Steamed Crabs Ocean City

Steamed Crabs Ocean City – This is a complete guide to everything you need to know about cooking and eating Maryland steamed blue crab from start to finish.

Made with live blue crabs, beer, Old Gulf spices, melted butter and more, it’ll have your mouth watering before you’ve finished cooking.

Steamed Crabs Ocean City

Don’t forget to grab a few cold ones before you start. A crab boil is not complete without a cold beer.

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Steamed crabs are a staple of the Maryland summer. The smell of that Chesapeake spice and fresh blue crab is unmistakable.

Most people just call the local crab house and place an order, but why not step up your game and up your game.

Crab. Well, seafood lovers, you will need ½ bushel of live blue crabs. This is equivalent to about 3-4 dozen medium-sized crabs.

Blue Crabs: A Not So Tasty Outlook For Maryland’s Favorite Shellfish

Seasoning. Every Marylander knows about spice issues. So the only seasoning you’re allowed to put in the pot is 16 ounces of J.O. #2 crab seasoning and 1 can of Old Bay seasoning. There are no substitutions. If you replace it, you won’t tell me about it.

Wet ingredients: In addition to having enough water…scratch, forget about water, make sure you have enough beer. You’ll need 6 light beers for the steamer (yes, we cook with that), 2 sticks of melted butter, and 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Beer. This is during the preparation of the king (or queen) of the pot. I recommend 1 bucket of cold brew, however, you can increase it to two if you don’t plan on driving.

Ice. Keep your blue crabs cold and on ice until it’s time to steam. Make sure you have plenty of ice.

Paleo In Maryland: Steamed Crabs

Add beer. Fill your crab pot (stock pot) with beer to just below the bottom of the tab. This will take about 6 beers.

Stack and Layer. Arrange the crabs using tongs in circular layers, pouring each layer until the pot is almost full. Leave room for the ear of corn and you will still be able to close the lid firmly.

Steamed crab. Steam the crabs for just 25 minutes until the crabs turn a bright orange-red color.

With just a few ingredients and equipment, you’ll be able to steam crawfish like a pro while saving tons of money.

Hot Steamed Crabs Chesapeake Bay Ocean Stock Photo 27887302

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Crabs can cost up to $400 a bushel depending on size and availability in my area (

) Most of the time we gather in a group and everyone comes in with chips and brings a side dish.

Recently, my brother and I decided to dust off the old crab pot and try our hand at steaming live crabs ourselves. Honestly, it was really pretty easy, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll be doing this more often.

Cool Places: Berlin And Ocean City, Maryland — Chef Denise

That said, on average you’ll get somewhere in the range of 7 dozen small to medium crabs per bushel or about 5 dozen medium to large crabs.

I usually tell people that a ½ bushel will feed 6-8 people and a full bushel will feed 10-12 people.

It also depends on how experienced and serious the crab eaters are, as I have seen 4 people plow through crabs and beer in 2 hours…if you are wondering, yes I was one of those people!!

If you’re a Marylander, there’s a lady down the road selling live crabs; At least it is by me.

Outstanding Maryland Crab Houses Worth The Drive

$20 a dozen or $110 a half bushel. We have aptly named her “The Crab Lady”. Every weekend he sells beautiful crabs outside to the experienced crab steamers of the area. I brought a cooler with an ice pack and grabbed a half bushel of medium/large male crabs.

When purchasing live crab, make sure the crabs are… you guessed it, alive!! It was impressive to see a woman catching crabs with tongs and knowing if they were alive just by feeling.

Almost how an experienced angler can tell by the subtlest of movements whether they have a fish on the line. The dead crab was thrown away immediately.

Crabs have to wrestle and fight their way into your cooler. The key to keeping Cancers alive is to keep stress to a minimum. Don’t throw them around or mess with them more than necessary.

Es Historical Society’s Annual Crab Crackin’

When transferring to the grill, place them using tongs and try to lay them right side up.

Since we weren’t steaming the crabs until the end of the day, we left the cooler slightly open with the drain plug undone to allow the melt water to escape.

The carbs won’t be as mushy once on ice and will be easier to handle when it’s time to cook.

Male Cancers known as “jimmies” have a T-shaped brain apron on the underside. In contrast, female blue crabs, aka “socks,” have a rounded dome-shaped apron. An easy way to remember is that a man’s apron looks like the Washington Monument and a woman’s apron looks like the dome of the Capitol Buildings.

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Due to fishing restrictions, you will almost always find males keeping the crab population at a sustainable level. Some crab connoisseurs claim that female crabs are sweeter, but I don’t see any noticeable difference.

I always use a long folding table covered with newspaper or what is affectionately known as crab paper. Use multiple layers so you can just roll up the paper after eating and throw away all the shells and trash.

After covering the table with newspaper, I like to place a large bucket of cold drinks in the center of the table. The cooler is good, but I don’t want to get up when I start picking crabs.

Each guest should have a thin knife, a crab hammer and several rolls of paper towels on the table, preferably with a vertical paper towel holder.

The Best The Best Crabs In Ocean City Md In Ocean City, Md

After the crabs are cooked, they can be piled in a bucket in the center of the table or served on sheets if space allows. Arrange everything before you start steaming the crabs.

I am a big fan of cooking crabs with beer. You don’t have to use anything fancy and you can use a 50/50 beer to water ratio if you want.

I usually go with a light lager to drink before I eat the crabs. I’m not going to say one brand over another because I know people take their brand of beer seriously.

You will need a large pot with a steamer basket. We actually used a basket that had been in the family for years.

Reter’s Crab House & Grille

You will also need propane fuel to steam the crabs, so again I will leave the link I recommend.

I also recommend these oven safe BBQ gloves to handle the crab pot and even protect your hands from crab claws.

I know that’s a lot of stuff to buy, but the money you’ll save steaming your own crabs will pay for it all in just a few uses.

Once you’ve filled the steamer with beer and lit the propane, it’s time to start layering the crabs. Use long tongs and gloves to protect your hands from crabs.

Month Of September Best For Blue Crab

I’m a big fan of J.O. #2 Crab Seasoning because it’s a bit of a spice or you can use J.O. #1.

I don’t recommend old abalone for crab seasoning because it’s too finely ground and frankly too expensive to use in that amount.

Leave a few inches of space at the top of the pot for a few ears after each layer of crabs is broken.

This is obviously an optional step, but it works great with crabs and is always a big hit. You should be able to steam ½ bushel in the size pot I recommend.

Blu Crabhouse & Raw Bar

The crabs should be cooked with the lid on for about 25 minutes. After cooking, they will have a reddish-orange color and it’s time to eat.

The crabs will be piping hot, so you’ll have time to gather them all at the table, so don’t worry about them getting cold. I actually prefer my crabs to cool to room temperature.

You’ll know you’ve cooked the crabs perfectly if the newspaper remains fairly dry by the time you eat them. Crabs that fall into the water are a sign that you have used too much liquid or cooked the crabs too long.

I’d like to skip this thread because I’m sure what I write will be wrong. I’ve been eating blue crabs for over 30 years and I’ve seen them probably a dozen different ways.

Steamed Crab Stack Many Crab On Plate Stock Photo

Some people eat the claws first and then remove the shell and collect the hind fin and scrap meat from the blue crabs.

Some keep the legs on the crab to help remove the meat. others

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