Preschools In Kansas City Mo

Preschools In Kansas City Mo – The best top private preschools in Kansas City, MO are Heart Of America Christian Academy, St. Thomas More School and Northland Christian Education System.

The average acceptance rate is 89%, which is higher than the average acceptance rate for private preschools in Missouri of 88%.

Preschools In Kansas City Mo

Whitefield Academy photo – Because we are a Pre-K through 12th grade school, friendships formed on the playground in first grade last through senior year and beyond.

Betty (schwartz) Dick

Notre Dame De Sion School Profile – Based on a shared mission, Notre Dame de Sion School aims to prepare students for socially responsible, values-based leadership in a culturally and religiously diverse world. Both our elementary and high school campuses use an “Implicit Curriculum” and an “Explicit Curriculum” rooted in the Charisma Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Photo – St. Paul’s encourages social-emotional growth, character development and leadership in all of our students as we offer one of the best academic educations in Kansas City.

Universal Academy Photo – UAIS is accredited by the Missouri Chapter of the National Association of Accrediting Associations of Non-Public Schools.

Several prep schools have pushed the diversity envelope by allowing committed same-sex couples to live on campus in school housing.

King Of Kings Early Learning Center: Kansas City, Mo > King Of Kings Early Learning Center

Finding the right school for your child is a big task. However, if you approach it methodically, you will be successful. Here’s a guide to finding the school you want.

21 Secrets of A+ Students How to Become a Private School Teacher? For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Schools There are plenty of preschools in Kansas City, but finding the best option for your child is easier said than done. You want to find Pre-K programs near you that also provide quality education…

Whether you’re looking for half-day preschool, full-day options, or something more flexible, you can find many options.

If you’re looking for guidance on choosing the best preschool for your child, there are programs all over the metro! Many of these are private preschools that offer different experiences for your children.

Daycare In Erie, Co & Kansas City, Ks

You can also find online resources, as well as tutoring services near you! For older kids, check out the best private schools in Kansas City…

Little Lions Preschool is a Christian preschool at Plaza Heights Christian Academy in Kansas City. Their preschool teachers are excited to bring an exciting and educational experience to your little ones. “At Little Lions Kindergarten, we don’t just play together, we also pray together! according to Little Lions.

Little Lions combines learning and academic instruction with fun, exploratory activities! This creates a strong foundation, but also allows the child to explore socially and emotionally. To achieve this, the preschool combines diverse experiences and opportunities with a Christian environment for your child to learn.

“The academic curriculum at Plaza Heights Christian Academy preschool includes the A Beka Christian Curriculum. The A Beka curriculum is an acceleration of a Christian education curriculum that has achieved continued success in the field of Christian education for many years. It is designed to lay an early foundation for learning for young children. We believe that the introduction of elementary education in a well-planned kindergarten program helps to make the transition to kindergarten much easier for the child as well as the parent.”

Preschool Program — Ccvi

Experienced teachers and staff are the foundation of this high-quality preschool program. Their long-term team works with your child every day, so your children get to know the teachers which allows for a better education and connection. If you are looking for the best private preschool programs, this is one of them! Letters, numbers, rhymes, matching, music, comparison, science, Bible terms and more are all taught in the curriculum. You can find more information about academics in the Little Lions Preschool Handbook.

Choose from a variety of part-day and full-day programs. Each program lasts during the school year. Care is also offered before and after school. There are options to fit every family’s needs! Your child will be prepared for kindergarten, as well as for life. The little lions create not only competent students but also good character. Find out more about tutoring to start planning your preschool program. Call (816) 228-0670 for more information.

Mary Shaw Branton Therapeutic Preschool Ability KC is an NAEYC-accredited and state-licensed peer-based preschool with a rich history of serving children of all abilities. Their preschool specializes in preschools for children with special needs.

“We provide medical, therapeutic and educational services for children aged 1-5 years in a caring and inclusive environment. Our teachers and therapists are tested professionals who are specially trained to handle a variety of educational, medical and therapeutic diagnoses, with the goal of a successful preschool transition.

