The Closest Breakfast Place

The Closest Breakfast Place – If you’re one of those people who wakes up after drinking and crawls to the bathroom, we feel for you. However, if you wake up dying for a hearty breakfast, you’re in the right place. We’ve found the 20 best breakfast spots for a full meal to start your day in Singapore. Of course, you don’t have to be hungover for these.

Plan your next hearty breakfast in one of the cafes located in the two locations. Both cafes serve inexpensive fare like all-day brunch, eggs benny, salted caramel banana with French toast, and even the perfect bubble tea pairings. Definitely a comfort breakfast for a morning when you’re feeling blue in Singapore.

The Closest Breakfast Place

One of the best breakfast spots in Singapore that offers a fabulous brunch. Perfect for sending your taste buds on an adventure with Japanese wagyu beef bowls, sweet dark chocolate ice cream waffles and more.

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Refuel with specialty coffee and a tasty Asian fusion breakfast. Think fried egg skillet, breakfast bowls and more, all with a Japanese twist. The cafe is located in a charming 3-story historic shophouse, making it a perfect place for weekend relaxation.

Have a huge pile of American and European-inspired pancakes here, which are the stars of the show. For example, there are banana numbers, grilled strawberries, chocolate chunks and more. Be sure to pair it with a hearty cup of coffee for the ultimate boost.

Customers love the decadent breakfasts at this location. Think healthy pancakes filled with fruit, ice cream and chocolate, truffle scrambled eggs and even huge breakfast plates with everything you need to fuel up.

This new Japanese cafe offers unique comfort food with a twist, as well as the best filled sandwiches. Why not read the whole thing here.

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Start your day with a hearty breakfast at this Melbourne-inspired cafe. Think truffle scrambled eggs, savory French toast, delicious shakshuka eggs, huge roasted eggplant pesto sandwiches and more.

Another hot new and instagrammable cafe in Chinatown. You can expect a comfortable breakfast, including the option of making your own brunch. Read all about it here.

As one of our favorite pet-friendly eateries, it’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat with your dog. Indulge in pancakes, fried chicken, and salted caramel cookies to name a few.

Expect a wonderful all-day international breakfast with a twist. Think big portions of exotic green and fruit salads, perfect for boosting energy. As well as plenty of naughty breakfast options like waffles, Tunisian-style spicy shakshuka with bread, egg and chorizo, and a grilled Rueben sandwich filled with meat and cheese to name a few.

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Enjoy an all-day American breakfast at one of your favorite brunch spots. Breakfast starts at $6, but we suggest you try the great All Star Plate for $12.90, which is an OTT plate with all the breakfast fuel you need. Other options include a pancake package for just $8.90, chicken and waffles for $12, just to name a few.

Brush your teeth on a gigantic sandwich with nutritious fillings from avocado to egg and more Aussie-inspired breakfasts at one of our favorite brunch spots. Other highlights include the hearty breakfast, truffle eggs and toast, and plenty of sweet options.

Another favorite brunch spot of ours. From delicious savory options like Smoked Salmon Breakfast, Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sourdough, from the classic BLT to sweet treats like Sourdough Waffles with Ice Cream and Caramel Dip… guaranteed to cure your hangover.

This American joint has brought some epic Instagrammable food to Singapore. Especially their OTT filled sandwiches which do not disappoint. Read all about it here.

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With a wide selection of healthy side dishes, your energy will quickly increase thanks to the vitamins and nutrients they contain. While sweet dishes like the Instagrammable Berry Ricotta Hotcake or the Big Sunday Platter, or Pancakes topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, Berries and Maple Syrup… are surefire ways to get you in the mood.

Another fantastic place to indulge in a pampering spa breakfast. This joint has plenty of hearty belly fillers under $17. From the classic Sourdough Smashed Avocado to French Toast, Truffle Fries, Salad Bowls, Chipotle Chicken Sandwiches and more.

This hotspot serves a delicious breakfast unique to Singapore. Think pumpkin pancakes with smoked salmon and eggs benedict, banana, berry and maple syrup pancakes, lots of savory pancakes and the big plate, the closest you can get to an English breakfast. Similarly, this is one of the best work-friendly cafes in Singapore when you need to shake off a hangover and get down to business.

