The Check Cashing Place Near Me

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The Check Cashing Place Near Me

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The Check Cashing Place

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Value Check Cashing Near Me, 2017 S 129th E Ave Suite B, Tulsa, Ok, Currency Exchanges

Getting paid is always worth celebrating, but where do you go to turn that celebration into real money? For about 6 percent of U.S. adults, the answer isn’t a bank or credit union. This small segment of the population is often known as the unbanked, meaning they don’t have a traditional checking or savings account. Instead, they should explore other ways to cash their checks and turn the written amounts into real dollars.

While you may not be familiar with a check cashing service, you’ve probably driven past one of these places that will be happy to handle your check cashing needs. They often have signs advertising their ability to cash checks, along with payday loans, wire transfers, money orders and other financial transactions. According to the trade association that represents many of these locations, the Financial Services Centers of America (FISCA), there are more than 13,000 locations nationwide. Many people also invest a lot of money through them. FISCA data shows they serve more than 30 million customers each year and cash more than $58 billion in checks.

Check cashing services offer instant access to cash. While depositing checks into a traditional bank account often involves a processing time where the funds may be available the next business day or several days later, you can take your check to one of these service centers, show them your official ID and walk out with the money a few minutes later.

However, the convenience of speed comes at a price. Check cashing services charge a fee for each transaction. This fee will vary depending on where you cash your check and what type of check you pass. Consider some of these check cashing costs.

The Real Reason The Poor Go Without Bank Accounts

While many locations display their fees next to the cash register window, keeping track of the fees you’ll pay to cash a check before you actually go to the retail location can be difficult. Some of the biggest names in the business — ACE Cash Express and United Check Cashing, for example — don’t readily list fees for their services online. To eliminate confusion, you can skip visiting a standard check cashing location and pick up your check somewhere you may already be visiting for other needs.

Kroger fees and limits vary by state. If you don’t put your funds on the buyer’s card, the fee increases.

Michael Sullivan, a personal finance consultant at Take Charge America, says the biggest downside to check cashing services is the cost.

“Some outlets will charge 10 percent or more of the value of certain checks to cash them,” says Sullivan. “If consumers are paying 10 percent of their net profits just to get paid, that could lead to a huge reduction in their standard of living.”

Speedy Check Cashing In 49th St, Pinellas Park, Florida

Sullivan also points out that you may enter a location for the simple purpose of cashing your check, but you can be enticed to sign up for more services. “When the law permits, many check-cashing stores are lending outlets, which provides more temptation for financially strapped consumers,” he says.

Despite these drawbacks, the reality is that many people have to use them because they cannot open a bank account.

“The positive side of check cashing stores is that they provide a work and life mechanism for many consumers,” says Sullivan. “Consumers can become unbanked for many reasons, from financial crime records to undocumented status. Whatever the reason, these people still often need to cash checks, whether to pay bills or for tax refunds and paychecks. Some seniors need to cash Social Security checks. Without commercial check cashing, these consumers would have few options.”

If you’ve faced challenges opening a traditional bank or credit union account, check cashing services can help you access your money. However, research the fees first. Do the math to find out how much of your money you’ll never see because it’s returned to the till. And if you’ve been worried about paying fees at traditional banks, check out these five checking accounts with no fees, no recurring minimum balance requirements, and no hidden costs to cash your next check.

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David McMillin is a contributor and covers topics such as credit cards, mortgages, banking, taxes and travel. David’s goal is to help readers understand how to save more and stress less.

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