Tire Places Springfield Mo

Tire Places Springfield Mo – If you need your tires repaired or replaced, Rick’s tire shop is the place for you. Our certified mechanics and technicians offer complete tire services from tire rotation to tire alignment and determining tire pressure issues through your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Use our interactive tire catalog and tire finder below to request a quote for the tires that fit your vehicle’s needs. Browse tire options by vehicle type, tire size or brand. For further assistance, please feel free to contact Rick’s Automotive or schedule a tire service appointment online.

Tire Places Springfield Mo

Tires do not have a set lifespan. Road conditions, weather, driver habits and initial tire quality all affect tire life. Consistent preventive maintenance, proper tire pressure, and regular tire rotation can extend tire life. After the tire is five years old, we recommend having it inspected by an expert once a year. Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing tires when they are 10 years old, regardless of the level of wear. At Rick’s Automotive, our automotive professionals will check your tires and make sure your vehicle is safe for you, your family and your passengers.

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Buying new tires has many benefits, including increasing the overall performance of your vehicle. With new tires, you’ll be able to brake faster and get more gas mileage. With the improved traction of performance or snow tires, your car can put more downforce with less effort from the engine or keep you and your passengers safer on slippery roads. You may also notice a smoother ride and better cornering after installing a set of new tires. Whitney Moore, co-owner and CEO of GL Moore Tire Pros, is passionate about a hobby that might raise a few eyebrows when you check out her shop. based in Springfield, Missouri. Although Moore lives nearly 600 miles from the nearest ocean, she considers herself an avid scuba diver.

Rather than viewing her distance from the open sea as a barrier to spending time underwater, Moore instead sees it as an opportunity for problem solving and discovery.

“It might seem strange considering I live right in the middle of the country, and of course I head to the ocean to dive when I can, but I also enjoy a lot of freshwater diving here,” he says. “We have tons of caves — we’re The Cave State — rivers, lakes and quarries that are amazing to dive.”

He approaches the tire business in the same way. There are those who, after finding themselves running a business with a 50+ year history of year-over-year growth, year after year, may take an “if it’s not broke” approach to their business plan. Instead, Moore—who began learning the ins and outs of the industry while working alongside her father, Mark, while in college—took the opposite approach, obsessively scrutinizing her business to examine trends and areas for improvement.

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For example, Moore says she recently listened to a podcast where a tire salesman said that being an owner is like being a firefighter whose job is to run around and put out small fires.

This led her to analyze her own role in her business, which she said had become bloated because she was involved in everything “except turning the keys”. To solve this, Moore spent time with each of her employees, observing what they were doing and how they were doing it. She asked them what challenges they were facing and what she could do to overcome them, as well as what tools they needed or what resources she could provide to help them.

“We’ve always had a family mentality, but now I’m also trying to demonstrate a method of bringing in all the feedback to make things better not only for them but also for our customers,” he says. “An owner who worries about small details won’t help unless he’s working to make real changes. But if you can start to look at your processes and see where the gaps are, you can start to develop a plan for improvement. Using your employees to help can not only give you complete visibility, but also empower them to take even more ownership of the processes you create. When an employee has a direct impact on their work, I think they care more and do a much better job.”

ENTERTAINMENT: Whitney is a certified personal trainer and once owned a private membership gym in addition to working in the tire industry. However, she says, “I found myself short on time, so I’ve since ‘stepped back’ from official training, but I always help out friends and family when needed.” Pictured: Whitney poses with GL Moore Tire Pros mascot Kotou, which he calls

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Diving and tires have more in common than you might think at first, says Moore. An example would be a common diver saying “Follow the bubbles”.

This means that when a diver turns around underwater and can’t tell which way is up – which is bound to happen to every diver at least once – tracking the direction of the bubbles will ensure that they reach the surface safely.

For Moore, “bubbles” in the tire industry are represented by technological advances by tire manufacturers that are used to accommodate changing customer needs.

“I always tell my guys that I think they’ll be wearing white coats in the next 10 years,” he jokes. “The technological changes we are seeing and the speed at which we are seeing them show the need for forward thinking, a willingness to be adaptable, leveraging available resources and supporting your partnerships. So [we’re] ready and willing to dive into the details, willing to make changes, willing to fail and learn, and open to doing things differently.”

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Moore also does more than follow bubbles—sometimes her voice represents the bubbles in which others in the industry look for guidance.

Moore currently serves on the National Dealer Council and the Marketing Mission-Based Council for Tire Pros, where she leads and is involved in conversations about how to improve the independent franchise business model.

She was also instrumental in the development of the new Women of Tire Pros group, which provides support for dealers working with and for women, as well as mentorship for those new to the industry. The new group is also focused on getting more women involved in the tire industry, a cause Moore says she’s proud to champion.

“Our goal is to show women that they can have a future in this industry,” she says. “Most stores welcome it because different perspectives can be beneficial to the stores.”

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Whether it’s cycling 600 miles with customers or finding creative ways to connect with others, Pierre Zupancic relishes the challenge.

“[The tire industry] is not something I thought of making a career of, honestly, but I fell in love with it because it’s a challenging business,” he admits.

Aaron Telle, President and CEO of Telle Tire, is passionate about managing and growing his business while creating a positive company culture.

Esmeralda Bernal, Sales and Business Development Manager for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, has the strategic thinking needed to help customers succeed.

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Fourth generation Rice Tire family and regional sales manager Brian Chase is excited to take the family business to the next level.

Law enforcement officers around the world know T.J. Tennent and his cherry red Ferrari well done, with many still trying to track him down as you read these words. That means you won’t find any of his ‘wanted’ posters at any police stations – or if you do, it’s simply a sign that

Tire Review is looking for tire industry influencers – someone who is truly changing things for the better, innovating and advancing your company. Nominate them for our Club 3633 Class of 2022 at this link. Related Articles – Continental Tire Announces February Event – Gallery: 2023 K&M Dealer Conference & Trade Show –

The Tire Review recaps where we’ve been in 2021, from ride and drive to dealer meetings to the 2021 SEMA Show.

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To wrap up the year, let’s go over some of the trends that screamed for the tire inspection team in 2021 and how they could impact your business in the new year. DETROIT (AP) — A federal grand jury in Los Angeles is gathering evidence in a criminal investigation into Goodyear recreational vehicle tires that the government blames for crashes that killed eight people and injured dozens more.

A grand jury has subpoenaed Arizona attorney David Kurtz to request all documents and transcripts of depositions in the lawsuit he filed against the Akron, Ohio, tire maker.

A letter accompanying the Jan. 4 subpoena says it was issued as part of “an official criminal investigation conducted by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General.” The Justice Department’s consumer protection branch in Washington is also said to be involved, as well as the US attorney in Los Angeles.

Documents from Kurtz’s lawsuit launched a 2017 investigation into the tires by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which resulted in the tires being recalled.

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