The Nearest Place To Eat

The Nearest Place To Eat – [Bangkok] With travel restrictions significantly reduced, Bangkok is a favorite destination in Singapore for food, shopping, massages and more. (I’m planning a trip myself, so check out the new Bangkok cafe. Yay!)

I have friends who have never visited Bangkok before, and they have asked for the “must eat” there.

The Nearest Place To Eat

Yes, I would say that Thai locals will have their own recommendations, but there are also restaurants and eateries that are on the checklist for first-time tourists.

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So here are 10 Bangkok must-eat food places (that Singaporeans love to go to), especially if it’s your first time in the Land of Smiles: (2 cafes included because it’s a real favourite).

Kway Chap Uan Photchana 408 Yaowarat Road, Khwaeng Chakkrawat, Khet Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand Tel: +66 86 508 9979 Opening hours: 11am – 3am (Tue – Sun), closed Mon Google Maps – Gway Job Uan Photchana.

In Bangkok, and one of the best-known names is “Guy Job Aon Pochana” or “Kway Chap Aon Pochana” which was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand.

The name may sound familiar to Singaporeans Kwe Chap Un Photchana (or Gwai Jab Un Photchana) is located in Yowarat, the most famous street in Bangkok Chinatown.

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For a cheap price, you can enjoy a serving of these chewy yet tender noodles in a fragrant, hot and spicy dish.

If you haven’t had peanut butter before, this would probably be a level 8 out of 10 on a scale, so I think it would probably cure a blocked nose.

On the other hand, I felt that the overabundance of it distracted from the pork and the natural sweet taste inside. A pity because the pork belly pieces were really juicy and crispy

P’Aor, Bangkok 冬陰功大龍蝦 / 68/51 Soi Phetchaburi 5, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Tue – Sun), closed Monday Google Maps – P’ or

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P’Aor (sometimes spelled P’Aor) is a restaurant famous for its tom yum soup. They claim that they serve “the best Tom Yum in the Bay of Bengal”.

Once you catch a glimpse of the giant rock lobster and seafood soup that is their specialty, it’s easy to see why.

In addition to whole rock lobster, you’ll find squid, mussels, fish, prawns and an incredibly rich, creamy, sour tom yum soup.

The soup also comes with a side of rice noodles which makes it a filling meal that can easily be shared between four to six people depending on how much you can eat.

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The shop itself is a no-frills, classic Thai restaurant, tucked away on Sou Pechachuri 5 behind Phaya Thai BTS Station.

The easiest way to access the street is by cutting the carpark at Phaya Thai Plaza next to the BST station.

Je Ha Chula Banth Thong Road, 113 Charat Muang Road, Prithviman, Bangkok 10330 (National Stadium BTS) 113 ถ. Jai Mueang Bang Bang, Bangkok, Thailand 10330 Tel: +66 64 118 5888 Opening Hours: 4:30pm – 12pm (Mon – Sun) Google Maps – Je Ha Chula.

Jhe Chula also offers a variety of delicious baked goods – our Singapore equivalent.

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, it has become a tourist institution for Singaporean tourists as well as foodies looking to recreate at home.)

Tom Yum Mama’s star dish is available in pork ball version, seafood or all-in. The portion is good for sharing between 2 to 3 hungry people

Somehow the tom yum soup base is more appetizing than normal, mildly spicy, medium thick and zesty with lime slices. Nice to take a break

Ran Jai Phi 327 Mahachai Road (Samran Rat Road) Bangkok, Thailand Tel: +66 2 223 9384 Opening hours: 9am – 8:30 pm (Wed – Sun), closed Mon, Tue Google Maps – Ran Jai Phi

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Ryan Jay Fai is the only street hawker in the inaugural Bangkok Michelin Guide, awarded a Michelin star and also featured on Netflix’s Street Food.

The eatery is run by a 70-plus-year-old woman, also known as “Sister Mole,” known for her iconic oversized goggles.

Main dishes sold include tom yum goong, puo phad yellow curry, homemade prawn cakes, and yum won-sen – a Thai spicy salad with glass noodles and mixed seafood.

