The Best Place To Stay In Nashville

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Not sure where to stay in Nashville? These are the areas you’ll want, no matter what the reason for your visit

The Best Place To Stay In Nashville

Deciding where to sleep is a very important part of planning any trip. That’s not just the hotel, that means the whole area. Much will depend on the focus of each trip, and many visits to Nashville are based on its reputation as a giant neon honky-tonk paradise, where the boating and beer-swigging lasts until the early hours of the morning. You’ll see a lot of that in Music City, of course, but here it’s a lot different and more nuanced than that.

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Each area of ​​Nashville offers something different, from popular attractions to live music, great restaurants, and even family-friendly places. Where to stay in Nashville? Let your life do the heavy lifting; All you have to do is choose.

Downtown is the economic and tourist center of Nashville, as well as the regional center and residential area of ​​Lower Broad. This is where you’ll find honky-tonks, playing western music almost every hour of the day. But this area isn’t just for members; in addition to some of the biggest attractions, Downtown is home to swanky hotels, restaurants, and enviable views of the Cumberland River. This place is popular with tourists who want to explore Music City, no car is required.

Eat: Fifth + Broadway’s Assembly Food Hall is a small collection of food from the city’s best restaurants. Want hot chicken? Chinese comfort food? Red-velvet tacos? Kurdish food? Check, check, check and check. It is here at an affordable price, with an amazing view of the Ryman Auditorium and Broadway. Free live music is an ongoing benefit.

Happy Drinking: As discussed, there are many honky-tonk bars in downtown Nashville. Locals love Robert Western World because the owners hire great musicians to play Western swing and country music…and because they sell cheap beer.

Best Neighborhoods In Nashville, Tn

Do: Visit the second floor of the Nashville Public Library. That’s where the civil rights room describes the most important events of the 1960s of the student-led protests that took place here and helped to segregate the entire city.

Sit: With minimalist 1970s decor and a bold 2020 approach to service and amenities, The Fairlane Hotel is one of the best places in town. Head here to relax in velvety opulence, then take in city views from guest rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Grab breakfast from the Bagelshop downstairs before heading out to explore.

If you only do one thing… Catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium. Of course, it doesn’t matter who plays the music, you just want to experience the sacredness and the wonderful music of the space. If you can’t buy a ticket, take an afternoon tour to see the magic of the backcountry.

The music line is where Nashville’s business is. Two parallel streets (connected to the joyful Musica sculpture area) are connected to the original buildings converted into concert halls and office towers. Scattered among these essentials of the music industry are places to eat, drink, listen to music, and sleep.

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Dining: With 32 seats surrounding the open kitchen, Catbird Seating provides multi-hour catering performance as well as casual dining. Keep a book in front and see how to make magic with local tools.

Beverage: Q: Is there anything more Nashville than drinking beer and listening to singers sing stories about global suffering? A: No, there isn’t. The best of this country music event takes place at Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern, a beloved music venue.

Do: Names like Elvis Presley wrote and recorded hits when he hit atHistoric RCA Studio B. The concert hall, preserved as it was at the time, is open for tours. Book your ticket and book a bus here; tours depart from the National Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Stay: With the signature red staircase, famous pool and guest rooms with great views, Virgin Hotels Nashville is the perfect way to be in the middle of it all.

Top 5 Places To Stay In Nashville

If you only do one thing… Shop at Any Old Iron, designer Andrew Clancey’s temple to all things sequined. If it’s good enough for Miranda Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift, who all wear Clancey’s designs, you’re good to go home (if you make it there, note that Clancey has a brand now on Free People). supermarket).

Named for the natural gulch with railroad tracks that run through this area, this may be Nashville’s newest neighborhood in terms of construction, with high-rises and big cities and shopping centers. . It’s a long way to downtown, SoBro, and Midtown, but it’s interesting for its own attractions, mainly shopping, dining and drinking (but what else do you want?).

Eat: Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan brings his Indian cuisine, spices, and cooking to Nashville’s lucky crowd at his flagship Chauhan Ale and Masala House. Order options to check out his fusion recipes, but don’t miss the piping hot chicken pakoras.

Drinking: If your idea of ​​a good time involves playing duckpin (a type of bowling that doesn’t require rental shoes), bocce, pinball, or foosball, head over toPins Mechanical. All these games, plus wine, beer and wine (which will improve your aim), are on the menu and the bar is included.

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Do: Walk the Gulch Greenway to Frankie Pierce Park and Capitol View. This place outside the city is perfect for walking or easy cycling on city streets, with views of skyscrapers and green spaces. There are many outdoor paintings to stop and admire along the way.

Sit: A glass tower from the outside, Thompson Nashville is a modern restaurant with many interesting features, including items made from wood salvaged from the surrounding area. Don’t skip a trip to the bar, LA Jackson.

If you only do one thing… Among all these high-rises is a simple cinder block house, which for decades has served the best bluegrass music in the country. The Harbor is a must for all visitors to Nashville, not just The Gulch.

East Nashville has a love-hate relationship with the “hip” moniker it has earned over the years due to its large concentration of creative people. This great neighborhood on the east side of Downtown is home to beautiful boutiques and purveyors of handmade goods, not to mention many of the best gourmet restaurants and the best little watering holes.

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EAT: Melvil Arnt and his parents moved to Nashville from Paris, and that’s evident in every aspect of Once Upon a Time in France, from the decor to the food to the wine list. The French bistro does not accept reservations, so plan to chat with the locals over a glass of wine while you wait for a table.

Drinks: Order a hot drink or two at Pearl Diver, an elegant lounge that exudes island charm in its menu, social atmosphere, and personality. If you’ve only been to a cheesy tiki bar, be prepared to be blown away by the idea of ​​this tropical experience.

Do: Browse the small boutiques at theShoppe in Fatherland and nearby TheFive Point Alley Shops. These small collections of storefronts feature handmade goods, vintage finds, and more.

ON THE STREET: The Gallatin Hotel’s bright, front street, and garden emphasize the mantra “Stay Happy” In addition to the plethora of selfie spots, the hotel offers hands on a local initiative that works with Nashville’s homeless.

There’s A Dolly Parton Themed Rooftop Bar In Nashville

If you do just one thing… Every single Monday at 5 Spot, the villagers cut cloth. They call it Motown Mondays, but really, it’s just dancing to a bunch of good music, starting with Western swing. Many show that they know their footwork, but you don’t have to be an expert to join.

The moniker means “south of Broadway” and this small neighborhood separates itself from the rest of downtown. It is a hockey arena, a concert hall, a convention center and many hotels, restaurants, and museums. Like its neighbor to the north, Sobro is a popular destination for tourists, but with a negative vibe.

Eating: It’s not magic to make a restaurant taste good and offer good food and drinks, although sometimes it can feel like it. AtHouse of Cards, you can eat some steakhouse-style classics (or a vegan surf and turf, if that’s your thing) and watch the thinkers and magicians in action them. Bring a sports jacket, as there is a dress code to enter this fun.

Drinks: The amazing collection of contemporary art (everything is for sale, just ask to see the cast) is as good as the special cocktails on the menu at the hideaway called Bar Sovereign.

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May: Although honky-tonks have fire, Nashville is a songwriter’s town at heart. Hear their stories and music series by catching a low-key sit-down show at The Listening Room Café.

ASK: Joseph Nashville luxury is packed with one-of-a-kind experiences, from the world-class art collection (don’t forget to look up when you’re on the bar) to the award-winning Italian cuisine and indulgence.

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