Orange City Area Daycare & Preschool

Each child is guaranteed to have their individual developmental needs addressed while celebrating the special things that make them unique. Teachers use a social-emotional curriculum that promotes developmentally appropriate practices for children of all abilities, called a mindful discipline approach. This is a non-profit preschool. 🙂

According to Ability KC, “each classroom boasts a small student-teacher ratio that provides ample opportunities to explore, interact and learn. For children with additional needs, we offer integrated therapeutic services both in and out of the classroom to ensure that each child achieves their individual goals. The organization works throughout Kansas City to promote activities and education for children with special needs, so you can know your children are getting the best preschool experience in KC.

There are many preschool programs in Kansas City through the YMCA. If you live in Johnson County, there are many preschool programs through the YMCA.

With 8 locations in the KC metro area, you can find a quality preschool near you. Locations include Liberty(1), Lee’s Summit(2), Overland Park (3), Olathe & Shawnee. Each program is play-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning so that children get diverse exposure.

North Kansas City Schools Goes Big On Early Childhood Education — Local Investment Commission

This locally owned daycare is known as one of the best preschools in Kansas City! The school was established in 1968, so its staff have extensive experience in catering for KC parents and children. You can find reviews from parents online.

This Overland Park Montessori school offers each child a personalized learning experience by allowing for an individual pace. Your child will be challenged no matter what level they are at. If you are looking for a Pre-K program or say a school with a fun family atmosphere, check out BV Montessori and their online reviews.

This location only offers Kindergarten and Pre-K programs, which run from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You can check out their reviews online or schedule an in-person tour of their facility. Call (816) 600-5040 for more information.

This preschool is dedicated to early learning and development. If you are looking for small schools in Lee’s Summit, be sure to check out their programs. Call (816) 246-4903 for more information.

Best Preschools In Kansas City, Mo

There are many Pre-K & Kindergarten programs in Kansas City, MO that are perfect if you live or work in KC!

This Gladstone preschool offers a quality educational program for your little one! From Oakhill Recharged Camps to their school year plans, you can be sure to find an option that fits your schedule.

This preschool and kindergarten program offers a good balance between education and playtime. This helps to get your children used to the school day and routine.

Notre Dame offers many elementary education programs. The mini-program is for 2-year-old children when they are preparing to start kindergarten. This helps to adapt to the school environment. The Montessori school is for children 3 to 5 years old. There is a set curriculum that covers, “Mathematics, Language, Practical Life, Perception, Geography and Cultural Studies, French, Music, Art, Swimming, Physical Education, GUF and Gardening.”

Kansas City Day Care Under Fbi Investigation

This is a Christian elementary education center located on Ward Parkway. The preschool was founded in 1966, so they have experience with children in KC!

This preschool is in the Brookside area, so if you work downtown, it’s a great option! The programs focus on “artistic flare and tight-knit community.” Call 913-205-0699 or 913-205-0700 for more information.

This KC preschool is also an experienced early learning center. They were founded in 1962 and are still located in the original Ward Parkway location. Call (816) 942-5567.

This educational center is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate. You can be sure that your child will receive a good education. Call (816) 941-7529 to view the facility.

Under New Leadership, Holliday Is No Longer Kansas City’s Forgotten Montessori School

Canterbury has many locations across the metro, but if you’re in Parkville or other parts of the Northland, Briarcliff is one of your best preschool options. Call (816) 587-2170 for more information.

There are 3 locations in KC: North KC (816-455-5575), Riverside (816-741-7701) and Platte Woods (816-741-1050) so they are a perfect fit for families in the Northland.

This preschool is part of a larger private school in Blue Springs! Whether you have kids of multiple ages or just want your little one to start school, they have great programs.

This enriching preschool unites the mind, imagination and heart of each child to provide them with a quality education. Call (816)224-2525 for more information.

Advantages Of An Academic Preschool

The Education Center prides itself on a “home away from home” feel. Your child will feel comfortable in this family-owned environment with a 1/10 teacher/student ratio. Call (816)350-7500 for more information.

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