The Closest Nail Place

The Closest Nail Place – A woman’s appearance – her clothes, makeup or hair – says a lot about how she wears herself, and nails are no exception.

If you are looking for nail salons with top quality expert services and designs straight from the latest Instagram trends, this is your chance. We have selected 16 luxury nail salons that offer a makeover of your nails so that they fulfill all your desires.

The Closest Nail Place

Take Care Beauty Salon is a leading beauty salon with locations throughout Bangkok. Here you can undergo treatments for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and nails. The fact that the place has existed since 1994 should testify to the quality of service.

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In the nail salon you will find all kinds of services such as hand and foot spas, nail art design, extensions and much more. Premium imported products help keep nails healthy even with constant painting, and many celebrities are regular visitors to Take Care Beauty Salon.

Take Care Beauty Salon has ten different branches throughout Bangkok. Be sure to check their website to find a branch near you.

Let’s start this list with the long established 20 Nail Studio whose clientele includes some of Thailand’s most famous stars.

The owner of the salon is none other than Mam Surivipa, an outstanding TV presenter and comedian who is also a big fan of manicures and pedicures. She decided to open a nail salon to provide a mani-pedi experience that will delight you.

Boston’s Nails & Spa

Nail Studio’s 20 nail stylists are skillful and professional; they can create almost any design you can imagine using techniques like gel nails, nail painting, and acrylic extensions. The salon also offers a hand and foot SPA to help you relax.

Above the Nail is one of the best choices when it comes to nail salons in Thonglor; a favorite among girls who can’t live without mani-pedi.

Since the place works with a team of skilled workers, you can be sure that you get exactly the projects you want. In addition, Above the Nail uses premium products that keep your nail art in pristine condition for months without turning yellow or brittle.

The salon offers a full range of services: manicure, pedicure, regular and hybrid varnishes, nail painting, as well as spa and treatments.

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For perfectly groomed nails, hands and feet, visit Art 4 Nail. The salon offers a range of services ranging from polishing, cutting, trimming, spa, treatments, as well as painting nails with imported products.

Most importantly, Art 4 Nail is one of the few places that offers nail polishes created especially for expectant mothers. And if you are taking children with you, the salon can paint their nails with soy-based varnishes, which is completely safe even for small children. So now you can get matching nail colors.

The staff here are experts and happy to create any great designs you want. This has made the salon a popular choice among Thai stars and celebrities who need impeccably done nails.

Available in several locations, Chaba Nails & Spa offers its services to lovers of both manicure and comfort.

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As one of the best places to get your nails done, the salon uses imported products and tools and allows you to choose from a wide range of colors including solid, metallic and glitter options.

The Chaba Nails & Spa staff is equipped with the right technique, knowledge and creativity, so trust that you will get the design you dream of.

Whether it’s basic nail painting or advanced options like 3D graphics, acrylic extensions, jewelry and water marbling, they’ll do the trick. Chaba Nails & Spa also offers hand and foot care treatments with all the attention they deserve.

You can count on Cloudnine Nail Bar & Cafe to take advantage of the latest nail trends from Japan and Korea, as well as personalized designs. The staff here are skillful and professional, so you’ll get exactly the designs of your dreams.

Vogue Nails And Spa

In addition to the professional staff, the quality of the salon is also due to the use of imported nail polishes from the US and Korea. There are also over 100 nail accessories to choose from.

Cloudnine Nail Bar & Cafe covers everything from nail trimming, painting, hand and foot care, heel scrubs, to paraffin massage. Once you’re done with your makeup, you can relax and post photos of your beautiful nails in the coffee shop area with delicious cold drinks ranging from THB 60 to 110.

Colette Prestige Nail Spa offers services such as hand and foot spas, nail painting, nail extensions and much more in a calm and relaxing environment.

The salon’s team of professionals will take care of your nails, choosing high-quality products that will nourish them. For those who love extra privacy, the Colette Prestige Nail Spa can put you in one of the private rooms to make sure you are comfortable.

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House of Nail begins its meticulous process with nail preparation – trimming nails and surrounding areas, nourishing the skin and preparing hands and feet for spa and massage. Then it’s time to paint or add acrylic nail extensions if you so choose.

The salon also offers manicures and pedicures for men in a wide range of colors and designs.

You can even bring your own design and let professional House of Nail artists create stunning nail art for you. This highly personalized service often turns new customers into repeat customers, including many actors, beauty pageants and celebrities.

Hugs x Kisses stands out from other places on this list in that it calls itself “nail stick”.

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He works with a team of talented nail stylists who can provide services such as nail art design, hybrid polishes, acrylic extensions and basic nail painting. And because it’s an all-inclusive service, you can also enjoy nail treatments and a spa for hands and feet.

Hugs x Kisses uses the highest quality accessories and hardware and comes with plenty of color options. Best of all, the place is super relaxing which is further enhanced by the full service and iced cold drinks while you get your nails done.

The Kantima salon is a must-have for fans of floral designs due to its unique selection of lovely floral designs. The owner and only stylist of the place, Grace Kantima, absolutely loves floral prints and decided to bring her love for them to the studio.

Kantima Salon exclusively designs and paints floral designs with lots of lovely options to choose from. The skill and care reflected in each design has made this place a top choice for many nail art enthusiasts; the waiting list lasts more than a month.

Cassia Nail Spa

Of course, the salon does not accept clients. If you want a session with Grace, you must book in advance.

Frequented by many celebrities and celebrities, Nail Attitude is fun, bright, one-of-a-kind designs. The salon offers a wide range of cute accessories that you can attach to your nails. In addition, Nail Attitude cooperates with qualified professionals whose services will satisfy every lover of nail art.

To get your nails done at Nail Attitude, you must book in advance; this place’s waiting list is on fire. That said, Nail Attitude regularly hosts nail painting workshops for you to practice and follow. More information on the salon’s Facebook page.

Walking into the bright pink Nail Motel booth, you expect to walk out with cute and shiny nails and you won’t be disappointed. The charming designs and skill of the salon staff will leave you with gorgeous, shiny nails that are unlike any other.

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Nail Motel also offers a hand and foot SPA service that will nourish and revitalize your nails and make them look healthy.

Established in 1991, N.I.C Nail Salon is Thailand’s first full-service salon. You will find expert and professional nail stylists who will take care of your nails as well as decorate them with great designs. In addition, the place meets the same standards as nail salons in the US.

The N.I.C Nail Salon can offer you many unusual designs and other services, such as hybrid varnishes, acrylic extensions, nail painting, as well as hand and foot spas, paraffin treatments and acrylic removal.

Get your nails done while lounging in the chic British-style salon at Pretty Cozy Nail Cottage. The salon offers services such as spa, nail painting, nail art and acrylic extensions. It is also worth noting that the premises uses only OPI products, ranging from a wide range of nail polishes to treatments for hands and feet.

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For manicures, technicians will start by cleaning and trimming the area around the nails, then move on to the painting process. No matter what project you are looking for, the staff will be there to offer you professional advice.

The Hills is a salon that will take care of your hair and nails at the same time. Known for using organic products, the salon offers services such as spa designs and nail art with an all-natural approach.

Seeing as its clients include celebrities, models and celebrities, The Hills is definitely one of the best choices to consider.

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