Where To Get Raw Meat For Dogs

Where To Get Raw Meat For Dogs – Over the years, reports of processed foods causing many human health problems have plagued newspapers, magazines, news reports, and even documentaries. What people don’t realize is that the same thing happens with dogs and cats, especially with all the processed pet foods that are available in the market!

With the growing popularity of the raw dog food diet, it is time to recognize the benefits of feeding raw food as a healthy alternative to pet food.

Where To Get Raw Meat For Dogs

It has long been considered a fact that bones need a lot of calcium to maintain good bone health. Then it makes sense to get calcium from a natural source other than milk, namely the bones themselves!

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Crushed real bone is a natural source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. All of these components contribute to maintaining excellent joint and bone health for dogs.

Like any other living organism, including humans, dogs need a strong immune system to help them fight infection and disease. This can be achieved by providing them with complete and balanced nutrition using natural ingredients through the provision of raw foods.

If you really want to make your pet’s coat shine and look fuller than before, then a raw food diet is the way to go. Raw foods contain many ingredients that promote healthy coat and flawless skin, including omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy omega fats are essential for supporting skin health along with their anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dogs with poor dental hygiene usually suffer from dental problems due to a lack of proper nutrition, especially if they only eat processed food from the nearest pet store. If you want to promote good dental health for your pup, feed them raw, meaty bones! The bones act as natural toothbrushes for puppies, helping them get into those tricky places between their teeth. It’s also the best way to remove plaque.

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Of course, don’t forget to keep your dog’s breath fresh by including some celery and the occasional peppermint in his food.

Pushing a completely raw diet for your dog can take time, as it requires some transitions between their old diet and a healthier one. That’s why it’s important to start them young so they can get all of these benefits from eating raw, protein-rich foods.

If you need to order high-quality pet supplies without the hassle, you can count on Wags to Wiskers to stock all the local pet supplies you need! Expect great customer service and quality products from a local pet shop built by pet lovers for pet lovers. Email us today to order! At , we recommend a raw diet for dogs as it is suitable for the species and much easier to digest. Many raw feeders have seen improvements in their dogs’ immunity, digestion, skin and coat, and oral health.

Although the choice of commercial raw food is increasing, some dog owners prefer to feed fresh ingredients because of the minimal processing. To do this, they are willing to get their hands dirty and their freezer space filled with raw meat, bones, and innards. If you are one of them, kudos to you!

For $172.50: Northwest Naturals Whitefish & Salmon Freeze Dried Raw Diet Dog Food 12oz

It’s not hard to find raw meat at your nearest wet market or the fresh and frozen meat section of a supermarket. NTUC Fairprice is one such example. But if you’re looking for more variety or lower prices, we’ve put together a list of butcher shops and suppliers where you can get raw meat, bones, and organs delivered to your doorstep at a reasonable price.

Our reader Michelle Loh pointed us to Omni Frozen Food, which looks really promising! They offer a wide variety of human-grade meats, including kangaroo and venison, and best of all, organs! What’s more, free shipping on orders over S$80.

Fidelis Meats offers five proteins – chicken, duck, beef, lamb and fish. As Singapore’s first butcher shop dedicated to pets, they sell a variety of organs and also provide pre-portion delivery services. Free shipping on orders over S$100.

Known for its affordable frozen meats, fresh cuts, condiments and a wide variety of cheeses, you can shop at Foodie Market Place for your dog and yourself! Their frozen beef cubes are our go-to at S$10 for 1kg. Remember to bring cash or nets, as they don’t accept credit cards.

Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Lim Traders sells basic frozen meat and organs at super affordable prices. Check out their picks here. The minimum order for delivery is S$50; free shipping on orders over S$100.

Pet Cubes offers ready-to-eat raw food. But they also sell pure kangaroo and deer meat and crocodile bone chews. Free shipping on orders over S$90.

