Where To Buy Live Crawfish In Chicago

Where To Buy Live Crawfish In Chicago – Crawfish Hole owner Chad Hanks first learned the business by helping his stepfather in Louisiana during the busy season.

Then in 2011, he started The Crawfish Hole here at B/CS. Although he is no longer in Louisiana, Hanks brings the flavor and quality of Louisiana bugs right here to the area.

Where To Buy Live Crawfish In Chicago

Several times a week, The Crawfish Hole crew makes the trip to his family’s place in Louisiana to pick up their lobster, and before he gets there, his family goes to various farms and docks to select the bugs that The Crawfish Hole will find, according to Hanks.

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A unique feature of The Crawfish Hole’s operation is that they have a commercial-size washing machine on site, so customers can purchase washed clay bugs that are ready to cook. To see the action, check out the media player.

“We’re open seven days a week,” Hanks said. “During the week we can still offer crawfish to retail customers by appointment only and of course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have set retail hours.”

“I think the amount we can bring and the fact that we are very flexible in helping people has allowed us to be different.”

According to Hanks, starting March 20 and through the weekend several of his restaurant customers will be selling crawfish, so customers can get their fix during the COVID-19 outbreak. These restaurants are Shipwreck Grill, Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe, Juicy Crawfish & Seafood and Quarry Bar & Grill.

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“Right now for retail customers they are still open as usual,” said Hanks. “We only ask that people have one person in the store at our retail location at a time. We’ll take the order, take payment and then we’ll load the lobster into the truck like we always did.”

“Our prices are based on the Louisiana Market Price which varies weekly based on supply,” according to The Crawfish Hole’s website. “Weekly prices are determined every Monday. We offer wholesale and retail prices. Please call to arrange pricing.”

Have you never tried crawfish before, but want to cook crawfish at home? Watch the media player for a step-by-step guide on how to eat it oEnjoy our diverse melting pot of products that make up our unique Creole & Cajun heritage. We offer only the BEST FISHES, from A (Alligator) to Z (Zatarian), and everything delicious in between!

Our family-owned business began shipping live crawfish from Louisiana waters in 1985. As the oldest crawfish shipper, our methods are proven – allowing us to guarantee direct delivery, or your money back! Over the years, we have expanded by opening facilities in New Orleans and Bunkie. These additions have given us the opportunity to better serve YOU, our loyal customer!

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SINCE 1985, we have seen our company grow beyond our expectations. Our trust and reputation has been established by working hard and DOING WHAT WE SAY. We are so grateful to have reached the milestone of shipping over 2 million pounds of crawfish last year! As we continue to grow, we promise to maintain the same level of QUALITY, SERVICE, AND PRICE that our customers have come to expect from us.

I live and work in Atchison, Kansas at Benedictine College. Over the past three years we have purchased approximately 600 pounds of crawfish from the Louisiana Crawfish Company for our annual Crawfish Boil. Every time we’ve ordered live crawfish, it’s delivered overnight and on time. Our students got a kick out of the live rope and look forward to the event every year. We have never stayed after an event. We will have our boils again this year, and everyone is looking forward to it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks again to the entire team at Louisiana Crawfish for helping us make our annual Kloker Boys crawfish cookout a huge success! The jumbo crawfish were amazing this year and everyone thought they were our best. After ordering from you for the past 10+ years, you continue to provide exceptional rope service and service!

Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with the lobster you sent us. The package arrived very quickly and was perfectly packed. These crawfish were hard boiled for a group of Yankees from New Hampshire. Since we had never worn one of these before, we were unsure who would eat it and who wouldn’t. Well, that doubt went out the window when we threw the food on the table. Our guests got tired and swallowed the entire boil. We didn’t have any leftovers! You’d think they were natives of Louisiana! Either way, you guys had a great time for us. I can’t wait to order more next time. As we say here in New Hampshire: Louisiana Crawfish Company is Wicked Pissa!! Thanks for everything!

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Thank you for fulfilling my order for 50 pounds of amazingly large fish. My wife’s 60th birthday seafood boil was a success. La Crawfish delivered the product as promised right to my door. Take it from me, we will order in the near future!

Thank you very much!!! My dad received these today for his birthday and he couldn’t be happier or more surprised! The best gift ever!!! Your company exceeded my expectations in every way! Thank you!!!

I have to tell you that the Crawfish and Shrimp we ordered last week were amazing! The boil you sent was prefect. So I pass Kudos, we will definitely be ordering from you all the time. We even had people eat them who have never tried them before and they love them. So, thank you for making our meeting together.

The crawfish was delivered on Friday afternoon and it was good. Only 4 were crushed/died and everyone enjoyed it. Your stew was very good on shrimp and vegetables. We had several people who had never caught a crawfish and now they have. Thanks again for the easy ordering/tracking process and the party pack included with the strap!

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It’s rare in life when someone makes a few promises and then delivers. You guys do it. We only had ten dead at 66 pounds. All were of high quality and great flavor. You have prepared the best party for us. Thank you.

You guys are the best! I grew up in east Texas and always had crawfish boils, but now I live in Chicago and yesterday I had 20 pounds delivered to my door. We boiled them and they were amazing! They also had less than 20 dead, which is less than the time we expect to get them directly from the farm. I am very pleased and will definitely use your services again! Thank you!

Received your shipment yesterday and everything was fine. We had a good Crawfish Boil. Found only 5 dead crawfish in 60 # … Amazing! The ingredient and product recommendations you provided were great as well. Thank you for a great evening. I will order more! Congratulations, Stu

100% satisfaction! I ordered the frozen crawfish tails, smoked pork sausage and jambalaya mix. My order showed up at my door exactly when promised. It is well packed. And the quality of the product was excellent. We made a family size portion of jambalaya, and let me tell you: it was AMAZING! Taste is an understatement. I can’t wait to place another order with your company. Keep up the good work!

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I received my crawfish order this morning. Everything was great! They were all alive and kicking. Thanks again for changing my order! It’s great to do business with a company that takes pride in their products! And I will be ordering more and recommending you to my family and friends! Look forward to doing business with you all in the near future. Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful lobster I got from you last Friday. I had 100 pounds shipped via “airport to airport” to Philadelphia for boiling on Saturday. Getting the crawfish from the airport went very well. The crawfish were healthy and very large and were a big hit. I’m from New Orleans and moved to Philly a year and a half ago. I met another family here who moved to Philly several years ago from Donaldsonville, LA. Having boils was an obvious thing for our new friends and neighbors. We hope to do it again next year. Thanks again and we look forward to crawfish again next year.

I want to take a few minutes to tell everyone about the Louisiana Crawfish Company. Over Memorial Day weekend, I ordered 60 pounds of live crawfish for a party at my house. They came overnight via FedEx and arrived alive and kicking. They were a generous size and cooked very well. Out of 60 pounds there were probably 10 dead, which is amazing. We used extra seasoning sent to us from the company. Louisiana Crawfish made ordering easy. Most of the

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