Where To Buy Maryland Blue Crabs

Where To Buy Maryland Blue Crabs – Are you a crab lover worried that there won’t be enough Maryland blue crabs to last you the entire crab season? Overfishing can be a cause for concern, and we may see severe consequences in the long term.

It is wonderful to know that the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to conserving female crabs to maintain a healthy and sustainable population of mayland blue crab. Each year, 126 million female blue crabs are counted in the Chesapeake Bay. Are you looking for a large stock of incredible Maryland blue crabs?

Where To Buy Maryland Blue Crabs

The good news is you don’t have to go all the way to Maryland for the delicious, tender crab meat that only 100% real Maryland blue crab can provide. You’ll keep coming back because the meat is chewy and buttery and melts on your tongue.

Chefs’ Favorite Maryland Crab Restaurants

We transport female Maryland blue crabs to your home at Vince’s Crab House. We will have premium female blue crabs on your table with just a few clicks on our website.

Maryland blue crabs are popular across America and even around the world as the best tasting crab you can buy. When it comes to crab meat, it doesn’t even come close to the native Maryland blue crab. The question is which one is tastier, the female or male blue crab?

Seafood lovers believe that the flesh of female crabs has a denser and sweeter taste but contains less meat than their male counterparts. To differentiate from one another, female blue crabs have red-tipped claws and a wide abdominal apron while males have bright blue claws and a narrower abdominal apron. Male flesh tends to be flaky while the female has a denser quality.

If you are from Maryland, you will recognize the difference in taste between real blue female crab and one that pretends to be legit but is actually fake and expensive. Some of today’s sellers can’t be trusted; those who claim to sell Maryland crab actually get it from the coasts of the Carolinas or the Gulf of Mexico. Imported crab is cheaper and bigger than Maryland blue crab, but second to none in taste and quality.

Blue Crab Painting

Worst case scenario: the store claims these imported crabs are local Maryland blue crabs in order to sell them at a premium. When you buy female blue crabs from Maryland, you automatically think they were caught in the Chesapeake Bay. Many people have been deceived, therefore we must be careful when buying crab meat. If you’re looking for a reputable retailer, we’re here to help.

We are happy to serve 100% real Maryland crab at Vince’s Crab House. You deserve the best crab meat available, and we deliver it straight to your door at the most competitive prices. Large Male or Female Crabs are available per dozen or bushel.

When you order our large female Maryland blue crab, we catch, steam, and package it the same day of delivery of your order. If you are tired of going to the grocery store and buying fake blue crabs that are not fresh and taste boring, click the buy now button for the best Maryland blue crab online shopping experience. The fresh blue crab caught daily from the crab boats that ply the Chesapeake Bay for the best catch is unrivaled. REMEMBERING NICHOLS BAN: Nichols is remembered as the ‘creative eye’ | Memphis pastor prays for peace | Reaction of local protesters | Footage shows what the police didn’t say | Have a ‘talk’ about distrusting the police

Those who love Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay should know how to tell the difference between Maryland crab meat and the meat of cheap imported crabs.

Maryland Blue Crab Could Benefit From Climate Change

Daniel Greenbaum presented four cans of crabmeat imported from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela as well as two containers of Maryland and giant lump crabmeat. (/Dick Uliano )

Daniel Greenbaum, fishmonger and market manager at The Market at Ivy City Smokehouse NE D.C. (/Dick Uliano )

Two containers of Maryland lumps and giant crab meat are featured at The Market at Ivy City Smokehouse. (/Dick Uliano )

Signs of imported crab meat: Notice the yellowish bumps in each lump characteristic of the species used in imported crab meat (/Dick Uliano )

Chesapeake Bay’s Cherished Blue Crab Population At Record Low

Its iconic slogan is “Maryland For Crab,” and those who love Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay know that there is a big difference between Maryland crab meat and the cheap imported crab meat that reaches tables from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela.

“You can buy the crab meat and it’s very cheap. The market is flooded,” said Daniel Greenbaum, fishmonger and market manager, The Market At Ivy City Smokehouse in Northeast D.C.

“There is no uncertified packing house in the United States,” says Greenbaum. The packing house verifies the species, food handling, and worker conditions in the factory.

“If you get it from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, all those other countries, it’s not regulated and we don’t have good information,” he said.

Maryland Blue Crab

Greenbaum said there was a clear difference in looking at real Maryland Blue crab meat and cheap, foreign competitors.

“Imported crab meat is washed… so it really looks clean… the imported stuff almost looks too clean and they rinse it with SAPP, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate… What that does is it helps stabilize it, preserves it and really bleaches it like good,” he says. “There’s some orange and some yellow that comes from Maryland crab meat, because that comes from real, hand-picked crab.”

“Nothing… They put the crab in, they steam it, they take it by hand, put it in a container and send it out,” he said.

Greenbaum also said that crab meat imported from China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela comes from an entirely different species from the Maryland Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus.

How To Eat A Blue Crab

There are yellowish bumps in each lump of imported crab meat which are typical for imported crab species and not found in the Maryland Blue Crab.

“If you smell it, Maryland has a musky taste, a deep sweetness… Other things will taste and smell almost nothing, very, very light. They’ll say it’s subtle… but you don’t really want it because it lacks character,” he said.

“Often it says ‘Maryland-style,’ or this or that Chesapeake Blue Crab, but … they should be labeled with the country of origin,” says Greenbaum.

“If people were spending $24 on crab cakes, that would make sense to me — I would be like, ‘Hey, where is this stuff from?’” he says.

Survey: 2021 Maryland Blue Crab Population Shows Healthy Female Abundance

“To make sure that people get what they want … if they’re from Maryland and they want to make crab cakes and they’re trying to buy some crab, it’s best to make sure they get Maryland crabmeat,” Greenbaum said.

Whether bringing news inside the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center or reporting from the scene in Maryland, Virginia or the District, Dick Uliano is always on the lookout for stories that really impact people’s lives.

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The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab has always been at the heart of our business. Our reputation for processing a consistent, quality product with Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab still stands today.

We value our accomplishments over the years as we remain one of the few crab processing facilities to open in Virginia. As the blue crab industry has changed, so has our ability to adapt to market demands, industry standards, and government regulations to secure sustainable sourcing with Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.

Premium Large Male Maryland Blue Crabs

At J&W Seafood we are buyers and processors of live whole crabs. The process we use to cook crab is steam under pressure. Listed is our Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab product line:.

We process Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab in our own certified crab processing facility. The picking process is monitored under strict facility management which ensures consistent product quality. The quality of our selected crab meat is strictly monitored to minimize shell content. As well as quality hand-picking, all of our crab meat undergoes a black light process to help improve product quality. Our crab meat products are selected into the following classes:

We have a variety of packaging options which include: 8 & 16 oz cups (fresh only), frozen 1lb bags, frozen 5lb bags.

Our state-of-the-art pasteurization facilities allow us to completely control the pasteurization process.

How To Eat Maryland Crabs: A Complete Guide

Pasteurized crab meat is an excellent alternative to fresh crab meat. Depending on the customer’s specific requirements, pasteurized crab meat can be used in most applications requiring fresh crab meat.

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