Upscale Massage Spa Nyc

Upscale Massage Spa Nyc – There’s always so much to do and see in New York City that it can seem like you’re always going, going, going on your vacation. You and your partner are having a great time exploring Times Square and Central Park or hitting all the best restaurants on your list and you’re exhausted. Vacations should be relaxing as well as fun and interesting, right?

Instead of spending another day sightseeing or waiting in line with the crowds, take some time to reconnect with your partner at an exclusive spa in New York City. You’ll both get that four-star treatment, and you’ll feel refreshed.

Upscale Massage Spa Nyc

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best spas for couples in the heart of New York City: Aire Ancient Baths

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If you’re looking for a traditional spa experience, Aire Ancient Baths offers candle-lit ancient thermal baths that will rejuvenate you. Pair your thermal bath with a relaxing massage, available in 30-, 45-, or 60-minute increments. Aire also offers an argan oil treatment, a therapeutic bath experience with Himalayan salt, and olive extract oil.

For a truly unique experience, try the Wine Bath Experience, where you and your partner luxuriate in a bath filled with antioxidants from the Spanish Tempranillo grape. After your wine soak, indulge in a 60-minute, full-body massage.

Treat yourself to a variety of skin care, massages and body treatments. If you’re having a facial, opt for the Oxygen Awakening or Vitamin C treatments for an uplifting experience. A healing birch massage will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

If you fancy a soak, Shibuya offers a range of treatments to suit your tastes. The Sake Soak, where you relax in a warm sake bath, is great for relieving the stress and fatigue of your trip. For a refreshing experience, try the Elemental Detox and Himalayan salt treatment infused with grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berries.

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Get the ultimate relaxation experience with Nuvansa’s couples package. Choose from massage, facial and body scrub packages. Enjoy a full body massage, Himalayan salt scrub or deep moisturizing hair mask with your partner in a unique bonding experience.

You can add any of the spa’s facial, massage or body scrub services to your package for a completely relaxing day that will leave you refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your trip.

This spa, as its name suggests, caters to couples looking for a joint relaxation experience. Previous guests point to the little extras like massage chairs, tea and chocolates as something that really made their stay that much more special.

Go for the standard couple’s massage package, or add lavender oil to the aromatherapy package for a calming treat. If you’re feeling up for a soak, opt for the floral bath package. For the full experience, choose the Enhanced Couple’s Floral Bath Package, where you’ll receive a massage, full body scrub and a soak in the floral bath.

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For the ultimate private couple’s spa experience, you can’t miss Cornelia. If you’re short on time, treat yourself to a 60- or 90-minute couple’s massage in a private suite. Or, if you want to stay in luxury a little longer, book the Superior Couple’s Suite, which includes a private soak and steam, champagne toast and private botanical tasting with your massage.

Enhance your experience by adding aromatherapy, scalp treatments, lymphatic drainage or the perfect wellness socks to any massage. Or, stop in for a manicure/pedicure before you head out and look your best.

Choose from a variety of services at YeloSpa, including Reiki, massage, and body waxing. Add a dry brush, a cup, or even a deep tissue massage to take care of those tired muscles from typing all day.

If you’re out and about too far from your hotel, you can even stop by the YeloSpa for a nap in one of their private sleep suites.

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Enjoy a private Serenity suite with your partner, starting with a customized 30-minute shower for two, followed by a 90-minute massage. Choose a signature, deep tissue or desert stone massage for the ultimate experience.

If you and your partner want to get in a good sweat session before your massage, opt for the Restoration Retreat. Get complimentary gym access followed by a 60-minute customized massage and 50-minute customized facial.

A great spa session can be a unique, relaxing bonding experience for you and your partner. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, let us know your favorite holiday!

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When visiting New York, you have tons of places to stay. Why not enjoy life like a true New Yorker and rent instead of staying in a hotel? At New York Rentals by Owner, we offer only the best rentals New York has to offer, so you’re sure to find a place to remember on your next trip.