Our reader Janet Liew shares with us the hidden gems of the Gourmet East Kitchen in Bedok. There, you will find frozen pork, beef and chicken at wholesale prices.

We got this recommendation from our reader Melinda Chee-Quek. Hen Tick has been around for over 40 years. You will find basic chicken, beef, pork, lamb and fish in their bespoke form.

How To Raw Feed Your Dogs In Singapore

Huber’s is an expensive place to shop for your dog’s everyday food, but if you’re looking for meat-free, grass-fed, or a rare, exotic way to spruce up your dog’s diet, you’re in the right place. Their frozen meat selection includes rabbit, pigeon, quail, kangaroo and more.

Besides meat and seafood, Peter’s Butchery is also known for its great customer service. They were voted the third specialty butcher in Singapore by Expat Living.

Did we miss something? Comment below if you know of a local butcher shop or purveyor that should be on this list!

Kai Ni is an avid dog lover, true foodie and wanderer. He is currently studying and it always makes him happy when he discovers the undiscovered. He has a little white-haired Spitz brother, Leo, who joined the family in 2015. Check out his daily mischief on Instagram – @leoshironeo. Just as the seasons change, so does the evolution of new research, culture, and trends – including new insights into diet for our canine companions. One of the biggest trends right now is the raw diet for dogs, sometimes known as BARF, one of the more popular versions of raw food (Biologically Suitable Raw Food). The theory and research behind the raw diet has been around for a long time, but absorption has soared, becoming a popular choice for many pet owners.

Beef Essentials Raw Dog Food

So what does a raw diet look like for dogs? How do you switch your dog to a raw diet? Finally, where do you start and who do you consult? We tackle these questions and more below.

While raw feeding has been a practice for years for some dog owners, the key figure that has put it at the forefront of the wider pet food and pet industry is Australian veterinarian Dr Ian Billinghurst. In 1993, Dr Billinghurst first spoke about the benefits of raw food in his book, Give Your Dog A Bone, a theory based on what dogs ate before they were domesticated. In essence, a cleaner, more natural diet. Think raw meat, vegetables, bones, and zero unnecessary additives.

“Although the minds and external appearance of our modern dogs have changed dramatically, their internal workings, including the entire digestive system, and the way food is used for growth, maintenance, repair and reproduction are fundamentally the same as their wild ancestors,” – Dr Ian Billinghurst .

While Dr Billinghurst created strong momentum and theory in his feeding principles through the BARF dietary model, the term ‘raw diet’ has evolved since this time. Another popular version of the raw dog diet is the RMBD (Raw Meaty Bones Diet).

Fresh Dog Food, Raw Grass Fed Beef

If you search online, you will find many different meal plans and creations based on raw feeding principles.

The main difference between the BARF and RMBD raw dog diets is the slight adjustment in ingredient inclusions. BARF is all about fresh raw animal muscle meat, bones, offal, fruit and vegetables, along with other delicious nutrients like probiotics, seaweed powder, and cold-milled flaxseed.

As an alternative, the RMBD, which is similar to and known as the Prey-Model (PMR), eliminates grains and vegetables because its premise is to feed your dog using the whole animal – giving your dog all the nutrition it needs without anything added. This means that vegetables and fruits to balance a dog’s diet are in the stomach and digestive tract of the animal consumed, so they are still clearly visible, just not added separately and fresh. Furthermore, along with RMBD feeding, organs, muscles, and bones are the main ingredients. You can now also find commercially processed raw food options that are frozen or dried, providing variety in the raw offering. Just remember, the main principle of a raw diet is to provide your dog with healthier, more natural foods, without unnecessary inclusions or preservatives.

*Note: While many veterinarians support the research and findings on raw feeding, there are some who oppose it due to safety risks and differing beliefs about what a dog’s diet should be. It is important to carefully select a diet for your dog after doing your own research, reading/understanding food labels and discussing with a trusted veterinarian.

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Due to the evolution of the raw food diet for dogs, there is no list of baking foods or ingredients

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