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Tire Alignment Springfield Mo

The Duane Barker family opened Barker’s Frame and Collision in August of 1988. Duane Barker had a great reputation for frame and underbody repair.

Tire Services For Rolla & St. Robert, Mo, Motorists

In the early part of 2000, Duane’s son, Todd, passed away. Duane had already retired and Todd ran the business.

Don Melton began working for Barker’s in March 2000. In July of that year, he purchased the Barker’s business and equipment. He continued to rent the location on St. Louis Street.

In January 2006, Barker’s Frame and Collision moved into a new building located at 3649 W. Chestnut Expressway. Here we have over 11,000 square feet of work area. 2 heated paint booths, 2 frame machines and computer alignment.

We are a direct repair shop for several major insurance companies. We do quality work, just ask our customers. We work with all insurance companies and write free quotes.

Wheel Alignment & Tire Repairs In Springfield, Mo

We are a direct repair shop for most major insurance carriers. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to wait for the insurance company to look at your vehicle or waste time getting different estimates. Just tell your insurance company that you want Barker’s to do the repairs and we’ll take care of everything for you.

We use high quality repair and refinish products from 3M and Sikkens, so we can offer you a lifetime warranty on paint and workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle.

Do you need a loaner car? It is not a problem. We provide a free loaner car with an appointment if your insurance company does not provide rental coverage.

We have a full time paintless dent repair technician available. Paintless dent repair is applicable when the damage has no paint damage, such as door dents or other small damage. If you need a tire repaired or a new tire replaced, Rick’s Tire Shop is the place for you. Our certified mechanics and technicians offer a full range of tire services, from tire rotations to tire alignment and determination of tire pressure issues through your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

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Use our interactive tire catalog and tire finder below to request a quote on the tires that fit your vehicle’s needs. Browse tire options by vehicle type, tire size, or brand. For further assistance, feel free to contact Rick’s Automotive or schedule a tire service appointment online.

Tires do not have a set lifespan. Road conditions, weather, driver habits, and initial tire quality all affect tire life. Regular preventative maintenance, proper tire pressure, and regular tire rotation can improve tire life. After a tire is five years old, we recommend having it checked annually by a professional. Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires when they are 10 years old, regardless of the amount of wear. At Rick’s Automotive, our automotive professionals will check your tires and make sure your vehicle is safe for you, your family, and your fellow drivers.

Purchasing new tires offers many benefits, including increasing the overall performance of your vehicle. With new tires, you will be able to stop faster and your gas mileage will increase. With the improved traction of performance tires or snow tires, your car can apply more force to the ground with less work on the engine or keep you and your passengers safer on slippery roads. You may also notice a smoother ride and better cornering after installing a new set of tires. When a vehicle is properly aligned, its wheels turn exactly parallel to each other, allowing it to drive as the vehicle manufacturer intended. Proper alignment helps provide the drive you loved about your vehicle when you first decided to buy it. You know your vehicle is properly aligned when:

If your vehicle pulls in one direction or your tires wear unevenly, alignment may be the problem.

Wheel Alignment Vs. Balance: What’s The Difference?

Proper alignment is an affordable way to maintain your vehicle’s ride and extend the life of your tires. Plaza Tire Service prides itself on providing excellent alignment services at a price that fits your budget.

Plaza Tire Service uses state-of-the-art alignment equipment developed and manufactured by St. Louis-based Hunter Engineering. In this video, it’s easy to see how premium equipment helps us provide the best possible alignment for your vehicle.

Hitting potholes, curbs, and regular driving can cause incorrect alignment over time. There are several types of misalignment. Only a trained professional can diagnose and correct alignment problems. If a problem is found with your vehicle, it may be related to one of the following problems:

When the top of the tire is sloped to the inside or outside of the vehicle, instead of being aligned in a straight line, the vehicle has the wrong camber.

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When the tires point toward the center of the vehicle’s path, instead of pointing straight ahead, the vehicle’s alignment is toe-in. When the tire(s) point(s) out of the vehicle’s path, instead of pointing directly forward, the vehicle’s alignment is toe-out.

Most tire and vehicle manufacturers recommend alignment corrections at least once a year. They should also be performed when new tires are installed to protect your investment in new tires from the start.

You can count on Plaza Tire Service for accurate and accurate alignments to extend the life of your tires. Plaza Tire Service is home to the most advanced alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering and John Beam. These specialized machines and tools provide precise laser readings, detailed computer printouts, and spot measurements that are used for the most precise corrections. The best alignment equipment means nothing if the technicians who use it can’t operate it, which is why Plaza Tire Service provides extensive training and regular updates to its alignment technicians. The combination of world-class equipment and skilled personnel provide affordable protection for your alignment, your vehicle, and ultimately your tires.

Plaza Tire Service also tracks your vehicle’s alignment history at each visit you make. These detailed records are used to help you remember when periodic alignment checks and corrections are due for your alignment. Give us your email address and we’ll even send you alignment reminders based on your mileage history.

Wheel Alignment Vs. Front End Alignment: Is There A Difference?

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