We are always looking for great new places to recommend to our guests. If you have a property in New York that you’re looking to make some extra cash on, we’d love to add you to our list! Cornelia Spa is an intimate, luxuriously appointed Manhattan spa located in Surrey. Its warm, almost silent atmosphere makes it a true oasis from the urban sprawl of the city. In its private suites, specialists personalize treatments based on your unique needs – with thoughtful sensory touches, indulgent tastings and time to decompress in a library of luxurious expressions.

Customization is a core concept at Cornelia Spa, where we value and celebrate your uniqueness. Age, diet, emotional dynamics and exposure to the environment create a different essence for each person’s skin and body. That essence is constantly changing, constantly growing. Cornelia Master Therapists, together with you, meticulously customize each service to reflect and connect with the most subtle aspects of how you look and feel in the moment. Time-honored remedies are blended with exotic botanicals and proven scientific innovation. We are dedicated to providing carefully crafted, results-driven spa treatments, enhanced with elegant sensual touches.

We focus on your specific skincare routine by customizing your facial to keep skin looking youthful and beautiful. Each treatment concludes with a botanically inspired tasting and glass of bubbly.

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Mindfulness is a core practice of Cornelia. We are intuitive and meet you where you are – an approach that fosters awareness, clarity and trust for a truly profound session.

A blend of pampering and healing, these treatments soothe, stimulate, and recharge your body. Then, reawaken the senses with an aromatherapy treatment.

At Cornelia, we are driven by the desire to keep your skin young and beautiful. We focus on your specific skin care by incorporating optimal flexibility in customizing your face. Each facial treatment ends with a botanically inspired tasting.

After a customized assessment, our botanical formulas are selected and precisely proportioned to your needs. A deep pore cleanse with a natural enzyme exfoliator combines with our exotic, linear softening zen ginseng mask, Cornelia Advanced Enhancer, to intensify skin renewal. A selection of anti-aging and corrective serums with skin-specific moisturizing emulsions restore skin health and revitalize your skin’s vitality. Enjoy a pampering, hand and arm massage with revitalizing plant extracts, softening aromatic essential oils and exotic herbs.

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Seaweed and sea mud “laminara” provide a powerful enzyme exfoliation for deep pore cleansing. Your neck and décolleté are inspired by a deeply hydrating mask of revitalizing marine botanicals, while an ultra-nourishing caviar mask is re-exfoliated to reveal newly nourished skin. Purified marine collagen provides a ‘matrix’ base for new, smoother skin. A double dose of patented liquid oxygen and an oxygen-enriched mask, infuse the skin with a rich infusion of ‘fresh breathable air’. Crafted with cutting-edge science, the stem cell serum encourages new skin growth, revealing a rejuvenated face that’s wonderfully dewy, toned and velvety.

Renew your skin with a special mask that reduces hyperpigmentation that contributes to the appearance of aging. Grapefruit peel delivers intense natural regeneration, exclusive Radiance Serum brightens and reduces sun damage, and Vitamin C anti-radical treatment leaves skin visibly brighter, smoother and instantly refreshed. Finish with a champagne body gloss to add a subtle glow to set your skin off in style.

A deep, gentle cleanse and gentle exfoliation starts the process. Indulge the skin with a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, plant-based proteins and botanicals that tighten, tone, neutralize and soothe the skin. A rich mask of Asian botanicals to de-stress, soften and relieve facial tension and the development of lines and wrinkles. Encased in a sensitive skin recovery balm with cellular renewal properties, your skin will experience a transformative recovery to a state of calm, leaving it looking more even and healthy.

Our specialized problem skin treatment uses a cooling, algae-based, anti-congestion mask. Tea tree oil, grapefruit and witch hazel formulas absorb excess oil from the face, replenishing moisture when thirsty to clear acne and replenish skin tissue. Our oxygen-rich, blemish-clearing serum continues the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory battle to regain dewy, radiant and clear skin.

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Cleanse and exfoliate botanically

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