Why not satisfy your hunger with Japanese pancakes from one of the best pancake places. Any pancake you can think of is guaranteed to be found at this place. For example, the menu includes savory treats like Honey Chicken Puff Pancakes and sweet pancakes like fluffy berry and chocolate. Definitely the best breakfast in Singapore.

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Solve your headache at this beautiful riverside cafe serving bacon croissants, smoked salmon eggs, skillet breakfasts, Italian-inspired pastas and more.

Expect a heavenly cheap brekkie at this Melbourne-inspired cafe. From hearty, hearty breakfast feasts to nutritious dishes like pork benedict, corn cobs and sweet, salted caramel banana waffles… you’ll be spoiled for choice. Truly one of the best breakfast places in Singapore. If you’re looking for coffee and cake, full English breakfast, milkshakes, classic cereal with flavored milk, vegan food, or a typical Barcelona breakfast with Mediterranean ingredients, you’ll find them here.

This Gracia neighborhood classic is well-loved by the locals – you’ll find it right outside the Mercat de la Llibertat, a charming food market in a modernist building.

Take a seat at the long wooden bar, join the lively atmosphere and try the classicesmorzar de forquilla,

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You get a plate of scrambled eggs with pancetta or sobrasada (a typical Mallorcan cold cut/salami with pork tenderloin and peppers) and a tasty Spanish tortilla that will put even the biggest hangovers to bed.

If you’ve read about the local classic chocolate con churrosthen, consider this version of the popular fried donut stick on your list. Granja Viader is my favorite breakfast place in Barcelona to make me feel like a kid again.

It feels as old school as a bakery your grandma used to take you to. It has been there since 1870. It was originally a dairy shop and they still make their own yogurt.

When people ask for the best breakfast in Barcelona for the sake of authenticity, I tell them to sit down and eat at a restaurant famous for sourcing its ingredients from what CNN calls the best food market in the world.

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This is where traditional Catalan food is served, sitting at a bar in the heart of a bustling market, and the bartender is a

The safe bet is another delicious Spanish omelette, but if you’re venturing into the culinary dark, go for garbanzo beans and blood sausage. Just make sure you get there early or you’ll be fighting for a spot.

My American friend says this place is like being in California and I can’t blame him. This modern stop offers breakfast classics like fresh-squeezed orange juice, eggs Benedict and smoked salmon bagels. Then they throw in the delicious cakes.

The crepes here are also a hit: choose the Nutella chocolate or banana matcha version and wash it all down with the best coffee in Barcelona.

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This luxury hotel actually hosted The Beatles in the 1960s for their only Spanish tour. If that’s good enough for them, what about us? You can choose from high-quality sweet and savory options.

The pile of jamon iberico was impressive. My visiting guest couldn’t believe the unlimited sparkling white and freshly squeezed orange juice either.

Have you ever thought about going to a Dunkin’ Donuts for your morning coffee and breakfast? Stop there! There’s a delicious, small-batch donut alternative courtesy of American pastry chef Richard Bies.

You will find this cafe in one of the trendiest streets in Barcelona with a menu of 12 flavors that changes every day. Some example? Apricot and pistachio, chocolate and violet, creamy lemon with raspberry, grapefruit and ginger, vanilla glaze.

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Opening hours: Mon-Fri (8:00-20:00) and Sat-Sun (9:00-21:00) or until sold out.

The idea of ​​pouring a pint of milk into a big bowl of my favorite cereal and making the piggies is really for Sunday breakfast at home in my pyjamas. Then I went to Barcelona’s first cereal cafe.

Since March 2017, cereal lovers have fallen in love at first sight with this homely, 70s retro atmosphere, where more than 150 types of cereal are served. Just choose your fully customizable cereal, add toppings and pour in some regular or flavored milk.

This hip brunch spot has high ceilings, comfy chairs and a warehouse feel that’s more London than Barcelona, ​​perhaps because it’s run by an Anglo-Australian couple.

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The name of the game here is updated classics like pulled pork eggs Benedict and French toast with ricotta and fruit compote. Other favorites include avocado toast, huevos rancheros and

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