Unique Places To Stay In Traverse City

Unique Places To Stay In Traverse City – Dubbed the Cherry Capital of the World, Traverse City is truly a treasure trove of Northern Michigan’s extraordinary treasure trove of adventure and natural beauty. adventurers Families and vacationers enjoy world-class entertainment; People come to Traverse City to combine outdoor fun with eclectic nightlife and stunning sugar beaches.

The arts and culture scene is extraordinarily vibrant. Culture enthusiasts flock to Traverse City every year to enjoy the iconic art and film festivals. Finding the right hotel is essential to taking in everything this scenic area has to offer.

Unique Places To Stay In Traverse City

From quaint homes and charming Victorian-style guest houses to stylish hotels and luxury resorts; Traverse City, Here are our picks for the top 10 cool and unusual hotels in Michigan…

Traverse City, Michigan

1. Grand Traverse Resort and Spa – A grand resort set on 900 acres of forest and gardens.

Grand Traverse with its luxurious accommodations; Delivering the ultimate Michigan vacation with a world-class spa and championship golf courses.

It’s the perfect destination for a family-friendly vacation where the kids are full of action and participating in sports, where adults can imagine the time.

The resort offers medium and spacious accommodations with lavishly designed bathrooms and panoramic views of the bay or golf course. The Grand Traverse is for honeymooners; We offer a range of budget-friendly packages designed for families and large groups.

Traverse City Meeting Facilities

We can’t stop raving about the on-site restaurant, Aerie Restaurant & Lounge, perfect for a romantic dinner surrounded by breathtaking views of Grand Traverse Bay.

This magnificent waterfront address is one of the best accommodations to enjoy the beauty of East Grand Traverse Bay while enjoying modern comforts and gracious hospitality. Grand Beach Resort has 100 spacious guest rooms and 2 luxury villas.

Guests can enjoy spectacular beach views, Choose from seven different categories, including rooms with walk-out patios and balconies. Travelers who want to experience the privacy and extravagance of a waterfront villa can choose a tastefully decorated townhouse or beachfront condo.

The condominium is a dream home open to the beach and offers private access to the most stunning sunsets and beautiful stretch of East Bay.

Hotel & Conference Center Located In Downtown…

3. Cherry Tree Inn and Suites – A comfortable all-suite hotel overlooking the beautiful East Grand Traverse Bay.

A beautiful beachfront hotel with luxurious amenities and elegant accommodations, Cherry Tree Inn and Suites is ideal for business travelers; It offers a great place for families and those looking for peace and quiet. Enjoy well-furnished suites and studios decorated with modern amenities during your vacations.

Vacations come with fully equipped kitchens; technological amenities; Designed like private homes to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and views, vacationers enjoy plenty of freedom.

The Inn offers a 24-hour indoor pool with a hot tub and a heated outdoor pool, along with complimentary breakfast spreads and a luxurious spa area. Guests can explore the indoor and outdoor spas to relax in the perfect atmosphere.

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4. The Baywatch Resort – A brand new hotel located on the stunningly beautiful East Bay with its own private beach.

One of the most promising newcomers to the vibrant Traverse City hospitality scene, Baywatch Resort entices travelers with breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and private 260-foot views of the sugar-sand East Bay. The resort offers a soothing ambience with its underwater-inspired interiors and mix of seaside colors.

Access to a private beach; Access to a private beach; The private beach is the perfect place for a rejuvenating break with seating and outdoor furniture.

The spacious guest rooms are luxurious and comfortable, with flat screen TVs, refrigerators, air conditioner Deck with 2-person spa tubs and other amenities.

Travelodge By Wyndham Traverse City Mi

Bayshore Resort is very romantic and dreamy with its classic Victorian style architecture and beautifully appointed interiors. This luxury hotel appeals to adventurers with its prime location on the sands of West Grand Traverse Bay. business travelers It attracts honeymooners and families.

This attractive waterfront hotel offers guests spacious rooms, Explore spa rooms and barrier-free rooms. Guests can enjoy free WiFi, state-of-the-art fitness center; Indoor pool and Whirlpool; Complimentary access to guest laundry services and interspersed game room.

Bayshore Resort Traverse City’s trendiest clubs, shops, Ideally located within walking distance of the heart of downtown retail and dining.

Have you ever dreamed of staying in a luxurious hotel with a magnificent water park that spans over 37,000 square feet? If not, Head to Great Wolf Lodge for a truly unforgettable and unique experience.

The 10 Best Traverse City Hotels On The Lake

This adventure destination combines accommodations with an indoor water park heated at 84 degrees, so guests can splash all year round.

Rooms are comfortably appointed and Great Wolf Lodge prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Kids and families alike will love staying at this lodge-cum-water park as there are plenty of kid-friendly activities and events.

Parents can relax without worrying about entertaining their little ones or enjoy a family adventure from the hotel’s activity-packed calendar of events.

