Steamed Crabs Annapolis Md

Steamed Crabs Annapolis Md – It’s hard to imagine that after eight years of weekly recipes, many of Maryland’s Galley Pirates have yet to release Maryland’s iconic classic, Steamed Crabs. This is largely because crabs have been so scarce in recent years that I usually have to buy them from Annapolis Seafood. Or from Dave’s crab truck on Rt. 2. And they cost a pretty penny. But Chesapeake Bay crabs seem to be quite plentiful this year. We just caught over a dozen from our dock at Spa Creek. The following is less a recipe than just a recipe

. No recipe card found in this post. All you need is live blue crabs, water and maybe Old Bay seasoning.

Steamed Crabs Annapolis Md

Blue crabs often hang out on dock pilings, lines and ladders. They are quite easy to spot. Tim and Evelyn went in search of crabs with a net and a bucket… and a curious St. Bernard.

Old Bay Or Jo??

Net them and toss them in a bucket of bay water. The rule of thumb is to keep the males until they are 5.25 inches wide and let the females go free. Males (jimmies) and females (sooks or sallies for young ones) can be easily separated in two different ways: with claws and with an apron.

Crabs are lively, to say the least. They will click on you and everything around them and try their best to escape from the bucket. (if you have a trap, they can be kept in a cage and submerged in water until “preparation time”) One way to make them easier to handle is to refrigerate them. Place them in a paper bag loosely placed inside a large plastic bag (to prevent leaks), but do not seal tightly. Place them in a cooler or refrigerator (don’t freeze!) and close the lid lightly to let air in. The cold calms them down, but doesn’t kill them. You want them alive when you put them on the steamer.

And this is the big difference between cooking lobsters and blue crabs: lobsters are immersed in boiling water; blue crabs are placed in a pot with a tray (or pile of crushed beer cans) and about 3 inches of water to steam instead of boil. This is what a crab steamer looks like:

Maryland steamed crabs are typically cooked alongside sweet corn (and often fried hush puppies) and washed down with plenty of cold beer and hours of conversation. To use as few pots and pans as possible, I like to cook the sweet corn in the bottom few inches of the crab steamer without a tray.

Outstanding Maryland Crab Houses Worth The Drive

When the corn is cooked, lift the cobs out with tongs and keep warm, place the tray over the remaining water and you’re ready to throw in your crabs. Place the live crabs in the steamer. Sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning. Place the steamer on the stove burner and place the lid on. I repeat: put the lid on! Light the burner.

Ok, let’s stop here. If this makes you at all nervous, or you find yourself thinking about slowly vaporizing something alive, you should probably stop reading this. The slightly cool, dormant crabs begin to come to life and you hear the exploding claws of Kick. I know. It can be very depressing if you think about it too much. Just remember these are bottom feeders, a few steps ahead of insects in my book. Let’s just say you’d never make one a pet.

Ahhh. After about 20-30 minutes, the pressure cooker has quieted down and the blue crabs have turned from blue to red. And ready to eat.

No hurry. Eating crabs is not so much a meal as a social event. It takes a long time to get every piece out of the steamed crab. “Clean your room!” as my friend Carol always tells the kids at the table who seem to want to rush through this process. Dip the crab meat in butter, malt vinegar and Old Bay.

Crabs Shipped & Delivered

The day got away from us so we didn’t get to enjoy these until after dark, but they are always delicious any time of day. We just changed candlelight to sunshine, wine to beer, and St. Bernard to the pug. Wow! What day!

Yes, you can cook a full vacation meal in the small sailboat galley. Check out this month’s Spinsheet! And click the image below for our Thanksgiving Turkey Oyster Dressing recipe…from the kitchen to the parlor!Both Bryan and I grew up in Maryland, and when you’re from Maryland, you eat Maryland steamed crabs. But since we moved to Denver 24 years ago, we were a little rusty on the best places. Over the past year, we’ve been visiting Maryland quite a bit for family business, which has given us the opportunity to check out crab houses all over the state. So I thought I’d share my list of the best places to get steamed blue crabs in Maryland. Everyone has their favourites, especially close dives – so add yours in the comments!

Summer is prime time for crabs because they move in the Chesapeake Bay during the warmer months. The truth is that some places in Maryland, especially in the winter, do ship in crawfish from Louisiana – which are quite good – just wanted you to know. Of all the places below, you can get the best crabs closest to the water. This seems obvious, but sometimes you can’t get across the state and you need a fix.

Crabs – in all seasons – are expensive. I heard a couple gasp in shock when the server told them the prices last time we were out. Obviously the cost varies depending on the season, but “all you can eat” is typically $35-$55 per person, all small crabs, with a time limit. We like to sit down and enjoy eating crabs, so we usually go with this option – but if you know you’re only going to eat a certain amount of crabs, it can be less hassle and cheaper to get large or extra large (over the top). to $100 a dozen) and go to town.

Food & Beverage Maryland Official Visitors Guide

Don’t know HOW to eat crabs? Here’s a video from Visit Annapolis that covers the basics. Skip to minute 1:40 if you just want instructions. Trust me, everyone has their own opinion on this! For example, I don’t pull the nails out first – no way! Ask the server to guide you if you have any questions. Hugging more than 3,000 miles of shoreline on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland offers some seriously great seafood. In fact, it’s so ingrained in the food culture of the area that in addition to the millions of pocket crab stickers you see on the street, there’s an official Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail. This culinary adventure takes fans across the state and helps them try all the notable seafood restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for tasty hard crabs, salty softshell crabs or the state’s signature crab chowder, Maryland’s famous blue crab dishes delight the taste buds of millions every year. With so many delicious options in Anne Arundel County, we’ve narrowed down our favorite spots to satisfy your seafood cravings.

There it is. If you’ve tried all of these, check out the Crab & Oyster Trail for more ideas. If you love seafood – and especially crab – there’s no better place than Anne Arundel County. Fasten your bib and take out the biscuits – it’s dinner!

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