San Antonio Where To Eat

San Antonio Where To Eat – 1 of 5 Medicinal Tables aims to reimagine comfort food based on Ayurvedic dietary principles, free of inflammatory agents. Courtesy of Drug Table Show More Show Less

4 of 5 Pharm Table aims to reimagine comfort food based on Ayurvedic principles, free of inflammatory ingredients. Courtesy of Drug Table Show More Show Less

San Antonio Where To Eat

With so many restaurants to choose from in San Antonio, figuring out where to eat is no easy task. From Texas Forward Bistro, one of the only South American-Asian fusion eateries housed in a building dating back to 1904, to stellar breakfast restaurants, San Antonio knows how to do it right.

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To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve brought you a list of 12 unique San Antonio restaurants guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. Read on for our top picks.

One of the best restaurants in San Antonio, this elegant oasis is located inside a building that was built in 1904 as the Pearl Brewery’s administrative building. Helmed by Chef Steve McHugh, you won’t soon forget the beer-flavored food, including beer-battered mussels, brown caramel and candied pecans, grass-fed pork poutine with Wisconsin pork curd, chicken with jalapeño syrup, and donuts.

All Texas-raised meats are cured on site, and the place also has a wine cellar housed inside Pearl Brewery’s original vault. Hailing from a small farm in Wisconsin (hence the cheese curds), McHugh recently won a James Beard Award for Best Texas Chef.

Handmade breads and casseroles inspired by Mexico’s Golden Age are the name of the game at this stellar eatery, which whips up classic French, Italian, and American Mexican fare.

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Once you sink your teeth into the baked goods, you’ll understand why the 48-hour fermentation process is worth it. Our favorite two? Orange and Nutella muffin croissants with a touch of Pan de Muerto. It’s not just celebrated in the Alamo, where co-founder David Caceres nominated James Beard for Best Baker 2022.

As a unique restaurant in San Antonio’s Southtown, Pharm Table is for your taste buds and your health. Founded by Chef Elizabeth Johnson in 2015, the restaurant aims to reimagine comfort food without the inflammatory ingredients, inspired by Ayurvedic cuisine, the Harvard School of Public Health, and Blue Zone regions (home to some of the world’s longest-living people).

Pharm Table aims to reimagine comfort food based on the principles of Ayurvedic cuisine, free of inflammatory agents.

Featuring a variety of Mexican and Texas flavors, the menu focuses on plant-based cuisine and features local ingredients whenever possible. Enjoy the “N/A-groni” or golden milk fizz with a cauliflower shawarma bowl or cilantro coconut guacamole, Israeli-style hummus and veggies.

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Located on the banks of the San Antonio River, no list of unique restaurants in San Antonio would be complete without tipping a hat to this popular establishment. Known for having the longest wooden bar in Texas, The Esquire Tavern opened in 1933 as a tavern until the end of Prohibition.

Nosh on an Esquire cheeseburger chased down with fried chips, shrimp cocktail or a glass of Pimm’s, Old or French 75.

Located on the San Antonio River’s Museum Quay, Hotel Havana will teleport you to Cuba in this bohemian-sophisticated space, flooded with abundant light from floor-to-ceiling windows during the day.

Sip a mojito or margarita on a deck chair over the water, and expect the restaurant’s tacos de hongo (mushroom tacos with queso fresca, cilantro, and pickled onions) and pecado Zarandedo. (Aciote snapper with avocado-cilantro rice, sauerkraut, Mezcal mango and Cuban black beans). Before you leave the Pan-Latin Center, look up and marvel at the beautiful chandeliers.

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If you want a hamburger from a San Antonio restaurant, Southtown’s Burgerteca is the right answer. For us, it’s a toss-up between the Oaxaca Burger with mole black beans, pickled red onions, avocado, and queso fresca, and the La Veggie Burger, topped with grilled beets, queso fresca, poblano peppers, corn, and barley grits. with jalapeño lime-mayo, kale, pickled red onion, tomato and avocado cream.

Emphasizing the flavors and indigenous ingredients of Mexico’s regions, it offers delicious desserts like nachos, mole fries, mango and spicy mango, and house margaritas to quench your thirst.

