Steamed Crabs In Baltimore Md

Steamed Crabs In Baltimore Md – The Chesapeake Bay blue crab population recently reached 300 million. Over the years, that number has doubled. Meanwhile, the greater Baltimore area has just 2.7 million people. With this imbalance, it’s no wonder blue crab has been a Baltimore favorite for generations.

With its location on the banks of the Chesapeake, Baltimore became a major center for the crab industry. Restaurants and taverns are popping up in harbors and marinas, specializing in steamed blue crabs and ice-cold beer. In fact, the Baltimore-based crab brew known as Old Bay was developed as a way to get thirsty customers and order more beer.

Steamed Crabs In Baltimore Md

Eating blue crab the traditional Baltimore way is not for the faint of heart or those who like to eat off white cloth tables. Instead, steamed blue crabs are often piled in the middle of a paper-covered table. Diners use small mallets, knives, or even their bare hands to open the hard shell and scoop out the tender flesh inside. It’s a messy experience, but a lot of fun, and it’s also amazingly Maryland (crab cakes are also a regional specialty, but they can’t match the unique fresh flavors of the sea).

Baltimore In A Box

There are dozens of famous and less famous places around Baltimore that serve Chesapeake Bay blue crab, including Captain James Crab House, Nick’s Fish House, and LPP Steamers. Or head down the road to nearby Annapolis and enjoy Maryland steamed blue crab at the beloved Jimmy Cantler Riverside Inn.

Chesapeake Bay’s blue crab season runs from May through October. Still, you can find steamed crab on the menu year-round at some locations. Because the crabs are sometimes shipped in from Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere — Baltimore locals prefer to keep quiet.

One last tip before you crack up: Wear it endlessly while you’re in a steaming pile of blue crab. Watch out if you’re tagged as a tourist, because a self-respecting Baltimorean would never die in a crab hole.

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