Steamed Crabs Essex Md

Steamed Crabs Essex Md – Brian and I both grew up in Maryland, and when you’re from Maryland, you eat Maryland steamed crab. But since we moved to Denver 24 years ago, we’re a little rusty on the best places to go. Over the past year or so, we’ve traveled back and forth to Maryland several times for family business, which has led us to reacquaint ourselves with crab houses all over the state. So, I thought I’d share my list of the best places to buy steamed blue crab in Maryland. Everyone has their favorites, especially nearby dives – so add yours in the comments!

Summer is the best time for crabs as they move up the Chesapeake Bay during the warmer months. The truth of the matter is that some places in Maryland, especially in the winter, are shipping crab from Louisiana – which is good – just to let you know. Of all the places below, you’ll eat the best crab that’s closest to the water. This seems obvious, but sometimes you can’t get across the state and need a fix.

Steamed Crabs Essex Md

Crabs are expensive all year round. I heard several gasps of shock as the server told them the price the last time we were out. Obviously, the cost varies seasonally, but “all you can eat” is usually $35-55 per person, full of small crabs, with a time limit. We like to sit back and enjoy the act of eating crab so we usually go for that option – but if you know you’ll only eat a certain amount of crab then get some large or extra large (up to $100 a dozen) and go in town.

The Crab Truck And Seafood Stop

Don’t know how to eat crabs? Here’s a video from Visit Annapolis that covers the basics. Skip to 1:40 minutes if you just need clarification. Believe me, everyone has their own opinion on this! For example, I wouldn’t pull out the claws first – no way! If you have any questions, ask your server to guide you.

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