When you highlight the best unique restaurants in San Antonio, you should include a BBQ spot. Our suggestion? Founded by two high school friends, this smokehouse has become a local hot spot since opening in 2016.

Pitmaster Esaul Ramos ignites diners’ taste buds with Texas-style barbecue, updated with Mexican flair. Say pork and pulled pork by the pound with Serrano peppers, Oaxaca cheese, chicharoni macaroni, pickled nopales (cactus), Mexican street corn and brisket.

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Another restaurant in San Antonio combines Peruvian recipes with Asian flavors. Chef Jeronimo López of Caracas, Venezuela impresses with this historic Pearl Brewery featuring Chifa (Chinese-Peruvian) and Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) dishes prepared in a charcoal oven.

It’s said to be one of the few restaurants in America that combines Asian and South American cuisine, and expect amazing dishes like charred crab, spicy eggplant noodles, and a variety of bent sushi rolls.

Looking for an epic Tex-Mex restaurant in downtown San Antonio? Go to Mi Tierra. In 1941, Pete and Cruz Cortes opened a three-table cafe for farmers and workers in San Antonio’s Mercado. Now open 24 hours a day, the family-owned restaurant continues to be a favorite with traditional dishes like enchiladas and fajitas, pours of carefully crafted margaritas, and live Mariachi entertainment.

Enjoy a stellar meal at the beautiful San Antonio Botanical Garden? Yes, please. The new restaurant, from celebrity chef Jason Dady, combines culinary heritage from Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Morocco, housed in a zen farmhouse with an eye-catching white marble bar. (You can sit outside at Gertie’s Garden, which hosts live jazz on Wednesday evenings.)

San Antonio Food Bank Local

Don’t miss out on nature’s bounty in dishes like buttery slaw, edamame falafel, and raspberry panna cotta. The focaccia pizza (choose the “daily garden inspiration” or the white truffle Milanese with ricotta, asparagus, pecorino and a fried hen’s egg) is also divine.

For a great restaurant on San Antonio’s riverwalk, head to this restaurant at the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk, known as San Antonio’s only Argentinian-inspired eatery. Enjoy Locro with Pescado del Dia (fish of the day) or Argentinian Gaucho soup made with squash, beef, hominy and more while you soak up the sounds of the Naranja Latin Jazz Band (Thursday-Saturday nights).

Whatever you order, save space for the crema de limón con frutos rojos y helado de chocolate blanco, a delicious dessert of lemon curd with seasonal fruit and white chocolate ice cream. If you’re into tequila, you’re sure to love the offerings from Naranja Tequila and Mezcal Bar (also located in Hotel Valencia).

Make a reservation to visit Mixtli, nominated for a 2022 James Beard Award (the only Texas restaurant in this category) and Best Pastry Chef for Sofia Tejeda’s incredible work. The Chef’s Table seats 12, and you’ll enjoy an eight-course meal with beer, wine, spirits (such as Sotol, Tequila, Mezcal) and agua fresca.

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At Mixtli, diners can expect to find something new on the menu every 45 days. A visit to San Antonio

The menu changes every 45 days and features indigenous ingredients from different parts of Mexico and fare made with pre-Hispanic techniques. Chayote Heart Salad with Green Apples, White Anchovies, Citrus Vinaigrette, and Black Bean Bordelaise Duck Tamales, anyone?

Stay up-to-date with the latest news from San Antonio and beyond by signing up for our newsletter here. Once associated only with the Alamo and the broad riverbank, this growing gastronomic city offers much more than one might expect. In this guide, our top 10 San Antonio restaurant recommendations have been selected to give readers an authentic taste of South Texas.

Located in the downtown Monte Vista neighborhood, La Fonda is a friendly and welcoming restaurant that has been around since 1932, serving San Antonio’s best, upscale Tex-Mex and local Mexican cuisine. With vibrant pottery tables lining a shaded patio, La Fonda on Main is one of our favorite San Antonio restaurants for its large, varied menu and colorful, inviting atmosphere. One of our favorites is the taco de pato, with slow-roasted, shredded duck stuffed between a thick homemade corn tortilla with a side salad of mango and avocado spinach. Confused about ducks? Trust us—it’s crispy on the outside, soft to the bite, and packed with flavor so rich you might not be able to go back to regular tacos.

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