Do you find vintage and charming accommodations more appealing than their contemporary counterparts? If yes, The Beach Haus will delight you with its flair on the East Grand Traverse Coast and lush beachside gardens.

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This quaint hotel has recently been renovated to raise its standards of comfort and quality, and the results are impressive. Guests can enjoy spacious pillow-top beds, 55 inch HD TVs; With spacious rooms furnished with mini-fridges and modern amenities, guests can enjoy plenty of fun.

Vacationers can enjoy private adventures like poolside BBQs using the gas grills available on site, or a picnic on the beach on the manicured lawn.

Are you looking for a romantic and intimate venue with private access to Sugar Beach? Beach Condo Unit 104; Honeymooners romantic, Best accommodation for families and digital nomads.

The unit is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a flat-screen TV, modern kitchen, Decked with various modern amenities including a spacious living room and dining room. The luxurious bathrooms are fully equipped with bath amenities and toiletries.

Traverse City Beachfront Hotels

Each unit has a lovely balcony offering delightful views of the lake, and guests have access to a seasonal outdoor pool.

A family-friendly establishment with its quaint and old-world appeal; The Anchor Inn welcomes travelers to its charming garden-like setting with breathtaking views of West Grand Traverse Bay.

The Anchor Inn is located two miles from Traverse City – just the right distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Guests can enjoy fully equipped kitchens, Explore well-appointed motel rooms in 1-2 bedroom suites with living and dining rooms. Families with small children or large groups enjoy the freedom of the 2-bedroom cottages, perfect for a home-away-from-home experience.

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Brimming with warmth, the Brio Beach Inn charms with a prominent location on the beaches of East Grand Traverse Bay and elegantly appointed interiors. We specialize in “Traditional Service” with the calm and humid beachside environment that is so important to this peaceful and old world establishment.

Small refrigerators in comfortable rooms; flat screen TVs; Coffee machines, It comes with modern appliances and amenities, including a microwave and free WiFi. Guests can explore private decks or rooms with beautiful bay views.

Brio Beach Inn offers its guests a private beach equipped with BBQ area and sun loungers to soak up the sun and dine at your own grill.

As a fresh-faced backpacker, I embarked on my first real adventure, traveling around Southeast Asia for six months and balancing visits to over 40 countries. I am US Road Trips. Deserted beaches bathed in the warm light of sunset; Cuban mojitos Away from the tourist crowds and Scandinavian destinations – from cloudberry liquors to Nordic noirs. Without running around the world and running the Global Grasshopper; A Greek street dog walking in a leafy thicket in southwest London. Traveling day after day, taking random trips, You’ll find yourself chasing pictures of landscapes or walking endlessly about your favorite spots. Havana Copenhagen, Italy Laos Truly beautiful landscapes of California and winter Iceland.Territory Supply may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links with reader support. Learn more about our editorial policies here.

Traverse City Hotels

In Michigan, locals have a simple theme: Great Lakes; They live up to the great times. What better way to have a good time than in the great outdoors?

Great Lake ပြည်နယ်သည် အထူးသဖြင့် ၎င်း၏ကျွန်းဆွယ်နှစ်ခုနှင့် ကမ္ဘာ့အကြီးဆုံး ရေချိုကန်များမှ ထွင်းထုထားသည့် ထူးခြားသော အကျုံးဝင်သောပုံသဏ္ဍာန်ဖြင့် ထင်ရှားသည့်အရာများစွာအတွက် လူသိများသည်။ ကြီးကြီးမားမား ကိစ္စမရှိပါဘူး။ သို့သော် မစ်ရှီဂန်သည် နူးညံ့သိမ်မွေ့သော တောင်ကုန်းများ၊ ဆွဲဆောင်မှုရှိသော ကမ်းခြေမြို့များနှင့် ရှင်သန်နေသော ဝိုင်မြင်ကွင်းတို့လည်း ထူးခြားစွာတည်ရှိနေပါသည်။

အလွန်မိုက်သည်ဟု သင်ထင်ပါက၊ ပြည်နယ်သည် ၎င်း၏ကိုယ်ပိုင်အမှတ်တရအတွေ့အကြုံကို ပေးစွမ်းနိုင်သော ထူးခြားသောနေရာများစွာကို တည်းခိုရန်အတွက်လည်း နေရာပေးထားသည်။ အဆင်ပြေစွာပင်၊ ဤမယုံကြည်နိုင်လောက်အောင် အားလပ်ရက်အငှားများ၊ B&B များနှင့် တည်းခိုခန်းအများအပြားသည် မစ်ရှီဂန်ကို အထူးထူးထူးခြားခြားဖြစ်စေသည့် လှပသောဆွဲဆောင်မှုများနှင့် မဝေးလှသောနေရာတွင်တည်ရှိပါသည်။

Snug ကို စဉ်းစဉ်းစားစား တည်ဆောက်ခဲ့သည်။

Unique Traverse City Boutique Hotels

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