Safest Place To Stay In Nashville

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Finding the perfect neighborhood in Nashville to buy a home can be overwhelming with so many great options to choose from. We’ve put together a simple guide that takes you through the pros and cons of each neighborhood. We’ll compare nightlife, housing options, cost of living, walkability and safety so you can make the right decision for you.

Safest Place To Stay In Nashville

In a way, The Nations is one of Nashville’s best kept secrets for active young professionals. The Nations is also a very desirable district for young families. The neighborhood has undergone a lot of change over the last decade. While it still retains some of its industrial aesthetic, the area has become one of the trendiest and most exclusive areas for locals looking for a friendly community, breweries to walk around, and a short drive to downtown.

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The Nations is ten minutes west of downtown Nashville, tucked north of I-40 and south of the Cumberland River. This small but contemporary neighborhood is just north of the historic and acclaimed Sylvan Park neighborhood. Those who attend Vanderbilt or work nearby will appreciate the short drive, which often takes less than ten minutes and includes various alternate routes that allow them to avoid the interstate.

Downtown Nashville makes headlines, but many locals will tell you that East Nashville is the best place in town. It may be just a walk across the bridge from the city center, but it cultivates a relaxed, cosmopolitan lifestyle that combines city life with a neighborhood vibe. While purists would argue that this neighborhood is limited to just a few of the original neighborhoods, such as Lockeland Springs and the 5 Points area, East Nashville’s modern concepts include properties between I-24 and the Cumberland River until they reach Briley Parkway. Nashville’s many walkable neighborhoods, such as the East End and Historic Edgefield, call the neighborhood home.

Hailed as a hipster paradise, East Nashville is thriving with its bohemian energy and massive culture. The area is a lively place with many creative artists and local musicians. It is perfect for those who resonate with eccentric vibes and like to lead a laid back lifestyle. The diversity and unconventional atmosphere of East Nashville are just some of the many reasons why locals love to call this neighborhood home.

As the name suggests, East Nashville is located directly east of downtown Nashville, separated by the Cumberland River. As one of the largest neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee, it is often seen as a city within a city.

Best Neighborhoods In Nashville, Tn

In the early 2000s, Nashville’s former industrial area began its modern transformation. Since then, the location has developed into one of the most important districts of the city – The Gulch. The renovated city center attracts young professionals, food connoisseurs and lovers of the metropolis. Due to its deep urban feel, The Gulch may not be ideal for everyone, such as families with children.

Located south of Nashville’s Downtown, The Gulch Hotel is within walking distance of iconic Broadway bars. The convenient location spans two interstates, the I-65 and I-40, which border each other, making the city’s hotspot easily accessible. Though densely populated, Gulch is relatively small, extending no more than a few miles in total.

Germantown in Nashville, Tennessee reflects the perfect blend of urban and historic charm. The neighborhood, named after the first German settlers, has since evolved into a melting pot of various kinds. Germantown offers a mix of new and old architecture that appeals to many residents. The classic Victorian houses attract many families in the area. On the other hand, modern, new construction attracts more young artists.

The 18-block historic district is located north of downtown Nashville. The two neighborhoods are separated by Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Germantown is bordered by the Cumberland River to the east and the Buena Vista neighborhood to the west. Further north, you’ll reach Salemtown and North Nashville, a burgeoning area focused on the arts.

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The trendy 12 South district has a lively atmosphere. The area, home to several local businesses, attracts quirky creatives and young families. Living at 12 South is a great option for those who want to experience Nashville, Tennessee beyond its Broadway fame.

12 South got its name from its location along 12th Avenue South. It is located south of downtown Nashville near Belmont University. 12 South also borders Hillsboro to the west and Melrose to the east. The area is small, extending about half a mile. However, despite its small footprint, this Nashville neighborhood has a lot to offer.

Located southwest of downtown Nashville between the West End and Whitebridge neighborhoods, Sylvan Park is a surprisingly quiet, family-friendly neighborhood close to Nashville’s top attractions. With Richland Creek as its western border, Sylvan Park’s tranquil tree-lined streets and convenient local businesses provide an escape from the concrete and hustle and bustle that surrounds it on almost every side. Visitors and residents of this community often find it hard to believe that downtown Nashville is less than five miles away.

A quick walk around the Sylvan Park area shows that this area is open to people of all ages, interests and professions. In Sylvan Park, it’s common to see retirees living alongside young professionals and growing families. In addition, the area offers a variety of housing types at different prices, making the neighborhood a convenient choice for students and single professionals. Part of the charm of this quaint neighborhood is how seamlessly the historic homes blend with the new.

Hotel In Nashville, Tn

Sylvan Park is located just outside Loop 440, west of downtown Nashville. This neighborhood borders the fun, trendy and vibrant Charlotte Avenue and is a 10-15 minute drive from downtown. Sylvan Park is just minutes from Midtown and Centennial Park (home of the Parthenon). One of the Sylvan Park area’s greatest assets is its proximity to the 440, I-40, and other major roads that run through the outskirts of Nashville.

Green Hills offers a slice of suburban life a stone’s throw from downtown Nashville, making it a rare find even in a market as diverse as Nashville’s. It truly is one of the original homes of suburban elegance, with quaint boutiques tucked between expansive lawns and elegant homes. The lifestyle caters to Nashville’s influential working class as well as retirees looking for a comfortable community. Combine these groups with the intellectually minded populations of Vandy, Belmont and Lipscomb universities and you get a diverse mix of white-collar residents. What do they all have in common? Their love for the exquisite Green Hill lifestyle.

Green Hills is a lively, bustling city-oriented area. For those who want to live in an area full of energy and activity, Green Hills is an excellent choice. Because Green Hills offers a safe yet exciting environment with a variety of housing options, it is a top choice among retirees moving to the Nashville area. Green Hills is also a popular option for middle- and upper-income families and established young professionals looking to network. It should be noted that the cost of the area may be a stumbling block for many potential residents, but many feel that the amenities and convenience of the area are worth the higher cost of living.

Green Hills is just 7 miles south of downtown Nashville. Although it has desirable proximity to downtown, Green Hills often suffers from heavier traffic. Those who plan to commute by car and find traffic jams stressful may want to consider this factor before settling in this area.

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods In Nashville

Wild, wooded and just 13 miles from downtown Nashville, Bellevue offers a lifestyle alternative to cosmopolitan living without sacrificing convenience. In the 1950s, Bellevue was a simple farming community with few stores. As it was slowly introduced into the Greater Nashville real estate market, the farms may have disappeared, but the area’s reputation as a peaceful, green haven has endured. Today, it is one of Nashville’s largest and most established suburbs, and a pleasing aesthetic contrast to the bustling city.

With a few mid-budget homes and apartments, Bellevue is a prime location for first-time buyers, young professionals, and lower-income families. Although it’s a longer drive to downtown Nashville, Bellevue is directly in the midst of some of Tennessee’s most scenic spots, a major advantage for nature lovers. While Bellevue offers a suburban feel, potential residents should not expect a consistently upscale atmosphere or bustling neighborhoods closer to downtown.

Bellevue is located approximately 13 miles southwest of downtown Nashville and is in the immediate vicinity of the major Interstate I-40. Bordered by the Cumberland River to the north and Warner Parks to the west, Bellevue is known for its proximity to beautiful natural areas. Both the Harpeth River and the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway run

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