Prices are more expensive than the average Thai meal, but that doesn’t stop people from going early in the morning to get a number one

Cambodian Food At A Market Stock Photo. Image Of Food

It is, of course, eggs and long crab meat grilled over a hot coal fire

Don’t forget the alcoholic noodles, which consist of flat rice noodles fried in a hot and spicy sauce and jumbo prawns marinated in wine. Roasting it over a charcoal fire meant the noodles were thick

Thip Samai Pad Thai 313 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 Thailand Tel: +66 2 226 6666 Opening Hours: 10am – 12am (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues Google Maps

While you’re in Ran Jay Phi Phi, you might want to check out the famous Thip Samai, known for its Pad Thai.

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Located about 10 minutes from Chinatown, the eatery has been around since 1966 and is popular with locals and tourists alike.

While you can find outlets in food courts in major shopping malls, the experience here is still very different.

The ‘kitchen’ is in front of the food, there are a few sections: two people doing the initial frying (big fire big fire) over the coals, a group gathering, while the person closest to the street is the fryer – wrapping the noodles with egg – a bucket on the side, systematic clockwork. with functions like

A thin layer of egg medium was wrapped around the stir-fried noodles like a pillow and when opened was almost like opening a treasure chest. Although I can say this is a good plate of Pad Thai, but not an exception

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Pollo Fried Chicken (So Pollo) 137/1-3 So Pollo, Th Withey, Wireless Road, Lumphini, Bangkok, Thailand Tel: +66 2 655 8489 Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

In business for more than 50 years, most come here for one main reason – the Kai Todd fried chicken, flavored with black pepper and topped with crunchy golden-brown garlic.

Tender juicy drumsticks dipped in spicy sauce are hard to forget The first bite was…

Marinate well, with garlic and spices, and some oil I found some parts of the chicken dry, especially the breast meat

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Go-Ang Kum Munkai Pratunam Punam Market, 960-962, Phetchaburi Road, Soo 30, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand Tel: +66 81 779 7255 Opening Hours: 6am – 9pm (Mon – Sun) Google Maps – Go Aung Pratunam Chicken Rice

Founded in the 1960s as a food stall at Hainan Chicken Rice in Bangkok’s Pratunam district, Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam quickly gained popularity among tourists.

Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice has been around for more than 60 years and offers Khao Man Gai (สัวมวัว), a Thai version of chicken rice that originated in Hainan, China.

Although there are outlets in Singapore, the experience and food are completely different from what you get in Bangkok.

Maps And Symbols.

A good serving for one person consists of a small cup of rice served with a layer of poached chicken with a garnish of cucumber slices, a side soup of chicken broth and a small bowl of black sauce.

I thought the chicken was more or less average while the rice was flavorful, fluffy and not too greasy.

Lok Yun On Lo On Yun 72 Charon Krung Rd, Kweng Wang Burpha Phirom, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand Tel: +66 2 223 9621 Opening Hours: 6am – 2:30pm (Mon – Sun) ) Google Maps – on Lok Yun

The old-style Cafe On Lok Yun (On Lok tourists) has become a popular breakfast spot with tourists (especially Singaporeans), and it’s not hard to understand why.

Cheese And Biscuits: Café Murano, St. James

With faded photos on gray walls, old-school Milo tins on pale green wooden cabinets, classic coffee shop furniture and the aroma of bread lingering in the air, the coffee shop is captured in time.

With more than 80 years of history, people visit for their Thai-style American breakfast of bread with butter and sugar, French toast and egg custard bread with kaya.

The egg custard bread with kaya is something I would return to again, as the beautifully grilled toasts were soft and light.

Roast Coffee & Dining 335 Thonglor Soo 17, Sukhumvit 55 Klongton Nua, Watanabe, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 96 340 3029 Opening Hours: 10am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 7:30pm ( Saturn – Sun) Google Maps – Commons

That1 Buffet With Seafood Bucket, Bbq Steamboat, Claypot, Lok Lok And Dry Pot Seafood At Geylang

Ask any millennial Singaporean who’s been to Bangkok, and they’ll likely have visited the roast or put it somewhere else on the itinerary.

The brainchild of Bharat Vichit-Vadakan, this all-day casual eatery is known for its relaxed atmosphere, extensive brunch dishes and in-house roasted coffee.

Step into the commons (you won’t regret it) and you’ll see the industrial brick and glass decor, the large dining hall of a home with high ceilings, spacious, buzzing with lively people. (There are other cafes and brunch spots

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