask for $2 refills). Depending on the snack, expect to spend: $3.99 for chips or a giant pickle; about $5 for pretzels and churros; $6 to $8 for ice cream or a snow cone; and $10 for a souvenir popcorn bucket ($2.99 ​​for refills). Larger ice creams and shakes are more, especially if they also come with a gift cup.

This is where you can eat at the San Diego Zoo! Most larger restaurants offer food to order as well as quick takeaways such as pre-made sandwiches, salads and fruit. Most places also offer vegetarian options. You can get adult drinks at these places.

We divided the restaurants and snack shops according to their general location. So no matter where you are, you know where the nearest food is. We found it

To weigh our options based on location. When the tadpoles started rumbling in our bellies, we could say, “After we see the gorillas, we’ll stop for lunch.” “After we see the Red Panda, we get snacks and drink refills.” – After visiting the elephants, we can try some Mexican food. “Before we go, we can shake ourselves.” Tadpoles avoid being anxious or “hungry” because they know when to expect food.

Plan Your Visit

There are family deals mentioned below, but each includes four fountain drinks. If you don’t plan on buying that many drinks, you’re better off getting the kiddie food (which comes with the drinks) for the tadpoles and ordering what you actually want to save. If you want a soft drink, it can be a good deal, but if you are a soft drink lover, we recommend the free refillable souvenir glass.

Whether you come or go

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